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From Mundane to Remarkable

There always seems to come a time in one’s life where the purposefulness and meaning as to why one is here, alive and participating in our daily activities, is questioned and pondered.  It is precisely these periods of time that, in my experience, are crucial and fundamental, serving as the engines for change.  By change, I mean to move forward in one’s evolution, to make a quantum leap from the enslaved, mundane and seemingly directionless state of mind, to the profound and exhilarating realisation that we are truly magnificent and remarkable.

The realisation is that every one of us, regardless of colour, creed or sexual persuasion carries within our biological makeup the potential to reach a state of mind that propels us to true joy, radiant health, genius, extraordinary wealth and the power to create, through the utility of our own brain (no matter what our level of education) a truly remarkable life, however one chooses to define or perceive that to be … There is no better or worse, right or wrong, in the way that we structure the architecture of our own dreams and aspirations.  It is your own individualised dream and creation that will bring you the joy and happiness you desire.

It is this quantum leap that I experienced in my life, which I would simply call from the mundane to the magnificent, that I desire to share with you dear reader.  Somebody once inspired me and the time is now for me to pay it forward.

By the time I was 40 years old, a very strong suspicion arose inside of me that all is not quite what it seems to be, what society, social structures and institutions have made me believe the purpose and meaning of life is.  By that age, I had done and experienced an amazing amount of things.

I was raised in a middle class Afrikaans family, completed my schooling and went on to study Social Sciences, Psychology and Sociology.  I achieved both my degrees cum laude and then lectured at UNISA and RAU.  I was bored with that and so opted to commence my two-year compulsory military training.  After that I wanted some out-of-the-box adventures and decided to backpack around Europe for a year with R1000 in my pocket.  I soon ran out of money and clearly needed a lot more, quickly, to continue my travels.  I chose to work in the sex industry as a gay male prostitute.  What an experience that was for this Afrikaans boy!  On my return to South Africa I continued to lecture at RAU but soon got bored with that again.  I then began a career in sales, selling time-share, which led me to selling real estate in Hyde Park and Sandhurst, for a period of 10 years.  I was very successful, earned copious amounts of money and was regarded by colleagues as an ideal to strive after.  The accolades, appaluse and rewards just kept piling in.  I was part of the top performing 5% of THE leading property group in South Africa.  I had everything I wanted including a beautiful bushveld farm an hour out of Sandton, exotic holidays and money, money, money!  I was, so to speak, at the top of my game.

My assumption of course was that I had now reached fulfilment and so true joy and happiness would follow.  That was, after all, the promise from social culture and institutions.  I discovered that that was absolutely not so.  My despair, disappointment and confusion were, needless to say, huge.  How can this be?  Why am I still not happy and filled with joy?  I then added more adventures to my life in order to fill this obvious gap that I felt and experienced; they now came in the form of drugs – crack and cocaine.  It started off being fun and seemed to do the trick, but only for a shirt while.  Soon I became a fully-fledged addict, spending close to R50 000 per month on my addiction.  Surprisingly, I was still a very successful property broker with the same company in the same suburbs.  I was also still the same unhappy and unfulfilled person.  The meaning and purpose of life still escaped me.

This all reached a point whereby I confronted myself with an ultimatum; I either find true meaning for being alive because I couldn’t imagine living another 40 years like this.  Or, I would continue using drugs at the same pace, knowing that it would soon end in death.  The signs were already there. In other words, if success, money and having everything that everybody apparently dreamed about was not going to result in joy, I would rather go out with a bang.

With my then understanding, I spent weeks and months searching for answers to all those fundamental, yet elusive questions :  who and what am I?  What is the purpose of my life? Where do I come from?  Where am I going?  Despite my attempts, I did not find any truth or resolution to my quandary; I kept on coming up empty-handed.

