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This Trance message I have been afraid to share, because there are so many that live and die by what is to follow, but after not getting very much sleep in the last three weeks, as well as Igor saying he will not speak till I get this message out to those who need it, what choice do I have but trust that he knows what people need to hear, I will say that it opened my eyes and I trust there are those of you that will also have their eyes opened by what has been brought.

Greetings it is I Igor who brings you once again food for thought as to who the scriptures were written for, there will be those that will not resonate with this, we ask for you to please allow us to plant the seed that we give you, and give it freedom to grow by asking yourself, your soul the right questions.

You will find that the commandments of the scriptures are extremely difficult to follow as they have been written by man, for man my dear ones, and the best way for us to describe this is as follows, all scriptures speak of one God one Hope and one Faith, yet the first commandment is to have no other Gods to worship, this we find as confusing as there is only one God Love, and if you worship any other Deity, or image that depicts Love then it can only be the same God that we know, so in essence you can only worship one God who is “Love” there is no other. So why does your scripture say, no other God before ‘me’ who is this “me”.

When you can answer who the “me” is? My dear ones, then only will you know. The graven Image that is spoken of which one would that be, as graven images of many ascended Masters were cast many earth years before the scriptures are written, that all held as holy now, and all advocate Love as their teaching.  This my dear ones, we do not understand, for there are many images that are graven of many different people all over the world, so this would mean you either do not wish this commandment to be, or there is no use for it in your present society, we once again say who is the “me” that has written your scriptures, to insist on something that you have as monuments all over the earth plane, not done.

Yes my dear ones every statue on the earth plane according to the scriptures is against the second commandment of your scriptures, because it is stated clearly, not make unto thee any graven image. No matter what the image is.

Thou shalt not use the Lords name in vain? Why would one ” not ” wish to say I am Love, or in the name of Love what are you doing, or for Love’s sake stop it, this my dear ones is a simple interpretation of God, remove the word God and replace it with love, and you will see that blasphemy is impossible to do, because it states in your scriptures in the beginning was the word and the word is God, therefore in the beginning was Love and love is God, therefore this commandment too cannot be from God as you know it, because God would want you to say for the Love of Loving, please stop hurting people.

Now the wonderful inclusion of the day, how long is a day in the life of God, no not earth, God, can anyone on the earth realm even begin to understand the concept of a day on our realm, I think you may have answered this question right now, yes when you return to us here then you will know, so to find a day of Sabbath is just as impossible, as you know not how long you should keep yourself holy, my dear ones your life time is but a mere minutes in your eternal life so, when you ascribe a day to the Sabbath how many earth years must you live to be obedient to this commandment, and is it possible to have this day in one lifetime ? We ask once again who the “Me“is?

Now we have it that you must honour your Father and Mother as a commandment, which Father and which Mother is this? Your spiritual Mother and Father, or the Father and Mother you know as your birth Parents, and we ask on this earth plane right now, how many of you know your birth Mother and Father to honour them, so once again a commandment that only some can be obedient to, is this, what Love would ask you to do.

Now we have the really important one shall not kill, something every single person on this earth is guilty of, every single one of you bar none, even animals are guilty of this, as they as well as you have in some way inadvertently killed at least one of God’s creatures in your life, so you are all guilty of this breaking this commandment, I hear some say you have never ever harmed a single one of God’s creatures, my dear ones everyone has in one way or other killed an ant, a mosquito, a butterfly, a spider, and many more wonderful creatures on this earth plane, because the commandment states ” thy shall not kill ” and this my dear ones means everything, and anything that God has created on this earth plane, according to the scriptures may not be killed even for food, not even a plant because it too is a creation of God.

My dear ones adultery, we are asking what this is, for the Law as you know it of marriage only came after the scriptures were written those many years ago, therefore adultery only became a reality, and an issue once the commandment was written, so once again who is this “Me” ?

Thou shalt not steal well my dear ones once again there was only trade before the scriptures were written, and theft was not possible for there was empathy to those who lacked in food which was the only commodity that would, and could have been stolen and when you saw someone hungry you could never turn a hungry person who had no food, or shelter away as so many of you do now.

A law of false witness is also the epic failure of these commandments as there were no police as you would know them, in this day and age you are in, to bear false witness to, and as there were those that lied as many do today with the intention of not hurting someone, perhaps this is the false witness the scriptures are speaking of.

My dear one’s the end of all the coveting of worldly goods, why would any God want you as a person to even have feelings for anything on the earth plane, this Love we know, shares all with all, one could not covet a possession of another, or the woman, or man he, or she lays with, they have that of their own, and the way all can achieve this is by sharing what they have, and so should all on the earth plane do, so once again the answer lays in the beginning.

Please consider is this ‘me’ perhaps the “I am” that has been spoken of in the scriptures, or rather, is this “Me” that is spoken of, my dear ones, the ego that wishes all to do as these commandments wish you to do, so that there can be a select few who have all the benefits of the earth plane and share with only a select few, if one adds all the riches of the earth plane and shares it equally to all, then one would be in no need of any commandments, so my dear ones it is a few who have written these commandments, to protect a few who wish to have all on the earth plane, and my dear ones when they who have all return here, it is all for nothing, as then they see that what they had on the earth plane was of no use to them, here on this wonderful heavenly Plane they will return to, they will find that they have simply left what they had to those who did deserve the privilege of having Love and Happiness, but are now with all that they do not need to achieve enlightenment, which would be Fame and Fortune, we say this with deep respect, to those who are using their fame and fortune to enlighten others, in an attempt to bring the balance of blindness and sight, or as you on the earth plane would say darkness and light.

We thank you once again for hearing these words that we have brought you, and know there are those who will welcome them, and others who will be angered by them, as we maintain and all ways will, it is all freedom of choice, which God has allowed you all to have.

May Love be your guide and inspiration and the light that illuminates your path.

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