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Meditation Tool: The Essence of Love

It was suggested by Kuthumi to add information to this session pertaining to ‘channelling’ – so I’ve added 2 excerpts from our first book to enjoy. See at bottom of the channel. 

Meditation Tool: The Essence of Love

Ascended Master Kuthumi & Celestial Companions

Transmitted through Chanel Lingenfelder

21 June 2019

Should you wish to experience this or any of the other initiations, simply quiet your mind; find a comfortable undisturbed space, connect with the Energy of Spirit and set the intent for your rewire as you please. This will automatically be facilitated by your Higher Self for your greater good, according to your personal frequency requisite.

I AM Kuthumi and I come forward upon the Rays of Love and Wisdom to greet thee at this time and to gift unto thee a divine blessing of insight.


Beloved ones, beloved masters, beloved brothers and sisters, we have come together this day to gather in the name of peace, to gather in the name of love, for love is all that matters. We have indicated that we will begin to share ways of using the tools given to you, and the reminder of love beloved ones, is the first of these.

The essence of love is so profound, it is so simple yet intricate, it is the beginning and the end of all.

To express a connection of love to anyone allows your own energy field to be uplifted, expanded and evolutionized, in other words the only way to evolve is through love. The only way to heal is through love. Love has so many facets in its complexity yet it has the most beautiful expressions of divinity within every particle of its simplicity.

How fitting to share love with you in this way, on this particular day, where those of you in the winter seasons are stepping into your full embrace of your cocoon, of your retraction and recharge, and those of you in the summer energies step into embracing the colors and the flowers, the fragrances and the beauty that summer gifts you with, oh what a beautiful sight, to observe this planet from a distance as a collective, and to see and experience and support the hibernation of one half, and the exploration of the other. While one half is hibernating and strengthen themselves, cocooning to shield away from the cold, the other half is blossoming, expressing, full of vitality and life, dancing in the Sun, enjoying the beautiful rays of its divinity. Oh what a beautiful sight! On the essence of Creation beloved ones understand your part of it. Understand your yin and yang expression of it, embrace it, work with it, walk with it, and love through it.

My message today is very simple; it is not complicated, technical or scientific, for beloved ones wherever these words fall, on the ears and eyes of those that may come to hear or read these words, needs an upliftment of love. Let us not focus on the destruction, the dysfunction and the disillusionment of the illusion of this world, let us rather focus on the first and most magnificent tool ever given to humanity as part of their integrated substance, their integrated make up, it is what is you and that is love.

Love is what allows the essence of this communication to come through, even though some may prefer to see my energy as male, it truly isn’t, it isn’t anything but flame core essence. I am not a man sitting on a cloud speaking through a loud speaker connected through tiny wires into the mouth of this being.

I am a being that filters pockets of expression into the soul chakra and the higher chakras of this being that comes to rest as divine love and is used through the expression of the lower chakras to utter a sound frequency. I am part of a collective energy, the essence of Kuthumi. The preference of the name Kuthumi is a personal one for those that work with me, I have many different names, I connect with people on many different levels which are not important. The important thing is to understand exactly what allows this communication.

Now this communication is absolutely futile and wouldn’t be possible without the blessing of the higher essence of this being. The Higher Self of this channel allows this divine communication to extend further into the cosmos where it connects collectively to our energies through the sounds frequencies of silence to bring through this profound way of communication, and each and every one of you has that gift.

Beloved ones I don’t have an office in the left or right wing of our Creators existence, I AM everywhere. Call upon me and I’ll be there, call upon any of us, all of my brothers and sisters and we will be there, for all of us gravitate on the higher frequencies of dimensions beyond your comprehension, dimensions of love, dimensions of Holiness, and all of this, all of this, all of what is in manifested and in unmanifest form, in other words all of that which is of form and formless, vibrates according to the frequencies emitted by Source, by the Creator, by the Holy of Holies, for there is only One God, and that God gifts from itself to have other Deities work with It as the energies steps down into the Monadic and the Higher Self expression and  beyond that eventually it reaches you. 

