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The Power Of Negative Emotions And Effects On The Body

Events happen in your life that may not create the most memorable memories. In some cases you don’t know how to help yourself. You sometimes don’t know how to change how you feel and react, or things get in the way, or you haven’t discovered the right tools yet.

NLP Techniques are powerful tools that transform what is hindering you in a safe and healthy way and can empower you by helping you to identify and gain the insights to your particular problem.

Emotional Duress And Some Of Its Effects
The main five negative emotions are:

Fear, Anger, Sadness, Guilt and Hurt.

These main negative emotions branch off and have sub-emotions, such as experiencing;

Feelings of Anxiety                  Feelings of Resentments                     Jealousy

Emotional Traumas                 Feelings of being Judged                    Apathy

Holding onto Secrets               Feelings of no Control                         Pessimism

Feelings of Rejections             Feelings of Hopelessness                    Helplessness

Physical Distress And Some Of Its Effects
Stress is a major component when it comes to physical imbalances and effects.

Palpitations                              Back Pain                                            Insomnia

Stiff Neck                                 General Aches and Pains                  Sweating

Colds                                        Constipation                                        Strokes

Psoriasis                                  Extreme Tiredness                             Diarrhoea

Headaches / Migraines        Change in Appetite                             Arthritis

Stiffness in the Joints           Poor Digestion                                     Heartburn

Shortness of Breath              Surges in Blood Pressure                  Chest Pain

Weakened Immunity

Emotional Pain expresses or reflects itself through the connection between mind and body. Thus it is safe to say that emotional duress can have a profound physical reaction, whilst physical pain can have a profound effect on your emotional health.

Time Based Techniques produces profound results and can alleviate/remove phobias; eliminate false, limiting or negative perception such as fear, anger, hurt, sadness, guilt, or “I am not good enough …” with positive, life affirming beliefs; allowing one to be more flexible; both in their conscious and unconscious mind. It is a matter of becoming self-aware of ones thoughts and actions. I find this particular NLP technique amazing.

Fransesca Gasparre is a Certified Practitioner Of the Art and Science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP Time Based Technique & Coaching, Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Fransesca uses a new technique which also has NLP components, to address physical pain that is emotionally driven (inner communication) and expressed through ones body. This physical build-up of pain can be released effectively as soon as one is helped to change the way one represents their inner world of feelings. She can be contacted on 072 039 8444.

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