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Just recently I attended a talk that was advertised as an opportunity for us to get special insight into 2017 and what the year ahead is going to hold. At least, that is what I thought it would be!

It turned out to be so much more and the fact that there were no predictions for 2017 didn’t matter. What I took away with me was a message that my guides give to many people who come to see me. What I learned, is that I don’t pay too much attention when my guides are talking to someone else – and I most certainly should!

I would like to take this opportunity to share this message with you too. Firstly the question was asked : what do you really, really, really want? When you really, really, really think about it, wanting money or a nice house, just doesn’t feel like the right answer. So I’m taking the liberty now and asking this question of you. And I’m asking you to really, really, really think about what your answer will be.

And in order to find that answer, you have to come to the realisation that the answer doesn’t lay in your past, neither does it lie in your future. The answer that we’re all looking for, resides deep within each and every one of us, and in order to find it, or connect with it, we need to ensure that we are living completely and utterly in the present moment.

It’s just not possible to live in the future and a total waste of energy to live in the past. Thinking about what might have been and what we could have done or what could be and what we could do, does not allow us to live in the moment. It leaves us with a false sense of security and a false sense of who we are and who we could be. It leaves us worrying about things that purely take up energy and do nothing good for us. And when we make that discovery, we find that we have allowed ourselves to be ruled by fear. I was reminded on this particular night that fear actually stands for ‘false reality appearing real.’   Something that I knew, but had forgotten and was so grateful for the reminder!

So, my message today : Live your life totally caught up in the very present moment and experience the absolute joy and contentedness that comes with it. Bring your focus back to the present moment throughout the day. Correct your thoughts and allow yourself to feel rather than think. And then, let me know how it changes your life.

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