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June Numerology Insights

Pursuit of pleasure and passion, heeding the call of your heart and embodying beauty are at the essence of the prevailing energy. This year feelings and relationships are highlighted, amplifying the potential for love to bloom or be under pressure this month. This double dose can be a hot bed for the negative end of the spectrum to manifest; be on your guard against jealousy and guilt. Equally, be ready to cultivate the garden of romance, surrendering to sensuality. Focus on family and friends, wherever there is potential to engage from the place of love. Compassion is the key, an open heart heals. Peace is the goal. Immersing yourself in Nature is an awesome antidote for a heavy heart or to re-energize your Being when the fuel for your fire has run low. Go hug a tree, or at least sit with its trunk as support when emotions threaten to overwhelm. Be willing to love.


JAN & OCT                 Exploring deep, private feelings requires withdrawal from the hubbub. Take time out to journey to the depths of your soul to re-examine your philosophy on love and at its zenith, absolute devotion. Karmic contracts play out. Power is possible in aloneness.

FEB & NOV                  Decide – in or out, invest or leave behind, put roots down in fertile soil, pull weeds out and discard. Marry the material world to the feeling body in a perfect alignment of desire and manifestation. Take action, results bring peace of mind. Do it or don’t!

MAR & DEC                  Total transformation is called for. Do what it takes to Become; search the mirror for an honest appraisal of your role in creating the world you experience; forgive, lighten up, allow for anything is possible, including miracles. Leap lightly into the unknown.

APRIL                           An entirely fresh start in how you approach love is available. Do what it takes to be independent and proud of your achievements. Be assertive, not aggressive. Put yourself in the spot light; be seen, heard, take the lead. Exert will, make it happen!

MAY                              Be gentle, with yourself and others. Try a little tenderness, allow feelings to flow. Make the transition from head to heart. Embrace being the nurturer, focusing on the well being of all that constitutes home and heart brings rewards. Stalk defensiveness.

JUNE                            Feel the fire in your belly, allow it to drive you forwards. If it’s hard to find, feed the flame, tending it carefully to avoid conflagration. Attitude is key; err on the side of enthusiastic optimism. Get your ducks in a row; establish order but avoid control.

JULY                            Embracing truth, including the role you played in the manifestation of your   reality, allows for healing, at every level including the essence of your life’s structures and the perspectives you have adopted. Check if they serve you or not. Feel, deal, heal.

AUGUST                       Be passionate about changing what you don’t like about your world. Be the driving force to create growth, expansion – on the literal and mental planes. Start with keen observation of thoughts you hold most often; be strict – focus, on only the positive, let go of all that no longer serves.

SEPT                             Love, in all its guises, is tested. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing why are you doing it? Do what is necessary to embrace that which makes you happy, that which creates peace. The only thing to fear is fear itself; send it packing and party!

In loving service

Athelé Oosterbroek



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