Beloved ones each and every one of you have the ability to do this.

Your beloved brothers and sisters out there may at present be unable to walk such an intense spiritual path, a path of spirituality and science that intermingles, for that is what these teachings are about, yet these are cosmic truths that they are unable to tap into. They are unable to understand the cumulative essence of these teachings for they suffer from lower energies of fear and judgment and of blame and anger and all those things which unfortunately shields their awakening to these higher truths, like an invisible shield that still covers their consciousness, and that is why you are here as lightworkers, you are here to start lifting those shields, blowing air into those invisible bubbles, one breathe at a time as warriors, as light dignitaries and as welfare agents, for you care for the welfare thus the wellness of others as you care for the wellness of your planet. You were there once too, yet now you are here. So this is the first aspect of love that I want to discuss. There are not many today as I am going to keep this short for I would like for you to share this message with others through a transcription as well.

The reason why I have shared this first aspect is to first begin to eliminate the network of dysfunction that is being created by many institutions and beings on your planet that plant seeds of falseness and untruths which creates an uncomfortable essence within humanity as a whole including many lightworkers. So first of all from the love aspect of the self let’s get the mystery out of channeling, let’s get the mystery cleared from those essences and if I have in some way missed anything; I am asking for information to be added to this document to make it perfectly clear to others just how natural and normal divine higher communication is.

(See my foot note on this)

I AM a World Teacher, I am not a Master of futuristic expressions, I AM a Master of the Mind, of the Heart, I AM the Master of energy and as a World Teacher the only thing I teach about is upliftment and expansion hence the magnificent meditation we have blessed you with.

We have not asked you to integrate such divine high levels of energy for you to spin into the pits of despair, no, you were there already, we are helping you out of that into the light, into the essence of your own power beloved ones, not my power, I don’t have power, I do not control anything or anyone, I am unable to, and besides I have no interests in it, my interests are Cosmic, your interests should Earthly. Your interests should be you and not what is happening in your neighbor’s house, not focusing on wanting to prove someone wrong, in fact you don’t even have to prove someone right, your interests should lie within your heart.

So the essence of love is what allows that to take place. It is also the essence of love beloved ones that diffuses unstable energies, that diffuses mismatched energies and that eliminates the toxins from your world, not only from you personally but from your world where you find yourself within.

Many are unable to understand neither the current unfolding energy nor the fact that we keep saying that there is so much beauty and such love on the horizon. They find it extremely difficult to work with this, to understand and comprehend and deal with this, and just to be, all because of the current situation that is unfolding on your planet. All I’m going to say about that aspect of love is what I have said before, you have to clear all of the garbage before you are able to refurbish, and this takes time for it is complex, there are so many complexities at play, some against each other, with a few of them for each other, which takes time unfortunately, but there is a light and that light is that your planet is being engulfed with such waves of healing and love and higher energies at all times, even more so especially at key date times. Frequencies travels from very, very deep within the pulse of Cosmic existence beloved ones, through Universes and Galaxies, to eventually reach you with the intention to uplift and rewire you, to uplift and rewire your planet, and to do so as a reflection from within each of you.

All we ask is for you to carry your light and shine it out, we don’t ask you to save each other, we do not ask you to save the world, in actual fact all we ask of you is to be that light, for your light will be noticed, will be absorbed and even questioned and finally integrated by those around you, but it may take time. Understand we do not relate to the essence of time in the way that you do, but the light side is that it could also be instant, events may unfold that will instantly surprise as they have in the past, so be ready for change, let change be your friend, let change be your lover, let change be your mother. Understand there is nothing guaranteed on this planet except your exit from it, nothing.

So in that way anything is possible, see each day that you awake as a new day of inspiration, inspiring yourself to love, and through that love allow the frequencies of change to become comfortable within you, I keep saying change your house, change your life, do things differently which I cannot reiterate enough, for when you are comfortable with change beloved ones, things change within your life and you shift boundaries, you shift morph fields, you shift old stale energies and that is what you need.

