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“…What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his soul?Jesus the Christ

To those who speak and act out of the Soul, they are the true lights of the


        Nothing can diminish the light which shines from the Soul

           “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul, you have a body.”~ Buddha

                       The Soul of man is the eternal spirit of God

             Soul-resonance is freedom, personality-resonance is bondage

 “Trust the wisdom of your soul-it knows the way.”~ Dr. Joshua Weinstein

“The best richness is the richness of the Soul.”~ Prophet Muhammad

“If a man reaches the latter days of his life with his soul intact, he has mastered life.”~ Gordon Parks

           That thing we call intuition? It’s your soul, you can trust it!

“Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.”~ Paulo Coelho

He who speaks from the soul speaks from the source of wisdom and infinity.

“If you wish to soar in life, you must shed that which weighs down your soul.”~ Jill Kubin

           “We are all different, but the soul is one.” Karen Berg

A man connected to his pristine self (soul) is at one with the divine. A person genuinely connected to all creation-humans, plants and animals is truly one with his soul. The energy that pervades the universe has its source in the omneity or what can be termed the OVER-SOUL. This energy is an infusion that abides in all things from simple microscopic organism to the most complex. The link we have with one another and how we actualize that subtle, invisible energy resides within our soul, which is our divine connection. Our inextricable connection to all that exist is unassailable. From a bio-centric perspective, everything is connected-invisible to visible, tangible to intangible, abstract to concrete. In the words of a spiritual teacher and writer, Deepak Chopra, “the invisible and subtle gives rise to the visible and material….”

The universe is a pulsating entity with neither spatial nor linear boundaries. It’s a world without end, a continuum so to say.

Unfortunately, man has been hard-wired to believe that we are different and that the Divine, God or whatever nomenclature is ascribed to this supreme and higher force is far away and resides somewhere beyond the blue sky in heaven while we are here on earth. Little would one wonder when people look toward the sky or raise their hands toward ‘heaven’ whilst supplicating.

Our soul is our God and God is our soul. We all drink from a common source and that source is the over-soul. To those who are in resonance with their souls, they are one with both the created and creator. 

A person in resonance with his soul can unequivocally but humbly state as follows: Divine light is in me, I am light; Divine love is in me, I am love; Divine life empowers me, I am life. I am therefore light, love and life.

The statement of the Lord Christ Jesus comes handy in this instance when he was said to have affirmed His oneness with God with the statement, “I and my father are one.”

An individual who constantly speaks and acts on the soul level will no doubt see in all created entities same light, love and life. Differences based on skin colour, language, culture, religion has no basis in soul-consciousness.

One of the great sages of our time a man of soul-consciousness, Nelson Mandela of blessed memory had this to say, “No man is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, if they learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes naturally to the human heart than itsopposite.”

The soul of man is filled with nothing but love, and for those who have consciously tamed their ego and merge with their soul-self, life is blissful.

If we truly want to see a new world – a world of peace, harmony, love, unity, mutual respect, equitable distribution of resources (everyone provided for) then we must re-create ourselves by transcending the egotistical-based superiority and inferiority complex mentality.

How does one speak from the soul after several millennia of speaking through the organ of speech, the mouth? If I become so passionate about something, it can be said I spoke from my heart, it may therefore be understood that a relationship exisst, albeit emotionally, between one’s heart and mouth. Doesn’t the allusion of speaking from one’s soul a weird postulation that is totally incomprehensible?

This postulation is far from your interpretation. The soul is fundamentally the driver of all our physical existence and it’s the unique entity that is pure, perfect and eternally tied to the source. It is the ‘SUN’ that powers and illuminates our life.

The soul is the fountain of joy and happiness, it’s the source of wisdom and enlightenment, home of knowledge and intelligence, it’s the repository of our emotional intelligence, it is full of splendour and creativity; it’s the root of our divine guidance and gateway to the seat of ‘I AM’. As a gateway to the ‘I AM’ it serves as an extension of the higher mind, the first cause. The higher mind is the repository of all noble concepts such as man’s divinely endowed inalienable rights to freedom, racial and gender equality, and peace for all. He who merges with his soul is at one with the divine where nobility of words, deeds and character emanate from.

If a question is posed as to where the sanctuary of the holy of holies reside in man, it is the soul. The only indestructible thing in man is the soul. It transcends physical death. The body can suffer decay and face the inevitable demise, yet the soul remains eternal. Now back to the question of how one speaks from the soul. One can only speak from the soul when one is aligned with it. In the words of the wise ones, “it is only the deep who can call to the deep.” Unless one is in attunement with his higher-spiritual self, there’s little window of opportunity to resonate and speak from the soul.

