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In doing a cleanup of my hard drive, I cam across the following beautiful piece from Spiritual Unfoldment 2 – A White Eagle Teaching :

“Lastly the moment comes when man has to ‘die’ as you call it.  But of course the real man never dies; the spirit, and the soul which clothes it, is gently withdrawn and passes out through the head, leaving the physical body like an empty shell.  Again in the heavenly state, angels wait to receive the new-born soul.  The Angel of Death is present at every passing, whatever may be the manner of the passing.  The soul is caught up by the angel and is gently borne into the spirit life.  Usually the newly born soul is like a babe, for the passing from the physical state to the next state is similar to birth into this physical life; the little form is built up above the dying physical body and is enfolded in the love of the Angel of Death.  Wrapped in the comforting robe of the Angel of Death, it is borne away to its new state of life, where other angels wait to minister to it and gradually awaken it to awareness of its new life.  Sometimes death may appear accidental to you, but not to the great ones, the Lords of Karma, who know exactly when death is drawing near, and prepare accordingly.

The Angel of Death is not a gruesome spectre as imagined, nor yet cold or cruel.  Draw aside the veil of the Angel of Death, and you will see a face of ineffable mercy, pity and love revealed.

We would like you to understand that all life is held in God’s love and preparation is made for all the important events in man’s life.  We would have you think of the Great White Spirit as One Who ever loves you.  Remember, children, that God, your Father-Mother-God, will never, never forsake you.  Jesus said, ‘Even the very hairs of your head are numbered,’ and ‘Not a sparrow falls to the ground without your Father in heaven knowing.’  You are held closely to His love and in the care of His ministering angels. Ask, seek, and you will receive in full measure blessings both spiritual and physical, for this is Divine Law in operation.  Divine Law never fails.”

We all have questions about what happens when we die.  Do we continue to exist exactly as we are, or is there some kind of change that takes place? Are we now in a space that is much more enlightened than when we were on the earth, and because of this, are we automatically enlightened?

Some people have been blessed to witness the beautiful process of the soul passing from the physical body and many more have also been blessed to experience connecting with the soul after their passing.  There are those who have witnessed first-hand, through a near death experience, what the spirit world looks like and how it feels to be home – even if just for a very short while.

I know from experienced gained over the many years of connecting with those who have crossed over, that there have been those who have experienced the love and caring of the angels and spirit helpers, on their passing.  They have been placed into the care of these loving beings to help to acclimatise themselves back into the higher vibration of the spirit world.  For those who have been ill for long periods of time, they have been able to go into a place of healing to restore their souls and re-energise their spirit bodies.  There are also those who have passed into spirit, but didn’t know that it had happened.  And for these souls, once again, the angels and guides have drawn near and brought them gently to the realisation that they no longer inhabit their physical bodies.

Initially, passing into spirit doesn’t change the human personality in any way.  Neither does it change the belief system and so it is a case of as above, so below and vice versa.  What you believe your place of return is going to be, will be exactly what you see when you pass.  There is most certainly a perfect bright light that draws the soul – having personally experienced this, I know it to be fact.  Some people are afraid of this light, once again particularly initially, and this has been experienced when people have been fearful of passing over, or of letting go of their attachment to the physical body.  I have had many souls report that their passing into spirit was one of the scariest things they had to do, but equally as many souls have reported that their passing was one of the most beautiful, joyous and enthralling things they have experienced.

If you’re going through a difficult time right now having experienced the passing of a loved one or if you’ve been questioning your own mortality, know that the spirit world is a place of deep all-encompassing love and that no-one passing over will ever be left alone to wander about, not knowing where they are or where they need to go.  Know too that there is no time as we experience on the earth so what may be two or three days for us, may feel like an instant in the spirit world.

Death is never accidental, whether it be that the person crossing over is 9 months old, 9 years old or 90 years old.  No matter how it came to be that they passed, it will always be the right time in terms of what they have decided for themselves.  Love is what governs our spirits journey and we need to consciously connect into that love so that we can become more awakened to our own existence.




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