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Ultimate perfection

Ultimate Perfection – The Ultimate Prize

We are all free to believe what we choose.  Some people believe we are separate from each other and this allows them to do all sorts of unthinkable things to others that they would never have dreamed of doing to themselves. By failing to see that they are really doing these unthinkable things to themselves, they produce and reproduce unwelcome results every day in their lives.

Therefore as human beings, we are not and cannot be, separate from each other. Separation is only an illusion. We are a collective, trying to experience the happiness of a single reality. This truth cannot be threatened by any error in belief or judgment. Those who project errors in belief and judgment imprison themselves and others, but only to the extent to which they reinforce the errors they have already made. This would also make them vulnerable to the distortions of others, since their own perceptions are distorted, and as human beings, we respond to what we perceive and as we perceive so shall we behave. We cannot behave perfectly unless we perceive perfection.  We are able to bring about reward for our toils and efforts through understanding that what we put out is what will be drawn into our realm of existence.

Changes in the seasons are becoming more evident as time appears to have sped up and our 24 hour day no longer feels like 24 hours!  No longer can we rely on our belief systems so inherent in our very core selves.  We need to begin to work on changing our lives and altering our patterns of action and reaction.

What we believe is closely related to that which we perceive as the structure of the world. Each of us personally has the final say in choosing or not choosing what is acceptable for us to adopt as a belief about the world we live in. The word “personally” is the keyword here for any belief that is not “personally” experienced is just plain blind faith or mind-control by others.

Everything we experience is our own personal reality. We think we are experiencing physical reality but everything out there is no more than light images of reality reconstructed in our mind. What we perceive and what is actually out there are two very different things. All of our experiences are light images of reality, not false perceptions or delusions created in our minds. False perceptions or delusions come when we confuse our experiences of the world with physical reality or the thing in itself.

Tolerance and self-acceptance plays a huge part in reconstructing who we are.  May we walk this path together with encouragement and love to attain a universal final destination.

To bring about positive change in our lives, we need to explore our conscious awareness and our ability to make conscious decisions to put an end to those things that affect our lives adversely and to bring about peace, happiness and abundance.

We need to understand that through our consciousness, we create all sorts of experiences whether they be positive or negative.  We need to understand that consciousness is the ability to perceive one’s own existence and the very core of one’s own identity to varying degrees, beyond the most basic sentience that defines human awareness. Our sentience is our ability to feel or perceive while sapience is our ability to think about sensations, feelings and ideas. Human perception depends on the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, body awareness, balance, heat and pain.

Consciousness can also be defined as a cognitive state and quality of the awakened mind comprising qualities such as personality, thought, reason, memory, intelligence, emotion and the ability to perceive relationships of awareness and existence. A state of consciousness can be characterised as sensation, emotion, volition and thought. A state of consciousness can be measured in terms of what we are aware of and how long that awareness can be sustained. It can also be measured in terms of how deep or profound our awareness is, especially relating to attitudes, beliefs and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or group state of mind.

A dear friend took leave of this earthly life in 2008.  Whilst at that time our hearts were heavy and we felt deep sympathy and compassion for her beloved family, it was another opportunity to acknowledge and accept that nothing in the universe ever happens by chance.

In understanding sympathy and compassion, we need to be aware that these two emotions may be expressed through words, but their basic form of communication is through the silence of one’s presence. Compassion is empowerment to help others discover a community of hope, forgiveness and love.

If we are able to enter the mind and heart of another, to share their sorrow, to know them from within, we are able to champion love not only in others but also in our self. Once compassion is active, all barriers and their damaging effects begin to vanish, leaving a sense of real identity and satisfaction within the embrace of love for all parties involved. Compassion creates a much deeper meaning that directs us towards an increased inner freedom. A freedom and sense of goodness that begins to expand our vision, sense of direction, insight and self-confidence, to generate more energy, good health, joy of being, and love of all life.

It is at times like this that we feel impelled to explore the deeper meaning of life. The secret of life is being able to follow your heart and keep your mind open long enough to see every ordinary experience as a gift.  This is something that many of us learned from June and we thank her for affording us the opportunity to expand our awareness of this beautiful experience that we call life.

As we walk this journey we begin to know that the illusions in which each of us lives individually, are being created by ourselves, not for us by someone else. We can step outside any illusion while continuing to live with them, and with this realisation we are free of their ability to control our reality. We have choices. Illusions of life are truly meant to be our tools. They were never intended to be any kind of burden or sorrow. The real purpose behind any illusion is to provide a space or context within which to experience every aspect of being. It is also an opportunity to choose the highest aspect of that which we can then conceive at any given moment in the reality within which we exist. The right way to live with these illusions is without fear, including the inevitable outcome of our physical lives, which is death.

I am sure that we will all come to the realisation that we are all part of the Great I Am, which is definitely not an illusion, but an absolute truth.  Together we can work towards the unity and development of our souls – perfection, the ultimate prize!

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