But what is in man that is eternal? Wouldn’t everything pass away like the date of a calendar?

What passes away is the personality of the individual. In man there are two distinguishable yet temporarily co-habiting components. One is the personality, which is, the material (physical) being and the soul which is immaterial (spiritual). Man is therefore a composite of these two elements. The part of him that disintegrates is the material while the spiritual never does.

What exactly is the soul and where lies its location in the human body?

The soul is a common heritage of all creation. There’s a universal soul from which all souls whether human, animals, or plants derive theirs. All of us share a common source which is the universal soul. Universal soul can be likened to the sea where all tributaries derive or/and discharge their waters.

On question of location, it is located in every part of our body. Without the soul the body is lifeless. It is germane to state that at transition the soul departs the body and the body returns into its material element. The soul is the ‘sun’ that shines its rays on the body and once the ‘sun’ departs, the body goes into permanent oblivion physically but chemically transformed into other elements. Further to this, the soul is the engine that drives all physical activities of the body. Simply put, it is the power-house of our mortal existence.

Can’t the soul be seen or touched similar to other vital organs of the body?

It can neither be seen nor physically touched because of its immaterial or intangible nature. Just as we cannot see or touch the air we breathe so is the soul.  

Can it be said that the soul can be found in the strand of my hair or nails of my fingers?

It permeates every single part of our body. There’s no single part of our body that isn’t vital to the corporeal existence of it hence every part of the body is home to the soul. Without the pulsation of the soul no cell can survive.

What language, if any, does the soul speak and how do we become aware of our alignment with it?

The soul speaks only the language of the universe. The only language of the universe is that of LOVE, it’s that of unity and cooperation. Any other language contrary to this is not only discordant but an aberration. An analogy can be drawn from the mechanism of the human body of which without unity, cooperation, and inter-connectivity and inter-relationship between one organ and the other, the system is bound to collapse. Since all things are created on the altar of love, anything antithetical to it goes into a state of atrophy. In the words of the great French Philosopher, Victor Hugo, “To love (agape) another person is to see the face of God.”

In his most profound admonishing, Dr. Wayne Dyer states that we need to remind ourselves that alignment with our spiritual energy will lead us to finding the genius within.

At what point can a person be aware of this so-called soul resonance?

A person knows he is in resonance with the soul when his words and actions are in tandem with the language of the universe. We must be reminded that we all have a common source irrespective of the physical, racial, ethnic, linguistic, gender profiling being bandied by our ill-informed personality. The greatest illusion ever is the physical differences; the greatest actuality is the common thread that bind each of us as humans, animals and plants together, which, in this instance is the soul. Just as we all share a common denominator as in physical existence, transition, the moon, the sun, the stars, rainfall, laughter, cry, and other things so is the soul. The soul has no sense of discrimination whatsoever. The only thing it possesses is love without a prejudice. At a time of disaster or grief, man unconsciously evokes his power of the soul by coming to the aid of those negatively impacted by a disaster. This is what gave rise to the concept of Charity.

We’ve seen this demonstrated during earth quakes, flood, hurricanes, loss of loved ones and so on. On these critical periods the finest emotion in man comes to the fore. It’s the full weight of the soul overriding that of the personality or body.

Isn’t it often said that the heart is the seat of the soul? If it’s true then the soul must be located or locked-up somewhere in the heart.

The heart, a physical organ is also powered by the soul. Yes, the heart metaphorically is referred to as the seat of our emotion but it does not necessarily connote that the soul resides inside the heart. It is in fact the other way round. The entire body is a contributor to our emotion and not only the heart as erroneously perceived. When we are filled with love the entire body responds, same in a state of anger. Of course, the heart chakra might take a lion share of our emotion being the center of its distribution. Besides, it’s the blood pumping organ as well as the distribution center of our physical being. Whilst the heart may serve as the physical power house of the body, the soul remains the spiritual power house. The soul as pervasive and holistic as is, is physically undetectable.

It may be ideal to know if the soul also ages and dies at some point in life.

The soul neither ages nor dies. It’s not only intangible, it is indestructible and eternal. It survives physical death. It is a permanent entity that inhabits a new body (personality) at each point of incarnation. While the physical body serves as a vehicle on earth, the soul is the engine of which without, the human body is devoid of function. The soul is the repository of all our existence – past, present and future. The soul is the archivist of our eternal life which is known as the akashic record.  In the words of the Roman poet Horace, “the sky changes, not the soul, for who travels the sea.”

