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I’m going to take the liberty here of quoting verbatim from www.livescience.com : “The technical term for missing links is transitional morphologies, or forms, and is used by paleontologists to describe important evolutionary discoveries that contain the anatomical features of both older and more recent physiology. A good example is the latest discovery of hominid fossils in Africa, which are believed to be a possible immediate ancestor to the human lineage, but NOT a missing link.

A missing link would possess the “in-between” evolutionary properties of both the ancestors’ original traits and the traits of the evolved descendants, hence showing a clear connection between the two.” 

From a Spiritual perspective, there is a definite piece of the puzzle missing in terms of the connection between humans currently on earth and the Spirit World. Having been privileged to develop my mediumship under the auspices of great mediums like Harry Knowles and Theresa Walstra within the Spiritualist Church of South Africa, the guidance and teachings that I received was steeped in a deep primordial connection to Spirit. I feel that to some degree the absolute connection of humankind as a whole, has been weakened, through the many varied methodologies that have been adopted over the years and it is my opinion that there is a definite lack of truly great mediums. This observation comes from my sense of dedication to working with Spirit and is most certainly not meant to pass judgement or downplay the great work that many are doing in the name of the Great I Am.

Becoming a clairvoyant medium takes time, dedication and commitment. It is a way of life and being connected to Spirit in a humble and steadfast manner, will very definitely change your life.   And so for me, this has to be something that you are completely willing to take on – not just for a transient period of time – but for the rest of your life.

The Missing Link Course is a pre-cursor to my Psychic Development Meditation Circles and highly recommended that it is taken prior to beginning to sit circle.

The name Missing Link was given to me in meditation and communication with my guides, Kevin and Oshvaria. The purpose of the course is to bring together an overall understanding of how Spirit works and how we can so easily work with our guides and communicate with our loved ones. Everyone is clairvoyant and so it should be – having all been created in the image of our Father/Mother God, Creator of the Universe and everything that lives, moves and breathes within the Universe.

I have been teaching Psychic Development for more than 10 years using techniques learned during my Spiritual Path at the Spiritualist Church of South Africa. This knowledge and techniques have been incorporated into The Missing Link.

The cost of the course is R3660. Upon registration a non-refundable deposit of R1830 is required with the balance to be paid prior to commencement of the course.  Special arrangements for payment can be made – please do not hesitate to contact me.  A registration form can be obtained by emailing me at glynis@spiritconnection.co.za

The Missing Link Course extends over 12 weeks and is the pre-cursor to my Meditation / Mediumship Development Circles.  These circles will commence on the 13th week where you will apply everything that you have learned in The Missing Link Course to develop your mediumship skills.

Venue : Shanthi Sanctuary, 2 Eddy Ave, Bedfordview, Johannesburg

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