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Can we Predict the Future?

The beginning of a new year has dawned and what a spectacular year it’s going to be!

One of my first messages to you this year is to reinforce my philosophy and that is we are all free to believe what we choose. Some people believe we are separate from each other and this allows them to do all sorts of unthinkable things to others that they would never have dreamed of doing to themselves. By failing to see that they are really doing these unthinkable things to themselves, they produce and reproduce unwelcome results every day in their lives.

Therefore as human beings, we are not and cannot be, separate from each other. Separation is only an illusion. We are a collective, trying to experience the happiness of a single reality. This truth cannot be threatened by any error in belief or judgment. Those who project errors in belief and judgment imprison themselves and others, but only to the extent to which they reinforce the errors they have already made. This would also make them vulnerable to the distortions of others, since their own perceptions are distorted, and as human beings, we respond to what we perceive and as we perceive so shall we behave. We cannot behave perfectly unless we perceive perfection.

The future of humankind, rests on one common fact – each of us needs to experience nature, the elements and as many natural processes as possible. We need to develop and expand our whole understanding of perception, reality and what we believe. If we are to survive in this changing world, it will be imperative that all of us understand how to be more open, authentic, whole, caring, trusting, spiritual, dynamic, and involved in personal relationships and activities. However emotionally difficult, disruptive or intense past experiences have been, we need to expand the functioning of the right side of our brains through the increased use of our conscious and non-conscious minds.

I remain devoted to all human beings open to a sober examination and response to recognizing the one fundamental pattern inherent within all human beings, and that is that we are all one, connected through the divine inspiration of a higher consciousness. It is my endeavour to integrate intuition and analysis into a basis of truth that leads to a threshold of rational wisdom beyond speculative knowledge.

Understand that through our consciousness, we create all sorts of experiences whether they be positive or negative. We need to understand that consciousness is the ability to perceive one’s own existence and the very core of one’s own identity to varying degrees, beyond the most basic sentience that defines human awareness. Our sentience is our ability to feel or perceive while sapience is our ability to think about sensations, feelings and ideas. Human perception depends on the senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, body awareness, balance, heat and pain.

Consciousness can also be defined as a cognitive state and quality of the awakened mind comprising qualities such as personality, thought, reason, memory, intelligence, emotion and the ability to perceive relationships of awareness and existence. A state of consciousness can be characterized as sensation, emotion, volition and thought. A state of consciousness can be measured in terms of what we are aware of and how long that awareness can be sustained. It can also be measured in terms of how deep or profound our awareness is, especially relating to attitudes, beliefs and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or group state of mind.

Therefore to predict the future it is imperative that we remain consciously aware of the present. It is accurate to say that a true indication of future behaviour is directly a function of present behaviour. Therefore one would accurately predict that should behaviours not change (or remain constant), the future outcome can be predicted. However, if that predicted outcome is one that you are not wanting to bring about, then it goes without saying that behaviours need to be altered in order to bring about the desired outcome.

May our combined journey through 2019 bring only reward for our toils and efforts through understanding that what we put out is what will be drawn into our realm of existence. Being the author of your own future is therefore inevitable.


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