Horace statement is quite instructive in terms of the fact that it is the personality (body) that changes and not the soul. A personality might decide to experience life as another gender, a different race or affiliate of a different religious or mystical-philosophical group or a different geographical location from his or her previous incarnation. Life is a spectrum which changes colour and vibration in accordance with cumulative ‘balance sheet’ of a personality’s karmic profile at the point of transition. The reason behind advocating love for all may be premised on the fact that one may reincarnate to experience the same circumstance(s) detested in one’s previous life. There’s no better way to express the place of love without prejudice as upheld by the human soul as the iconic Islamic mystic-poet has put it, “in the religion of love, there are no believers and unbelievers. Love embraces all.” In a soul-resonant standing, everything is unity in diversity.

Of what purpose is a soul coming to inhabit a human body if it’s so perfect?

While the soul is pristine and perfect the body is gross and imperfect. The body herein referred to as personality is the imperfect self and the soul, the perfect self. It’s a situation of macrocosm ‘impregnating’ the microcosm. The personality needs to undergo a certain experience on earth. At each incarnation the soul beckons on the personality to come into alignment with it. How gross or refined a personality is on earth determines heeding or not of this clarion call by the soul. One may be tempted to ponder why a body should be made to garner experience on earth or why a perfect entity called a soul be harboured by a seemingly imperfect body. The answer to this is not far fetched. Everything has its source in spirit. In fact, everything is energy including the body but eons of layers and layers of imperfect thoughts and deeds emanating from skewed worldly instructions or flawed upbringing has supplanted the pristine nature of the soul which remains eternally pure and unblemished. As a child grows and fed with only five senses information, the sixth sense which is linked to the soul where all pristine information is localized begin to dim and the door to it ultimately shut. Instead of the personality playing subservience to the soul the role becomes swapped until either an epiphany experience occurs in the life of the child or he consciously and painstakingly grows into the realization of the subservient role of the personality to the soul. The place of the Soul in the scheme of life can best be described in these modified iconic words of Marianne Williamson’s

A Return to Prayer’

….I recognize that there is within me a perfect Self: A Self that is functional; A Self that is very strong; A limitless Self, A Self that is huge because it has its source in the Omnipotent God-the all-pervading force; A Self that is in constant state of peace and harmony; A Self with implicit faith in Our Father who hath in Heaven & Earth; A Self that is all-knowing, all loving, serene and calm, through the grace of God.

 It must also be noted that the only thing a person comes into this life with and which is to depart with him is the Soul-nothing else.

Will the body (personality) ultimately heed this clarion call?

Absolutely yes! Like a tributary of a river which ultimately merges with the sea the human spirit after a long span of incarnations wakes up from its slumber and merges not only with the Soul but dances to its tune. This is how enlightened beings come into being. Information gleaned only through our five senses sometimes, if not often, are tainted by gross distortions as a result of our ego-filled personality, sense of vanity, corrupt mind, warped ideological or philosophical beliefs, excessive logic, extreme and negative emotion, illogical thinking and several other things that tend to precipitate a foggy situation in our journey toward soul-resonance.

How then can we identify a perfect soul in an imperfect personality?

A spiritually slumbered, soul-resonant distant individual constantly ride on a horse of untamed ego. This individual, in spite of all starring evidence sees nothing beyond his circumscribed enclave of belief; he’s given to seeing only a segment rather than the holistic. He’s unable to connect noble ideas for the good of all. He sees only the crescent rather than the moon. He sees the light without the star. He’s so accustomed to the dark that a little flicker of light is not only resisted, it is subject to attack. To an imperfect personality the only thing that exists is itself (body) and nothing more.

In the words of the great sage, Mahatma Gandhi, these are the ones who indulge in the seven social sins which he brilliantly described as wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, and politics without principle.

The Soul by nature or vibration is genderless, colourless, religion-less, linguistic-less. When true soul-mates meet, the attraction transcend any form of barrier. The Dalai Lama stated that his religion is kindness which to me implies worship with a heart of true service without any bias or prejudice.

The Soul is analogous to the sun which shines on all, the rain whose water discriminates not, and the moon whose light illuminates all. If you find a man encapsulated in the vibration of greed, jealousy, hatred, bigotry, envy, inferiority or superiority complex, cruelty, discrimination of any sort-racial, religious or gender, he’s yet to resonate with his true essence which is the soul.