You need to push yourself through those boundaries, you need to change the way you think, and understand that even though it is so tempting to react, don’t react. As we say get creative, instead of being reactive become creative. We understand that it is part of the human make-up to always want to defend itself for it is always on the defense, but want we are asking you is to change your environment within your brain to rewire and reprogramme yourself to think of inspiration first thing in the morning and then to allow that frequency that you love to take you through the rest of the day, for that is really important. It is truly not important what is happening on the 21st dimension. Beloved ones it is truly not important what will the outcome be on Mars when you land there one day. It is truly not important whether certain planets are there or not out there or if it’s a hoax, what is important is for you is to stay centered, stay focused, stay within yourself and walk the journey of love, for that is the only way that you are going to empower and expand yourself.

Now as with everything, you always start with the essence of the heart if you want to open up any tool box, for that is the only way in. So it would be absolutely futile to discuss any other tools if those tools cannot be laced or integrated through love. But the tools we speak of beloved ones is the tools that you already have and we would like to keep this more along a broad spectrum teaching so that those that have not experienced the activations over the past 13 years and longer can still understand the simplicity of these words for that is what it is about, for beloved ones in truth, we have given you a wonderful, wonderful series of energies to work with. We have channeled and expressed information that could’ve only uplifted you and inspired you to be the best that you can be, for that was and is the only intention behind it, and now we ask for the energy and the essence of love to be spread far and wide so that even those beyond the comprehension of that which you as a group or as lightworkers have experienced, may understand and integrate it, for them to make some sense of it all.

With all of the tools that we have shared throughout all of the meditation years, know if you cannot integrate these through the presence of love including all the activations, it is meaningless. If you cannot activate the essence of love within every aspect of yourself, all of those tools and teachings are meaningless.

Allow yourself time to sit on a mountain and so stare into the skies of Creation and to see within every cloud that is about, particles of love.

Note ~ this is the beginning and end section of the meditation that K is referring to – Chanel

Allow yourself to draw from deep within the Earth the golden core essence of love and then explode that through your energy into the crowns of everyone else. Even as you drive your vehicles about, see yourself seeding the energy of love everywhere.

Visualize your Oceans and seed the essence of love in there.

You are a co-creator, each and every one of you, it is why you came. You didn’t make all that effort and travel through that entire journey from the worlds beyond this to this, to sit here and do nothing. Although some may have, it was not the intention for the majority. Even if it only means to share love, but the love we speak of beloved ones is unconditional and untainted, it is a love that manifests; it’s not a love with conditions, the type that many are familiar with. It comes with responsibility and that’s being able to share that love and beauty to others.

Look into the mirror of your own making and love yourself through it as we have shared with you in the meditation. We taught you step by step to rewire yourself into the image of that which you wish to express through and love through. We asked you to keep those images in your heart, in your sacred heart and sacred mind, to treasure these and to never forget why you came, that you came as a human spirit-soul being on an Earth mission, and that is to learn to love, and share it. And once that is done it’s done, I am talking under normal circumstances, for those of you that have come to express through years of you own living, once that is done, it is done, but sadly the lack of love is so strong in so many ways amongst so many people that it is often easier for them through feelings of being undeserving, to never experience that love, than to actually embrace the fact that they are stronger than that, that they are better than that, that they are godly beings, that each of you is and always remains a spark of the Magnificence, a spark of the Creator, you are therefore Creator Essence in expression, you are the Creator’s image in Earthly expression and it is only by looking in your eyes that It sees Itself in you, for the eyes are truly the windows of your soul as you say and the eyes that I am speaking of are not necessarily only your physical eyes, it is the eyes within the heart and the eyes within all of your energy fields, your chakras, your aura, it is within your eye that is single, it is also in the collective of your eighth chakra where your expression of colour is given from. (soul expression and aura)

Beloved ones you are such a beautiful spark of love, no matter how detrimental you may think you are to the world, we know you are not. We know that even within the greatest unjustness there too lies some justice. We understand, even though you may not, that there too within the hands of a murderer lies the ability to heal, now we ask you as a being to stand on your own podium of love and to allow the frequency and the essence of the teachings of love to become you, to infiltrate into all of your existence and then to express this throughout.

