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Know Yourself from Your Soul’s Perspective

During a reading I did the other day, my client told me that she felt that her life that she had chosen this time round, hadn’t been a particularly successful one.  This made me feel really sad and this is why.

Because we get so caught up in living out our lives, we fail to see ourselves as a spirit being.  We have aches and pains and emotional stress and these so easily link into the physical human form that it’s difficult to comprehend that as spirit beings we are actually calm, beautiful and serene.  And because of this, it’s so easy to feel like you’re not making any progress.

What we have to remember is this.  When we make a decision to come to the earth, we choose all sorts of things that will help with the progression of our soul’s journey to perfection.  Please note that the soul always continues to move ever forward, there is never regression, no matter what it is that you experience during a particular lifetime.  So in choosing what it is that we want to continue to learn, or overcome, we choose with which soul family we will incarnate, to whom we will be born, who will be our siblings, who will be our close family and who we will meet up with along the progression of our physical lifetime.

During our time on earth, we go through various experiences with each other and the object of these experiences is to facilitate not only our soul’s progression, but the progression of the souls with whom we chose to come live out this lifetime.  In doing so, there can be times when we find ourselves more in a teaching period and times where we find ourselves more in a student period.  So understanding that each of us has come to learn and to teach at the same time, helps us to understand that there can be times where we feel that we’re not being successful with our lives or we’re not making any spiritual progress because we don’t feel any uncomfortable change happening in our lives.  But remember that these are the times when you’re giving more than receiving and that’s okay.  As long as you’re able to maintain the balance.

For me it’s so important that we understand where we have come from.  And by that I mean, it’s important for us to know what we have done in previous lifetimes.  I know that a lot of people fear knowing this because of say, what if I find out I was a murderer?  But really, what if you were a murderer?  That doesn’t make you a bad soul, it just means that you have already gone through what that experience would entail and very likely are still going through learning what it’s all about and so through different experiences in this lifetime, you’re able to kind of tie up loose ends or get to understand that experience in a different way through different experiences.  Hope that makes sense.

Why I say it’s so important is so that you can have a greater perspective of your soul’s journey and know actually how much you as a soul has achieved.  When you can see into this part of yourself, having insight into your true essence, then you won’t feel like any particular lifetime has been unsuccessful or a waste of time.  We see people around us all the time who our first assessment is that they’re just wasting away their life, but are they?  We don’t know.  We don’t know what path that person has chosen to walk, we barely know our own?  Keeping our focus on ourselves is the most important thing that we can do.  If you are wanting to develop yourself from a spiritual perspective, then start to think of yourself as a spirit being.  Don’t make excuses for yourself and say things like, I’m only human – because you’re not!  And when you make excuses, you just deny yourself an opportunity to grow because you kind of excuse away having to make any kind of choice that challenges you to grow.  I hope you understand what I mean here and if you don’t, please contact me, I’d love to chat to you more.

My challenge to everyone today, is to look at yourself in the mirror every morning.  Say to yourself, I am spirit, I am not human.  When I see myself as human, I deny myself the opportunity to realise the beautiful spiritual being that I am – I am that, I am.

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