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The Law Of Karma – A White Eagle Teaching

Every action brings its due reward, brings its due result. An action is like a seed sown in the Earth, in the physical life, and the harvest of that action has to be reaped. The world as a whole is only too conscious today of the karmic debt which is being paid as a result of wrong action, of cruel action, of the result of hate of one person to another, of one country to another. You cannot sow tares [*] and reap wheat. This is what all the Great Ones who came to this Earth from the Circle of the Star came to teach.

‘These great beings still remain with this planet, watching over it until every living soul is safe again with the Father. This is a very sacred and serious truth. In this truth we see the foundation of the example of true brotherhood; because these illumined souls so love people that they will not leave this dark Earth until every soul has been raised up – until every soul realises its son/daughtership with God. From this Star Circle the rays of light pour down upon the Earth. There is no hurry. They continue their watchfulness as the sun rises in the East and sinks in the West, day by day, as the seasons come and go, and as the years pass the faithful watchers of that great Circle continue their service to humanity. . .

‘There is nothing too beautiful to believe. Believe in everything that is beautiful, because it is true. God is beauty. God is love. God is truth. Remember that there are many facets in a jewel, and while at times one person may travel along the blue ray, another along the yellow ray and another along the green ray, and so on, all are travelling and all will meet at the apex of the pyramid – where shines the true light of God.’

* The word tares is an old Middle English word of unknown origin. It is a biblical term used in St. Matthew 13:24–30 for a harmful weed that resembles corn when young.

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