Until we meet again I AM Kuthumi, I AM the Lord and Master Chohan of the Golden Rays of Love and Wisdom and I greet and I bless thee in love.


The below 2 excerpts are from our first book.  

Excerpt: Book one chapter 10 – The Sojourns of a Modern Day Disciple by ChaBran

“The next event that rocked my world into a new reality was the 8:8:8 Stargate gathering, August 8th 2006. A large meditation group gathered to celebrate what is better known in some circles as ‘Lion’s Gate’ which in a nutshell is the celebration of the return of the Divine Feminine.

I opened the event with the customary discussion and meditation, but when I took the notes in hand to proceed with the channelled teaching provided by Kelly I started feeling quite weird, and as you know by now, I really don’t mind weird, so I ignored it and continued. I had no choice but to continue, believe me even though my eyes were closed I could sense many questioning eyes staring intently back at me (being such a large group) and that didn’t even include everyone’s 3rd eyes! Lol

Then instead of continueing the session in the usual way, I involuntarily and unconsciously dropped the notes to the floor; or rather it felt like something or someone opened my hands for me to let go of my notes which resulted in the papers dropping all over the floor next to me. The bizarre sensation I felt became more intense and I started feeling even stranger than I did when I started. It felt as if spontaneous hot flushes were washing over me, mixed with the most incredible pressure in my head, like my head was being clamped tightly in a bench-press, it felt as  if my pineal and pituitary glands were about to explode! I thought fuckmecharlie what on earth is going on? Perhaps I am about to ‘astral -travel’ or perhaps I AM about to shuffle off upstairs! lol!

But luckily, as I was about to panic I felt the familiar energy of Spirit, an energy of familiarity that I have become accustom to over the years fill my space, like an assuring wave of love, only this time indicating that now is the time for me to step out of the way completely.

Although all this took me completely by surprise I had no choice but to relax into it. I guess the first event with Merlin (down the coast) prepared me for this, and what was to come.

I thought to myself, never mind all my forward archetypes (that by now were doing the Tango in my head whilst uncorking a bottle of bubbly), I wanted this, and I obviously signed up for this, so I guess it’s now or never! In thought well, the worst possible thing that could happen to me was making a complete ass of myself, and given parts of my history I seemed to be pretty good at that!

OK with all of that off my chest I eventually started ‘relaxing’ into this peculiar energy, and whilst floating away drifting further and further from my current cognizance I could hear Kelly’s response to a question I once asked her before one of her sessions that I attended in person. I asked her “How do you know when you have a planned event that Spirit will channel through you” to which her response was “Prior to every session I get so nervous I can freak out, but one thing that I always know for sure, is that SPIRIT WILL BE THERE”

It is very difficult to try to explain exactly what it feels like when one enters the zone of higher or inner communication, but I’ll try…

A few moments later the uncomfortableness dissipated it felt as if I was floating somewhere between earth and space. It was fantastic yet weird at the same time. I had NO fear whatsoever; as I trusted completely that I was being guided by Spirit to embrace the next level of my purpose. I felt as if I was floating on a cloud looking down on the group below me (which I was a part of) yet I knew I was sitting in my chair amongst them. I could hear the faint sounds of ‘life going by’ that continued (outside the building) in great detail, more so than the sounds within the room (like cars driving past, people next door chatting , birds chirping etc.) none of which disturbed me in any way, like it didn’t matter. I could hear the words and sentences being expressed through me as Spirit spoke through me using my voice, but so much is said in such a short space of time I couldn’t possibly keep track of what is being said, like if I tried to concentrate on what was said, my thoughts would be a few words or sentences behind what is being said, which is why it is so important for the channeller to ‘get out of the way’ apart from the fact that it is of utmost importance not to allow ANY personal intrusion or influence on what is being shared.