There are dark souls hence a Soul can be corrupted, Isn’t it?

No, the soul is never prone to corruption. It is an entity that neutralizes all evil or negative thoughts provided the material-self subordinates to it. The soul is perfect yet never compels. There’s a saying that says, “If the student is ready, the master will appear.” In this context it would be interpreted as when the material self is ready, the spiritual self (soul) appears. The soul takes precedence once the material self comes into a state of awakened consciousness or awareness. That awareness dawns when it is realized that love is the only thing, unconditional love lies behind our mortal existence. Without it, mortal existence is of no essence.  The material self is essentially ruled by the physical senses with occasional intuitive flashes which also has its source in the Soul. The material self prides itself largely on what can be seen in the physical arena and downplaying that which can’t be visibly heard, seen, tasted, smelt and felt. On a number of occasions, the personality hears a voice, this is called intuition but since he (personality) is constantly on the ‘driver’s seat’ such a voice is quickly discountenanced and dismissed until the unexpected, but the be forewarned, happens.

Incontrovertibly, man is a composite of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Of course, there’s no visible line of demarcation but where there’s complete disconnect between the physical and the spiritual, the former takes precedence but where there’s complete harmonization, the latter predominates. For the avoidance of doubt, spirituality has got nothing to do with religious fundamentalism or zealotry, in fact those characters are in themselves anti-spiritual.

What exactly does being soul-resonant bring to the individual?

 Being soul-resonant is the ultimate step in identifying and merging with one’s true and perfect self and realizing that we are spiritual beings undergoing mundane experience. Once it dawns that we are spiritual beings enshroud with physical body to enable us to perform the duties of physical, earthly existence, our entire perception about life takes a different course. At the dawn of this realization one begins to see the spark of light in everything created by the divine. This, ultimately, ushers in the elusive knowledge or awareness of brotherhood of man under the mother-fatherhood of one God. One Humanity, One Love, One God becomes not only the individual’s mantra but a way of life.

It has been heard on numerous occasions the word ‘young and old soul.’ What does it mean?

Metaphorically, a ‘young soul’ is an individual whose incarnations have been quite few and limited, he’s like a new ‘bride’ on earth who has to learn the lessons of life. On the contrary, an ‘old soul’ is an individual who has re-incarnated on earth severally hence has garnered so much knowledge, intelligence and wisdom to seamlessly navigate through life. What flows in terms of thoughts, words and deeds from an old soul are often seen to be far and ahead of his/her time. He may be living in the 21st century yet his thoughts and perceptions of life are far into the 25th and beyond centuries.

In a nutshell, an ‘old soul’ is a person far ahead of his time. An ‘old soul’ is a personality who’s closer, if not already, on the spiritual mountain-top with an unprecedented degree of enlightenment. Oftentimes, these set of people are seen as unconventional and non-conformist to the general practices of the masses. They can be so unique in their style and approach to life. They may wield so much spiritual wisdom and power yet unarguably humble. They can be said to have turned the corner in understanding the sacred things of life far beyond the consciousness of the masses.

This posture is quite evident in most great masters or teachers who have traversed this earth plane. Most, if not all, were somehow un-conforming to the existing conventional path of their time. All the great Masters of note can unequivocally be tagged rebellious to the prevailing practices of their time – they never went the way of the masses either philosophically or religiously yet they loved, helped and saved the masses.

With the foregoing explanation is the soul of man (humans) more evolved than those of plants and animals?

Not necessarily more evolved but certainly more conscious and possess immeasurable capacity for expansion. Our state of awareness or consciousness determines how soul-resonant we are. It would probably be agreed upon that there are humans worse than animals; this is all a matter of degree of awareness. The more aware a person is the more soul-resonant (spiritual). To elucidate further, it’s been adduced that animals have group soul while humans are the only specie endowed with individual soul. By this is meant, a monkey is tied to a group soul of all monkeys, same for dogs but humans aren’t designed to be such. Each person has his or her soul and that’s why we have ‘human-devils’ and ‘human-angels.’ While the former behave crudely and cruelly the latter behaves godly. Possessing the uncommon spirit of humaneness, gentility, forgiveness and love helms the individual into a higher vibration while on the contrary those within the orbit of vengefulness, wickedness, inhumanness, unsympathetic are within the lower rung of the ladder of soul-resonance.

Does the statement the more soul-resonant a person the more spiritual connotes being more religious?

