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1st August

The Service of our Spiritual Guides and Teachers

Taken from Ways of Service in the World Today – Illumination Series – A White Eagle Teaching

Almighty, heavenly Father, we meet together in unity of spirit, in brotherly love, aspiring to the spiritual realms of Wisdom.  May we all learn something of Thy Truth; and carry forth into the world of action the will and the power to express in human life, the beauty of that which we shall find in communion with the Spirit.

Draw close to God; be at peace and commune with the most High within; for indeed the most High dewlleth in all things, expresseth Itself in beauty throughout the firmament, by the brotherhood of men and angels, and in our brethren of the animal and nature world.  So may we learn to be still and hold communion…

Having experienced such communion with Spirit, what should come next?  It is not enough to spend long hours in meditation, for the world now sets forth on a path where action will be necessary … the world calls for action.  In the silent places the consciousness of man absorbs the Will of God, but this Will should ever find expression in energy and activity.  Today in the West, that which was absorbed by you in former Eastern incarnations should manifest in active, pulsating, creative life.  Are you not learning to be channels through which Diving Life, the great white light of Christ, can heal the nations, and bring forth the Christ Age?

What has this to do with our subject?  We are still brethren of yours, and what you receive from the diving Father God, we also receive.  The words ‘Spiritual Guides’ may at first suggest the idea of spirit people or spirit friends, well-known and well-loved personalities from beyond the veil, with whom the Spiritualist is familiar, and from whom he receives much help, comfort and guidance.  Let us, however try to perceive more clearly what is meant by such spiritual guides and teachers.

Some schools of though resent any interference with personal and individual development.  They would thus reject the influence of any spirit guide.  The student should aim to become individualized, of greater spiritual stature by his own individual effort; he should cling to what is called his own ego – desire to stand upon his own feet; should wish to be self-made… and only by Self.  (Of course we mean not by the lower self, but the God-self).  He should strive towards this God-expression and discourage the influence of any other being, any other spirit, clouding his understanding or vision.

Let us review this : With all courtesy and full appreciation of our brethren who have felt it right to give forth this individualistic teaching, may we put forward another aspect?  All life is blending; the whole process of growth is by interaction, it is impossible for any one individual to grow whilst isolated.  Each soul rests dependent upon another, by an inviolate Cosmic Law of Evolution.  Man cannot stay independent.  Whilst individual in desire and outlook, calling and thinking himself independent he nevertheless depends upon the thought and effort of thousands of his fellows in all walks of life.  The thought-influence of millions of fellow units affect him daily, deny it if he will.  The whole purpose of life is to bring about this harmonizing, this co-ordination and co-operation as an expression of universal love.

I catch a thought from one present, who asks ‘Why then are certain teachings given out, stressing the development of the individual ego?”  Because this is necessary;  all avenues of thought and teaching have their use, and this we would have you realise.  If only each and every school of thought would be sufficiently humble and willing to learn from others, they would, in the end, more rapidly approach the goal of their aspirations – the portals of the great Halls of Initiation.

We would speak in loving appreciation of those humble spirit helpers who come to Spiritualists in the name of ‘spirit guides’.  They have certain work to do with those to whom they are attracted and let no man cast stones at them, or those they help.  May we all recognize their faithful service!  All around in your earthly toils are unseen companions.  The mind of man grows often arrogant, for he, by following and developing the will and intellect-aspect of his being, rejects the help which he could receive from the guides.  Even though they may be denizens of the astral plane, they still have lessons to teach; they having gained something of freedom, having seen a measure of the love of God manifested in finer planes of life.

Yes!  While it is true that man can apparently be misled by mischievous messages purporting to come from spirit guides, even this has its place in the growth, education and evolution of man.  Granted, Spiritualism is not everyone’s way, for many roads lead to the Mysteries of Heaven.  Consider then that this particular aspect has due place in the grand scheme, forms part of the plan held by the great Architect above.

Our next point.  Like attracts like.  You and we are governed by the same law, are surrounded by beings above our own particular sphere of activity.  You, on earth, may reject the guidance of spirit beings, but rejection makes no difference to the Law, which ordains that the brother above must ever stoop to help the brother below.  In all Mystery Schools, this law is well known…the elder mason gives always loving help to the younger.  Moreover humanity is guided and inspired, no matter whether its aim be material, intellectual, ethical or spiritual, by spirit beings.  When a man congratulates himself on his own cleverness, he is surely misled.  Nevertheless, many take to themselves the whole credit for being an expert author, writer, musician, doctor, scientist, leader or even a clever business man or organizer.  They would be greater far did they but recognize that of themselves they can no nothing, cut off from the rays of wisdom and power sent by higher Beings; and each individual on earth is accompanied from birth to death by a spirit guide, by one responsible to a higher Being for his incarnate charge.