It was the Essence of Kuthumi who spoke through me this time, with keen pronunciation and eloquent accent, not like my normal tone at all which can come across rather brassy at times! I was aware of the fact that my expressions were dramatically animated somehow, again not at all like I normally reacted. I recall repeating to myself in my mind ‘just get out of the way, just keep out of the conversation and all will be fine’ repeating this over and over in my mind whilst Kuthumi was addressing the group with the teaching of the day which followed by an energy activation of sorts. Even though it was quite a lengthy session, to me it felt like 20 maybe 30 minutes tops, which to my complete surprise turned out to be over 2,5 hours long! When the session was done I recalled Kuthumi greeting the people and the connection ended, like pulling the plug from a bath filled with water, especially the last bit when the water twirls faster and faster, then at the last instance with one last final strange abrupt suction the water is gone, and the tub is empty. My pineal gland relaxed, the pressure was gone and I was back in my current consciousness, in my NOW reality sitting amongst the group like I did to begin with. 

Needless to say being a rookie and such a lengthy session I was totally exhausted, flabbergasted, stunned and believe it or not silent. Me silent? It’s a true story, and the rest as they say, is history.

I cannot explain in words my exact reaction or feeling other than it felt ‘out of this world’ pun intended. 


Like in any given situation when calling on spirit, I realised that ‘Spirit will show up every time we do’ and channelling is no different. Our guides and Higher Self can never leave our side; it’s impossible, as impossible as it is for us to be separate from God. Spirit is ever so ready to communicate with us; it is up to us to work at creating a close bond. Once this bond is established Spirit will guide us on how to tap into the flow of energy that allows their expression. In many ways this can be related to crossing the bridge of consciousness.

For every ounce of energy we extend towards Spirit, they gift us triple of theirs, yet importantly it is usually up to us to set the intent, especially when it comes to making the very first move…do I, or don’t I?”

Excerpt Book 1 Chapter 11 – The Sojourns of a Modern Day Disciple – by ChaBran

Lessons of love from Beyond the Veil

Before I continue with their messages and our chat, I thought it may be good to share some general insights on Woo-Woo as we go along.

The word ‘channelling’ can be used with diverse intent though I personally love the ‘Thesaurus’ explanation: “It is a pathway along which data is transmitted or guided into or conveyed through” which to me is a perfectly sane translation, for at the end of the day channeling is generally about information that is being shared differently than how the channeller would have shared it if he/she was given the chance to do so, albeit very much a part of the channeller, as the information conduit is transmitted via the Higher Self of the channeller. 

It is also true that when Spirit channels as a specific entity, say for example as ‘Archangel Michael’ their energy usually comes through in conjunction with a group of beings, angels, guides, masters and so on which forms part of their energy group or order. It is also true that there is no separation between sexes within the heavenly realms like it is here on Terra Firma, thus often referring to ‘him/her’ is only a term used to alleviate confusion from our part, for as humans we feel comfortable when we can ‘box’ things, thus we tend to relate to the Spirit world as we are, and although our worlds may appear similar in comparison, we initially tend to valuate and validate according to our 5 lower senses whereas the Spirit world vibrates on much higher frequencies or dimensions, but more on that later. 

When sharing messages from Spirit I prefer to use the term ‘transmitted through’ for just as radio waves create an invisible transmission that we tune into, as channellers we tune into the frequency transmitted by Spirit. Henceforth receiving messages from an external source that we know is not from our conscious earth self and sharing it with others that may find it of interest, is just the same. I tune into the ‘station’ and others listen through ‘my radio’ which transmit signals from ‘another world’, a world that each one born on earth knows very well, yet sadly, which most come to fear more and more as their obsession with living life on earth intensifies.   

Let’s drop the 3D façade, face it, intuition on any level requires some sort of channelling. Be it energy being channeled from your inner self (inert knowing) or via your Higher Self (higher wisdom), or via your uncle Bill that has passed on, be it to guide, warn, protect or steer you. One of the easiest ways to recognise this is to become aware of the act of synchronicity.

