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Everything you should do you will find in this :
Do nothing to others
That would hurt you if it were done to you.

Do not offend others
As you would not want to be offended.

The successes of your neighbour and their losses
Will be to you as if they were your own.

Is there any rule that one should follow all of one’s life?
Yes! The rule of the gentle goodness :
That which we do not wish to be done to us, we do not do to others.

That which you do not wish for yourself
You shall not wish for your neighbour
This is the law; the rest is only commentary.

In everything, do to others what
You would have them do to you
For this sums up the law and the prophets.

None of you shall be true believers
Unless you wish for your borther
The same that you wish for yourself.

Earth Wisdom
Do one of the above
ANd live in such a way that you will enrich, and not diminish
Our relatives in the Earth Family
Of animals and plants, soil, air and water.

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