You will ask : “what of personal responsibility, then?”  No guide interferes with that most sacred individual right of freewill.  Every man and woman brings freewill into incarnation as a divine birthright, but this personal volition is ever subject to the pull of two mighty forces – positive and negative.  To the individual alone, to the ego, remains the choice of response to negative influences (which are nevertheless till spiritual in origin), or to the higher, the positive or constructive urge.  The guide accompanies the man on his journey, giving him uplifting, guiding love if he will but receive it.  To every soul, truly aspiring to the path of light, to serve God, comes always as much spiritual help and guidance as it can absorb.

But one thing is necessary … humility… humility!  Some call upon God in their need, believing that God will answer their prayer.  True indeed!  God never fails to answer and sends His Messengers to serve those who seek help.  God makes use of every son equipped for service and every true son of God stands in readiness.  Thus you yourselves can serve some lesser brethren, be they human or of the animal or even the vegetable kingdom and indeed all stand thus equipped for some measure of service to one or other of their brethren.  What a grave responsibility – but what a joyous thought!

O, Father God, we thank Thee that Thou does offer each of Thy children the opportunity to help Thee in some lowly way in Thy House-hold!

What is man’s protection then, against the negative, harmful and destructive influences which surround the earth?  A pure heart, pure loving aspiration, not of the lower nature, not interwoven with desire, but of the true Self, the Christ Within, which seeks to serve and takes no thought of itself; which indeed has no time to think of its own progress, its own initiations, of that splendid moment when it will at last enter the great White Lodge.  Its one aim is to serve and love those whom God sends within its orbit.

Service, then, through love.

How necessary to distinguish between true love, which is wise and an emotionalism which can disintegrate love; to recognize a love seeking not its own, opening wide its heart, thinking not harshly of this denomination or that sect, this sinner or that, never condemning, but accepting that in all planes the great Scheme of God develops, and that even in so-called ‘evil’ there rests a purpose; believing that that which is called ‘evil’ is ever used by the Omnipotent to teach, through experience and through suffering, to raise man from the Cross to the Dawn.

There are questions which I know will arise such as : Does one retain the same guide through man incarnations?  The guide is drawn to you by certain laws and remains until a certain obligation has been fulfilled.  Guides now familiar may be dear friends and brethren in some future state; having fulfilled their purpose, you will pass into the care of more advanced Beings who will initiate you into the deeper wisdom.

How does one know his guide?

Remember the difference between kind spirit helpers, brought to you perhaps to work out their own karma on the astral plane.  Their opportunity to serve gives you an opportunity to receive service which you have earned. As scholars rise from one class to another, so you eventually enter some higher grade, so that in your whole life – not the one incarnation – you pass through the hands of many loving spiritual guides and teachers.

At the end of an incarnation – when you go, I was going to say, from death to life – in the heaven world you will come face to face with him who has been your particular spiritual guide during the last incarnation.  Perhaps you will awaken to find yourself in a lovely garden, or on some grassy slope encompassed by scenery – the most beautiful you can conceive, then suddenly, by your side to find a companion, to hear his voice!  At first you know him not, but as he speaks, as you gaze upon him, you recognize your most familiar friend, a dear brother, as one who knows and yet understands and respects, every emotion and aspiration of your soul; as one who is all love to you.  He condemns nothing, having learned he may not condemn.  His one desire will be to help, should you have taken the wrong road, or delayed through foolish error. Has he not waited patiently by your side, perhaps through long years, but always waiting?

You are come face to face.  No longer are you alone; from him issues a power, a steadfastness; he puts his arm around your shoulder and urges you forward.  “Oh” you cry, “I am not worthy, I dare not!”  “Go forward, brother, all is well.”  You walk onwards you know not where, knowing nothing except that all is beautiful, glorious, heavenly and as you journey you come to a barred gateway.  You are unknown by the Gatekeeper.  Your guide, being near, speaks for you.  “I will stand surety.”  The password, thus spoken takes you through into the light, the serenely wonderful light of heaven.

Thus the soul journeys through the spheres, even to the highest place from which any soul, any spirit, can return to bring to man the love of God, which he has absorbed into his own being.  You may, whilst still incarnate and even this very night travel to the gate yourself’ as little children humbly seeking, speak to your Guide. In the stillness of the dawn within, make this conscious link with him who is your teacher, but also your brother.  Speak and he will answer, unmistakably and guide you, not bearing your responsibility, but companioning you towards the light.

Lastly oftentimes the guide drawn to a soul in one incarnation is one who owes some karmic debt. Certain men and women used for the enlightenment of humanity, are being helped by spirit guides who owe to their charge a deep debt of gratitude for some service rendered in the past.  Such is the Law!

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