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Every human currently living out an existence on this earth, is a spirit being.  We have all come from spirit and we will all return back to spirit.  Of this there is no doubt in my mind.  There are many reasons why we are experiencing this life.  And all these reasons are linked into or connected to our past lives.

Knowing that we are spirit who every now and then come to the earth to live through a human existence, it then stands to reason that we are ever eternal.  We have always been, we are and always will be.  One spirit.  One spark of light.  And that spark of light has always been, is and always will be, connected to the Divine, to the One-ness that is everything that lives, moves, breathes.  For it is the Divine that gives life to all life and nothing exists that was not given life by the Divine.  For me the Divine is our Creator, the Great I Am.

Overcoming the various lessons that we have chosen to experience in this lifetime is what helps us to grow and to move forward on as spirit beings.  By overcoming, I mean understanding that experience, in a way that you would understand maths at school and pass with 100%.  For it is when we 100% overcome or understand a particular experience that we are able to move onto the next level.  How do we do this?  The experiences that we choose are not worked through in isolation and so the thread that we create does become quite complex, dipping in and out, at various degrees of completion, of our various lives.

We choose whilst in spirit, to live within a particular soul group.  We change these soul groups or move between these soul groups or soul families, depending on what aspect of our souls journey we have chosen to work on.  This means that we are never confined to only one soul family or soul group throughout the entire existence of our soul as we go through our various human experiences.  And as we move through the various soul groups, we never just start one thing and end off that one thing within one lifetime.  So it is that we continue to explore various aspects of a particular experience, across a number of lifetimes and through this, we come into lifetimes with other souls with whom we shared previous lifetimes, to either continue or finish off what we originally set out to do together.

For this reason, it does help for us to know what our past lives have been.  There is no question that to know absolutely everything that you have already done, every aspect of every lifetime, would be so overwhelming, it would make this lifetime very difficult to get through.  However, we can and should, look at the things that we struggle with in this lifetime and with the help of our guides, we can be shown why it is that we are struggling. I talk here of struggle, but it could also be those things that we have no problem with at all, like some relationships that just work so well, we’re almost able to read each other’s thoughts and finish each other’s sentences.  But, we never question the good things and don’t really need help from the guides with the good things that happen in our lives, ie we don’t need them to explain why things are going so well.  So looking at the relationship that we struggle with, to see whether or not we had a previous existence with this soul, can help us to understand the dynamic of the relationship.  By the same token, if we have say for instance, a fear of rejection or abandonment that we just can’t understand.  We have had no experience in this lifetime that would make us believe that this is a rational fear.  In exploring previous lifetimes, we could find that there was something that happened to us in a past life, that we have brought into this lifetime as a choice to learn how to overcome and understand that experience, and it definitely does make it easier for us to understand where this fear stems and let’s us see that it’s a choice that we made and we have the strength to work through it and overcome it.

Of course, connecting to our guides and working with them every day to receive their inspiration, also helps us along our souls journey, along our human existence.  We all have a main guide who is with us all the time and they have been with us through many previous lifetimes as well.  They know our life path, they know what we have chosen to come to this lifetime to learn and they are able to steer us in the direction of achieving our goal.  We also have shared guides that come and go and being sensitive to these energies, helps us to know when they’re around and why they are in our space and to work with them to help us through whatever it is that they have come to help us with.

Our past lives impact our present life.  I have absolutely no doubt that they do.  We owe it to ourselves to explore the deeper aspects of our very essence, to know actually who we are.  Not just David who is living now in 2019, but who is David, who has David been and what has David learned and how much wisdom does David already have.  This way, David understands that he’s actually not on the bottom step, but way up the staircase already and his confidence in his abilities is elevated in way that he wouldn’t quite be able to do without all this knowledge of himself.

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