In this particular case there may be a hiatus between the practice of religiosity and spirituality. While a genuine link between both may exist, one may be religious without necessarily being spiritual and vice versa. Being truly spiritual is to be more holistic in one’s view of life; being holistic is about seeing the entire picture rather a clip of it. Being religiously conscious in a way is being tied to a certain belief system or dogma. With true spirituality dogma has no place. While spirituality sees unity in diversity, religion appears, at the current stage of practice, dwell on diversity in unity -a kind of ‘if you do not practice my type of religion, or align with my sect you’re not likely to make paradise.’

However, the ultimate goal of religion, is to spiritualize man but it appears this goal is currently in a state of suspended animation due to over emphasis on the messenger rather than the message and excessive attachment to dogma. Being truly spiritual elevate one’s consciousness to see life from a broad-based perspective – what can be termed ‘moon’ rather than a ‘crescent’ perspective.

In totality what is man and how is the journey of the personality vis-à-vis the soul determined?

Man is a soul on a ‘rented’ body; man is a spirit on a mundane journey. Every individual is an expression of the whole just as light is an expression of electricity through a bulb. In essence, man is what the whole universe is. Man is the ocean pretending to be the ocean waves; he is an eagle feigning to be a chicken. Man is the seed with all the potential of an oak tree yet ignorantly claim to be a branch of the tree. The admonishing therefore is for man to know himself. In the book, A Course in Miracles, it is clearly stated, “In you is all of Heaven….” The body we are told is our temple and how do we feel when we enter the core of a temple? Peace and Serenity!

What is the relationship between life, death and the soul and where does the soul go after physical transition or death?

They are intertwined. First and foremost, it must be understood that life is a continuum. Life as we know it on a mundane level is just a slice of the whole, a clip of the entire picture. Death as we know it is also far from the interpretation or understanding attached to it. Science has come to give us a glimpse of brief but continued awareness after clinical death. But spirituality or mysticism has known for ages that what disappears or dissolve is the body but the soul transcends death. The soul lives on till another incarnation when it would inhabit another body. This new body may change gender, race, skin colour, nations or geographical location. The reason behind this change is nothing but experience garnering. It’s analogous to an employee who has been made to rotate through different sections or departments of a company and ultimately garnered such level of experience warranting him to be appointed a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of such a company.  

How do we identify a soul-resonant individual?

Do not limit your search of a soul-resonant individual to the temple, synagogue, mosque and church, for, it is said the hood does not necessarily make the monk. You may be lucky to find him there and you may not, as outward piety may not necessarily translate to soul-resonance. The enchanting garb or robe of the priest/imam may have little to do with a soul-resonant pedigree. The physical appearance or sacrifices of adherents may be deceptive and ego-based gratification. But a soul-resonant person may neither appear in a special robe nor any identifiable physical garment suggestive of piety; piety of the within is far greater than that of the without.

A soul-resonant individual may be a street sweeper, a peasant farmer, a taxi driver, a messenger in the office; he could also be a chief executive (CEO) of a company, a cashier in a grocery store, a president, prime minister, law-maker, an Imam, a Rabbi or a Priest. He could also be a traditional religion practitioner. He may equally be an economically buoyant or political icon or a beauty pageant. The most fundamental issue is that a soul-resonant person must be a messenger of light and love. A soul-resonant individual as a sacred responsibility is bound to uphold the sanctity of all lives – humans, animals, and plants.

Besides, he is not into the ‘US versus THEM’ mentality. He’s got an all-embracing mindset. In concise term his concern is LOVE for all, low or high, tall or short, able or disabled, male or female etc. He is one armed with the philosophy of Rumi which says, “Be certain that in the religion of Love there are no believers and unbelievers – Love embraces all.”

A soul-resonant person is also in alignment with the statement of Gautama Buddha which says, “In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.”

How does a person bring a body and soul in alignment?

Body and soul can be aligned through the act of constant meditation, contemplation, visualization, mind-purification, negative ego-taming, and above all, developing ones intuitive capacity. Intuitive capacity can only be developed through igniting and accentuating ones spiritual intelligence quotient (SIQ).

With all these steps, polluted mind and corrupted body could be kept in abeyance. What is it that weigh down the soul if not our fleeting, impermanent body solely controlled by our physical senses which oftentimes are on a course of being bias, judgmental, prejudicial, and gross distortion of facts. Cultivation of good thoughts and noble deeds must be enthroned and it must become not only constant but habitual. It need be remembered the noble admonishing which says, our thoughts hve a potential of becoming words, words becoming deeds, deeds becoming habits and ultimately habits becoming our destiny. No one has been succinct in expressing this fact as Gary Zukav in his book Seat of the Soul by saying what distinguishes humans from mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms is our journey toward individual soul-hood. In effect, the more soul-resonant, the higher and broader our perception of issues of life; conversely, the less soul-resonant, the lesser our awareness and stunted our growth or evolution.