One day, arriving back at my farm, I stood at my gate and screamed into the heavens. I really need some answers!!  With rivers of tears pouring from my eyes, I got into my car, turned around and drove back to Sandton. I decided to go to all the holistic shops I knew of to see if I could find anything that could help me.  I knew it had to be self-help.  I was told: If in need, ask for help and you will receive it.  By the end of that day and at the last shop, still no answers.  I wasn’t going home empty-handed.  My head in my hands, leaning on the counter, I spotted a single copy of the Namaste spiritual magazine.  I bought it, drove back home.

Arriving back at my farm gate, I turned the car off and fluttered through the magazine that opened on a two-page article with the heading : A spiritual view on drug addiction.  Amazed, I quickly read the article. The essence of the message was that the spirit world (God) does not judge drug addicts but that I was encouraged to conquer and master it.  By doing this, wisdom can be gained for all humanity.  I remember feeling slightly elevated.

I fluttered the pages again and it opened on another two-page article.  A beautiful lady called Kim had the courage to write her life story – truthfully.  She wrote how she found, after her life was in a mess, a school of ancient wisdom, called Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment.  These extraordinary truth teachings containing knowledge and wisdom found nowhere else on earth it seemed, turned her life around from a spiral of devastation to the truly remarkable.  I was not only hugely inspired but a surge of energy flooded my body leaving me feeling a profound excitement and joy.  The knowingness that I had just found my answer hit me.  Adjacent to the article was an ad for the school – a beginners course, a nine-day retreat event near Magaliesberg.  Two weeks later I drove into the resort, astounded as I watched myself throw my crack pipe away just before entering.

The content of the teachings, it’s obvious truths and wisdom, left me spellbound for nine beautiful days, so much so that no thought nor desire for drugs, nor feelings of despair and meaningless crossed my mind or entered my body.  I was given answers to all of my questions and to  my amazement, this was not another religion but a school of ancient wisdom.  The greater purpose and meaning of life flooded my consciousness.  My search was finally over.  I was completely empowered by Ramtha’s teachings.  The knowledge taught is coupled with the opportunity to actually experience them during the event.  That way we left with our own wisdom of what was taught.  The school was precisely what I needed to do my quantum leap into a remarkable meaningful life.

Today, I am fifty-three years young, have been addiction-free for 10 years, live in a state of joy, peace and happiness, and found my absolute purpose and meaning in life.  I am on a journey of the extraordinary.  Men and women are truly the creators of their own reality and destiny.  The power to manifest has always resided inside us, and our brain is more powerful than any quantum computer ever designed.

You will learn with ease and confidence to truly create a remarkable life.  This school welcomes and embraces everyone, whatever your creed, culture, race and sexual orientation, all are equal and treated as divine.  I, the hopeless one, have become absolutely in love with my life.  I am in a constant state of joy; I have learned to master my limitations, to reverse my ageing, to create radiant health and fabulous wealth without enslavement, to unlock my potential to create anything I desire, no matter how outrageous.  My mind has opened to accept my own inner power.  We are truly the most remarkable biological, neurological and spiritual beings that have ever existed on this earth.  We are such powerful being creating not only our own personal reality but also creating a new and astounding world around us.

The entire reason for this expose of my life journey will all be lost if I don’t summarise the quintessential truth that lies hidden within the message.  I have all of my life looked for joy outside of myself.  In other words I tried to find it in good education, the adventures and excitement of sex and drugs, my successful career, tons of cash, the things I’ve accumulated, the relationships I’ve had, but none of that worked.  It was only when I learned that the source of joy and happiness is not in the people, places, things, times and events that I brought into my life.  It has everything to do with the hidden truth that I am not only my body; the fabric and essence of what I am is of a divine spiritual nature, the God within, the power of the infinite intelligence of my subconscious mind.  The unlocking of that knowingness brought about my joy and happiness.  Now my life has become an open canvas for creation, to always make known the unknown through adventure.  The future is bright and is awaiting us!

As Ramtha says : “The power is within you – become a remarkable life”

Paul Daniel
Student of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment



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