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Have you ever wandered a soul portrait is or even if it’s possible to have someone draw your soul portrait?  I asked Justine Atkin to tell us about these very personalised drawings that she does.  To tell us how she is inspired to create them and what they’re all about.

These portraits are primarily YOU, and no-one else.  As such they are unique. I have done many of these and each one is different, which is so fascinating.

I also do a facial analysis of the person which is usually accurate as to the person’s inherent personality traits/inclinations/problems.

I do not know how I depict these, except to say I am guided by my spirit guides, who channel through to me and guide my hand, ‘message’ what colours to use and what expressions will be on the faces I am drawing.

I have no idea what the outcome of a portrait will be and just ‘go with the flow’.

These portraits should be kept close by for the person to view each day as it is a very personal thing and relates to that person only, and nobody else.

They are drawn on a good quality watercolour paper and quality inks, colour pens, water colours and pencils are used in the execution of these drawings.

I mount them on a backing board which keeps them from buckling and spray the picture with an artist’s fixative to prevent them from getting dusty and or fading.

This is a Soul Portrait I did for a client – he was immensely pleased with it. (published without his consent)

For him it depicted his general attitude (pleasant – a little dreamy) which he is like – and the eyes he said, were particularly accurate in their expression.

These portraits came about by accident – a client who I had done a Tarot reading for, asked me if I knew who her spirit guide was.  I said sorry I have no idea.

Then I thought I have had drawing and painting experience, studied through Unisa for a Fine Arts degree, so thought would have a go.

I do need a picture, head and shoulders (recent) though of the sitter, to refer to, as I do the drawing.

I began her drawing and a funny, furry little animal evolved, with huge eyes.

It looked for all the world like an overgrown squirrel.

I sent it to her and she came back saying that she adored squirrels….

From there I evolved from animal spirit drawings to soul portraits and also do spirit guide drawings.

This all gives me great pleasure and entertainment of a sort and the people involved are always pleased and intrigued with the resultant Soul Portraits of themselves.

I have now started doing Past Life portraits as well. These are portraits of a person in their past life, with an explanation of who they were, what they did and when they passed away. As in the Soul Portraits, each and every one of these is different.

I recently did one for a client, who I have not met, but had a picture of her, and she asked for a past life portrait. I drew it and it turned out to be a very pretty woman with long blonde hair and a lovely smile and when I’d completed the portrait, I then wrote who the person was, what she did for a living and how her life panned out, until her demise.

This past life person was in fact a dancer in the Music Hall era, and she was a very talented dancer.  She never married as she did not find anyone who wanted to ‘share’ her with her passion for dancing

My client was open-mouthed with astonishment when she received the portrait and the attendant explanation/information on her past life.

She said she’d always wanted to dance, since she was a small girl, and would have loved to have danced professionally….

Details of how to contact Justine can be found in Spirit Connection’s Practitioner Directory or click on her advert on the top right hand corner of Spirit Connection online magazine.

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