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A Message from Mary – Channeled

This message was channelled by me in 2005 – it comes from one of my beautiful guides who always helps me to write. It is a relevant today as it was in 2005 and I hope that you enjoy reading it.

We greet you as always in love and light and wish to pass on our apologies for not sending through any messages last week, but our lady has been a little out of sorts lately and so we have left it to her to decide when she is ready to take up her ‘duty’ again.

Tonight we wish to speak to you about your choice to come to this lifetime and what it is that you have to learn. Remember that there is always more than one particular purpose as we are constantly evolving and learning through the many experiences that we go through. We cannot say that we have come to this lifetime to learn patience and then once that is learned, we can go back. This is not how it works. There might be a main concern that you need to work on in each lifetime, but through each lifetime, many experiences are collected along the way and so it may even be said that we can live through more than one lifetime in just one lifetime – we hope you understand what we mean. We will try to elaborate.

You may come to this earth, go through your childhood with the chosen parents and chosen set of circumstances and grow exactly as intended to adulthood. However, once you have reached adulthood, is where most of the learning begins and so you may come together with a partner who has also a certain set of chosen circumstances. Remember that this partner would have already ‘arranged’ this with you prior to coming to the earth plane.

It may be then that you have come to learn with that particular partner, and also vice versa. However, it may also be that one of you has chosen a much shorter length of life on the earth plane in which to complete your particular set of experiences and so one of you has to leave the other behind. Although the bond of love will always tie you together, the one left on the earth plane has to start almost a complete new lifetime and so this is what we mean by more than one lifetime. For when you have loved someone for a great length of time, with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul, it is greatly difficult to try even to begin to think of beginning a new life for yourself. Try as you might, in the beginning it will be the most difficult thing that you have had to come to learn and the most difficult journey that you will have to travel.

We do say however, that as time goes by and you begin to settle into your new self, so to speak, things will get better and you will begin to understand what it is like to be once again on your own, for were you not on your own once before when you were much younger and had not yet met this partner.

Dear ones, we say to you, there is no death – death on the earth plane is but a rebirthing into the spirit world from which you come and to which we all return. Our loved ones are there to greet you when it is your time to cross over and our loved ones are always around. They know and see what we do and they applaud us for our efforts. They would not have left you if they did not know that you were more than equipped to spend what time you have left, on your own.   This is not to say that you must now live your life alone – it is possible that another with whom you have made a pact in the spirit world will come along and then yet another lifetime will begin.

Looked at in a positive light, do you not see that this life that is lead on the earth plane is an exciting one! You need never fear that you are serving no purpose and that you are alone – when it is that you feel like this, remember this message brought to you tonight. Remember that what you are experiencing is exactly what you have chosen and that your life is exactly as it is should be at this particular point in time.

We leave you with this message and bid you all goodnight.

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