So you see, every time you wonder where your aunty Martha hid away her crown jewels, your inner self connects to your Higher Self to tap into aunty Martha’s last moves and for your sake I hope she didn’t take her Alzheimer with her lol, besides sorry babe, in this case your Higher Self most definitely will refute!  Sorry, just kidding, but Spirit keeps telling us to have a good laugh and stop taking everything so c for serious!

Even though we seem to believe (especially at times of conflict) that we are all alone in this world, nothing could be further from the truth. We often forget, or rather most people can’t wrap their pretty little heads around the fact that before this embodiment we too were pure Spirit beings, and fact, after this life we shall return to our spirit consciousness, our infinite existence within the Omniscience of Creation.

Our Soul ‘usually’ comes through along with our physicality when we are birthed. During pregnancy and into our early formative years, our soul is known to ‘pop in and out’ of our consciousness as it adjusts to its new host (us), thus our physical and energy bodies, yet its major fragment or major aspect in most cases remains infinitely beyond the veil. It loves travelling to-and-thro worlds especially during our nightly sojourns, and at times when our bodies are deeply distressed, be it during self-inflicted traumatic times as is the case with abuse (of any kind), or during terminal illness, especially when our time is near to depart back Home. So guess what? As souls we can never be alone. Our soul also has an entourage that facilitates all this, with the result ‘being human or in embodiment’ makes no difference, as our soul ‘team’ remains with us 24/7/365 to our very last breath, and beyond.

Our soul team changes from time to time, but the foremost beings that aids our major soul development to facilitate this lifetime (that initially accompanied our soul) never leaves our soul support group permanently during this incarnation. They may also ‘pop in and out’ of the group consciousness but they never leave our soul support group for prolonged periods, hence they are always with us. Some guide, some teach, some protect, whilst others simply observe our human experience.

I dare you to put them to the test…invite them into your world and call on them for help and support, and watch closely as the symphony of synchronicity gently fine-tunes your personal violin. 

Even though we as humans have similar ability, each one of us has a uniquely different message to gift the world with. Perhaps the sole reason for my own communication with Spirit over the years was and is to write this book. I dare you to find yours, and OK before you get into a huff and throw this book across the floor, remember one of the golden rules of taking on this embodiment is simply to BE WHO YOU ARE and in that way you fulfill your contract to be the way-shower or lighthouse that you came to be.

It is a known fact that humanity in general fear death thus many associate any communication from beyond the veil (of forgetfulness) as spooky, scary, evil, hogwash etcetera, that is until they have to pass through the veil yet again (at the time of death) when all becomes clear once more and according to their perception realise that the crazy lady or man that chatted to the spooks weren’t so mad after all.   

Let’s face it, all information expressed through ancient text, be it Biblical or Sacred Scrolls, were channelled. Let’s take this to the church! Many modern-day preachers confesses from the pulpit that at times they spend hours to prepare a sermon, and when they finally present it to their congregation their sermon take on a journey of its own, often leaving the presenter baffled by the initial experience, and as confirmation, the ‘new’ sermon is praised as ‘welcoming and what we needed to hear’ by the congregation. Sometimes we prepare a speech or lecture and on presentation find that something ‘came over us’ resulting in presenting the information totally differently with amazing success at that, which left us baffled with ‘where did that come from’?

Over time one becomes comfortable with this, although the neophyte may initially reach for the holy water to take a swig! Naturally one must honour the source as well as the sharer by following the golden rule:

Trusted channelled information will never comprise of anything but the purest essence of unconditional love without judgment in any way or form in its lesson with absolutely NO EGO interference from, or personal benefit to, the mediator.

Too often one reads information whereby the channeller is ego credited or perhaps the messages becomes personal to the channeller, and that’s a clear sign to say ‘no dude, be wary of this one’! Authentic messages are by nature simple in its presentation, intense in its meaning, without judgment, not even towards ‘those of dimmer light’ as K fondly loves to say.

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