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Does the thought of letting go of trying to control your life, leave you feeling a little shaky and at a loss?  We have all heard the saying “Let go and let God” and I have made reference to it many times in my teaching.  Yet, how many of us are actually able to do this?  So many times we think we should.  So many times we think we can.  But, can we?

Letting go and handing over to our Creator is what we should be doing all the time.  Not just handing over for a short while and then taking our problem back again, either because we don’t have enough faith or we don’t have the patience to see it through.   We all know that time is of no significance to our guides and that the work of God is done through our guides.  Being human, we always put a time-frame to everything that we do or hope to achieve – at least that’s what we should be doing.

However, putting a time-frame onto something that we’ve handed over to our guides, is not necessarily going to mean that we get what we want within that time-frame.  Also, sometimes that which we want is not necessarily what we need and we need to remember that the guides will always give us what we need, but not always what we want.  Generally this is because what we want could not be good for us or it’s not going to bring into our lives that which is planned within our life-path.  Whilst we don’t consciously know what our life-path actually is, our guides have the privilege of knowing what we have planned for ourselves and so are always able to direct us in accordance with that plan.  This is why it is so important that we learn how to connect with our guides and then completely rely on them every day to give us the guidance that we need to keep us on our chosen path.  This doesn’t take away our freedom of choice.  Our guides will always leave us to decide whatever it is that we believe is best for us and in doing so, will always be there to pick us up and dust us off when things go wrong.  And yes, things do go wrong!

The secret to ensuring that through our freedom of choice, we make the right choices for our life-path, lies in that constant connecting with our guides and listening to what they have to say – listening to their advice and feeling their inspiration.  For it is through inspiration that we are gently steered in the right direction.  And isn’t that what we all want?  We’ve heard so many times people saying that they hope that they get it right this time round, because they don’t want to come back and redo it.  We all really hope that we learn our lessons now, whilst we’re living through this lifetime.  But, how do we ensure that we get it right? Through handing over and letting God.  He is the only one who knows what’s best for us and we receive His guidance, love and inspiration through our guides.  It couldn’t be more simple!

Understanding this simple system of communication seems to be one of the most difficult achievements for any of us, because we expect it to be complex and complicated and fraught with stress and worry.  When all that it requires is trust and faith.  Trust that everything will always work out exactly as it should and faith that everything is exactly as it should be. Nothing more, nothing less.

There is no time like the present to change the way you view your own life, to feel less like you constantly need to be in control and to let everything flow naturally.  Once you achieve this, the joy and happiness that you will feel from focusing your energy in a positive way, is an experience that we all should afford ourselves the privilege of feeling.

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