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As we let go of the last vestiges of winter and embrace the wonderful warmer days that summer has to offer us, may we take this time to also embrace new and positive opportunities for ourselves. May this time be one of focusing our energies on what the universe has to offer us instead of what we believe we have already been offered. This is certainly a time to remember that what we put out is what we get back and if we see ourselves as victim then that is exactly what we will be.   However, if we see ourselves as victor, then that too is what we will be. Just a minor shifting of personal perception.

And when we shift our perception and take responsibility for our actions, it is then that we are able to create for ourselves, that world that we so long to be a part of. For our perceptions become our reality and we are but just a product of our thoughts and actions and the identity that we have given ourselves.

No-one can define you but yourself. How you see yourself is exactly how other people are going to see you – remember that.   And whilst we are in the process of remembering, be sure to remind yourself that you are the product of many lifetimes of many experiences and much wisdom gathered along the way. For it is so easy to become bogged down in the everyday experiences of this life and we completely forget that we have already learned so much and that it is but a vibration away to tap into and draw on to help us through this lifetime.

Meditation is the only way to connect with yourself, your higher self, your creator through your guides and your loved ones, who have the benefit of having gone before you and are able to see both sides of the coin. Do not allow yourself to become too involved with the material self for it is your spiritual self, your absolute own inner essence for which you are responsible and which you should be concerning yourself with. When you are able to connect with your true essence and understand exactly who you are and what your purpose is, then all the material things around you just fall into place. We needn’t concern ourselves with whether or not we will have food, shelter, clothing, employment, money and all the trappings of daily life, for trappings are exactly what they are. When the bible talks about trappings the reference is to that which denies you the opportunity to let in the light and make the connection every single moment of every single day.

We are told that these are things that only ‘other’ people understand. People who have a so-called gift to connect with the world of spirit etc.   That is so not true. Each and every one of us has the ability to connect with our loved ones in spirit. We are all able to connect with our guides and in turn our Creator. For if we didn’t have the capacity to do so, why would we be given guides – why would they not then just be given to the so called gifted ones. We are all made equal and it is something that we really need to remember all the time.   None of us are more than or lesser than. So, in being created equally, surely it just makes sense that we would all be able to connect. Each one of us is a spirit being in a human body and if we all come from the same place and are all returning to the same place, why would it be that only some are able to communicate with those who are in the place from which we have all come?

So friends, ponder these points and understand just how powerful you are. And in understanding this powerfulness, take responsibility for your own life. Do not hand your power over to someone else for it is just a cop out – an excuse that we all use from time to time, to believe that someone else is more capable than ourselves. Use your abilities to connect with your guides and loved ones and trust that every question that you ask will be answered. However, do not expect to just be handed everything on a silver platter.   Being human requires that you work for what you want and that you strive for the very best for yourself and settle for nothing less. Accept that you are divine and know that only you have the power to create your life as you want it to be. Start today to own this responsibility and take control of your own life, you will be amazed at what you are able to achieve!

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