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We can’t change the past.


Because the past is gone.  That’s the truth!

We cannot change other people. How others treat us is their path, but we have the power to change how we see others, and how we respond and act towards others. That’s the truth! With Time Based Technique it is possible for you to change – this could be your truth!

How the mind works

How you successfully manifest everything in your life today is due to your mental emotional perceptions and the emotional chemical charge that is automatically generated to accompany your feelings; negative or positive.

Do you find that you do things and don’t know why you do them?  You are not alone! Your unconscious mind has organised your memories like a program. You are producing what you hold inside your minds; and what the pain represents, and we all have a tendency to repeat it over and over again. With negative emotions (as this is what we are concerned about today) you have learned to create this successful undesirable outcome by the quality of the memories that you hold.

Yes, we have successfully created an undesirable outcome by the quality of memories that we hold within us. We hold onto our emotional “baggage”. Our constant thoughts are like prayers or affirmations. As we think and talk about these memories we are trancing ourselves out. At a deep unconscious level we are easily hypnotised and things are linked together, often times without our logical understanding.

When we are dealing with our emotional hurts, we repeatedly create an identity with it. We think about it, rehearse it, talk about it with friends and find people who experience the same hurts, someone who has the same qualities as we do, and it becomes a badge of honour. It has value. There are many payoffs and advantages of having emotional pain. Whether it is sadness, guilt, fear, hurt, anger or anxiety.

Some of us also torment ourselves with feelings of shame. We recall betrayals, feelings of rejections, feelings of no control, feelings of abandonment, feelings of resentments and limiting beliefs such as “I am not good enough”. These are the emotions that cause most problems for most people.

Our unconscious mind does not differentiate between reality and memories. All that these negative beliefs do is just create one more neurological link to the chain. When we hold a thought long enough for the neurological network to start to fire up and connect, the images form up in our minds, the emotion that is appropriate to that image is secreted and you feel the feeling now. That is how it works. Thoughts –> Images –> Emotions.

But the past is gone and who is doing it to you now when you recall these negative emotions?

You are.

So what you are doing is successfully creating an undesirable outcome by the quality of memories that you hold within you. You simply sometimes don’t know how to change there, or things get in the way, or you haven’t learned the right tools yet.

What would happen in your life today and your ability to respond to events of the past, if you had no sadness, guilt, fear, hurt and anger? With Time Based Technique, instead of experiencing negative emotions, you gain the lessons from them; you have an understanding at some level, even if it was unconscious of why those events took place.

Time Based Technique treats all these as a series in a chain of events, because it is not the event that is the problem, it is the emotion that is attached to the event that is a problem. It is like disconnecting the emotional track.

Have you ever had a disagreement with someone and felt bad? Sometime later as you are replaying this in your mind, you get an “a ha” moment “No wonder s/he said that,” you gain insight; and when you think back on the event, the emotion is flat. The event occurred, you get this realisation, you get the insight into the other person, and suddenly the entire content of the conversation changes and the emotion that was attached to that event goes away.

This is how Time Based Technique works, you gain the lessons on all the emotions that were attached to these events and they are released. These emotions that have been built over the years lose their hold on you and you automatically start today with a different outlook.

All that is required now is for you to take that first step. Now is the time to begin to manifest all the good things you would like to hold in your life.

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