To indicate that the body has a major role in the scheme of things, it need be viewed as the other side of the same coin, the Tao Te Ching has elucidated more on this when it says, “…indeed the hidden (soul) and the manifest (body) give birth to each other. Difficult and easy complement each other. Long and short exhibit each other. High and low set measure to each other. Voice and sound harmonize each other. Back and front follow each other…” By this profound statement, the soul and body are complementary yet the rate of vibration may differ. * Italics mine

Dr. Harvey Spencer Lewis, a mystic, spiritual teacher, and a former Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order, A.M.O.R.C in his soul-lubricating writing, Key to Happiness says, “God made man, and gave unto him that part of Himself so that man was made in the likeness, or image of God. Made in the image of God! Perfect, whole, unchangeable, immortal! Possessing all the qualities of God-because God could not create anything less perfect than Himself. And when we become fully conscious of that one big truth, and know that we are a part of God, man’s so-called individuality fades into insignificance, and he sees himself, or recognizes himself, only as a humble soul, closely connected with all other souls and a necessary part to blend into and make up the oneness of all.” Nothing can be more profound than this truth.

There’s only one universal soul and we are all an integral part of that universality called soul. If one recognizes that there’s something that never sleeps nor slumber in man, it is the soul. The body is subject to the law of wear and tear but the soul isn’t. Dr. Wayne Dyer of blessed memory, did admonish in his classic book, Wishes Fulfilled, “Find out what you are, and be that. Be who you are instead of who you’re not.” When you become soul-resonant, you exude light and love. Love for all things on the surface of the earth.

What happens to the soul after death?

Answer to this question can be found in the statement of the great Greek philosopher, Mestrius Plutarchus (Plutarch), “The soul, being eternal, after death is like a caged bird that has been released.” The soul goes back to the extraterrestrial realm where it came from while the body also returns the dust where it rightly belongs. The analogy of a candle and its flame comes handy here. When a candle light is extinguished, the flame goes off in a whirling manner into the atmosphere as a smoke while the candle wax remains as is.

Better understanding about the soul when it departs the body can also be found in Mevlana Jalalu’ddin Rumi, the 13th century Islamic mystic poet, in his poetic writing-‘The Scent of Roses’

“At last you’ve left and gone to the invisible;

How marvelous the way you quit this world.

You ruffled your feathers and, breaking free of your cage, you took to the air, bound for your soul’s world…

A love-sick nightingale among owls, you caught the scent of roses, and flew to the rose-garden.”

That said, when one is truly aligned with the soul, he begins to make choices that are germane to the advancement of mankind. He begins to accord respect to the sanctity of life. He becomes not only the candle wax and the wick, but also its flaming light. His daily mantra consciously and unconsciously is wound around what is branded soul alignment.


Today I choose LIGHT over darkness; Today I choose LOVE over hatred; Today I choose HEALTH over sickness; Today I choose TRUST over doubt; Today I choose PROSPERITY over poverty; Today I choose KNOWING over belief; Today I choose LIFE over death; Today I choose GOD over ego; Today I choose HUMILITY over arrogance; Today I choose TRUTH over lies and deceit; Today I choose SERENITY over turmoil; Today I choose KINDNESS over meanness; Today I choose SPIRITUALITY over religion of ego and ‘divided’ God; Today I choose my HIGHER SELF over my lower self; Today I choose KNOWLEDGE over ignorance; Today I choose EMPATHY over condemnation; Today I choose GRATITUDE over complaints; Today I choose JOY and HAPPINESS over sadness; Today I choose PEACE over war; Today I choose SUCCESS over failure; Today I choose WISDOM over stupidity; Today I choose SERVICE above self; Today I choose GRATITUDE over complaints; Today I ALIGN with my SOUL – the source of infinite wisdom and divine inspiration.

Wahab O. Owolawi. PhD  is a university professor in audiology. He has also been a student of mystical/esoteric science studies for over three decades. He has a flair for extensive reading and learning to understand the universe, the power behind it and how to harness the power inherent in the universe for the good of all humanity.

He has also written a couple of books which are available on amazon and other global internet bookstores.

He can be contacted via the following email and cell phone: deleowolawi@yahoo.com (+966 502047739)

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