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I’m a lover of symbolism and “messages’ that come to me through in weird and wonderful ways. I know my guides work on a ‘need to know’ basis with me and that their communications with me come via alternative means. Annoying at times, because we all want messages to be loud and clear, but delightful when I sense Spirit’s communication whilst engaging with day to day living.

As a young child, I’ve always been drawn to sharks. One of my favourite non-fiction books I received when young was a massive hard copy book about sharks. I still have this prized possession! When I see photos or footage of sharks I’m immediately filled with respect and awe at this deeply sensitive wonder of the seas. Being the ‘fierce predators’ they are immediately associated with being – remember not all of them are fierce, or large, or aggressive or even curious – and not being a diver or deep sea fisherwoman, I’d never entertained that I’d ever have the honour of being close to one. But knowing my love for sharks and my guides’ alternative ways of communicating with me, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one day they’d use these divine fish to communicate a message to me.

At Noordhoek, Gqeberha, EC, I got to watch a partially submerged sleek ‘wisdom bringer’ in the low tide waters. I was witnessing the dying presence of a female Bronze Whaler shark that the NSRI volunteers were unable to keep right side up. The water was pushing and pulling her to and fro, grazing her on the rocks about 30m away from us. I was sad I wasn’t closer to her to be able to see her up close.

After having gone back to the beach, and sitting quietly awhile, I could sense this strong pull of the shark for me to go back to her. This was easier because now she was in a shallower section and the tide was further out. I scampered off over the rocks to get to her. I was alone with her now, knowing we were both divinely held in this moment together, protected-like because no other person came close to us during that time. It was like they sensed that they shouldn’t.

I was soooooo drawn to climb into the water with her and touch her that eventually I honoured the call and did so. I admit I had to talk myself through the imprinted fear (yes, I’ve watched Jaws!) that as I got closer she could ‘suddenly spring to life and bite me’. Acknowledging & facing my feelings of fear meant I was managing my emotions AND the outcome of this opportunity. If I hadn’t managed my emotions, I might never have gotten into the water.  Thank you thank you thank you that I did.

Being in the water with her, touching her and speaking to her is one of the most profound moments I’ve experienced in my life. I stroked her skin, like I would my own children, in awe and wonder at the smooth feeling one way and the sand papery feeling we’ve all been taught about when I stroked in the opposite direction. I saw and sensed her gentle flinching movement when I ran my hand on her, whilst talking softly to her. I watched her lifeless eyes but bore witness to her gills still moving and her opening and closing her jaws.

I cried!

I cried tears of immense gratitude for this privilege. I cried tears of joy at being able to engage with one of Nature’s creatures that I’ve loved since I was a toddler. None of my tears were of sadness. Instead, gratitude rushed through me as I sensed my etheric team facilitating, along with her, the receiving of shark ‘codes’ that I intuitively knew to be Spirit’s gift to me via this wondrous female shark. My tears were an emotional release of much pain. I experienced a deep sense of emotional mastery as if in being free of old emotions, I was now better enabled to manage my feelings going forward, no longer held hostage by the old ones. As I cried and kept touching her, I sent her love. Simultaneously I kept thanking Spirit for this opportunity to say yes to receiving the shark wisdom & medicine of this totem animal of mine. I could tangibly sense the receiving that was taking place inside of me. I knew that her death meant that I could be privileged to have this experience and receive her energy.

Simply put, I loved the feel of her skin as well as her firm, sleek body. I loved the feel of her presence. I was overjoyed to overcome fear, so that I could listen to the request and joy of my inner child and my soul at their deepest desire to connect with such a magnificent being.

Message received loud and clear from Spirit!

Live in joy.

Remember reverence for life, death and being, through surviving/thriving.

We can be submerged in emotional drama, but we do not have to be swallowed up by it. Attune to your natural instincts.

Trust yourself to be the master of your own emotions.”


Much love always



Colette, mother to 2 beautiful daughters and author of “Spirit in Pregnancy & Birth – Practical and spiritual care, ceremonies and celebrations” has always had her heart set on helping others through her ability to listen, feel and then support them through guidance and a change in perspective, offering emotional support that lets people feel safe and heard.

Loving to share her experiences, knowledge and perceptions of the world around us, Colette has many interests that fuel her sharing and nurturing nature: Alternative modalities, nutrition, women’s health, conscious birth and parenting, astrology, Mother Earth, transformation, healing, channeling, spirituality, Mother Nature and much more.

colettevanheerden@yahoo.co.uk +27 82 354 8873

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