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Yes, we are almost two full months into the year. Each year passes quicker than the previous and we feel time is speeding up. The fact is, there are still 24 hours in a day. So, time isn’t speeding up, but our consciousness is, which makes it seem like time is speeding up.

To benefit from each day, each moment – experience your consciousness with more awareness/mindfulness and raise your vibration to better manage your life and succeed in experiencing this lifetime in a more comfortable and enjoyable way. And to do this, you must first know yourself and deepen your journey of self-discovery.

Start with the basics. If you are truly honest with yourself, you will realise the two things you want most in life is to feel Safe and be Loved.

To feel safe, you must let go of all your fears. Living with fears only prevents you from truly finding peace, joy and happiness. And one way to release fear is through self-belief. When you believe in yourself and your life path, fear can be no match. What if you could see yourself through the eyes of the people who believe in you…

To be loved, you have to practice self-love. The more you love yourself, the more you allow others to love you. To love yourself becomes easier when you can accept yourself.

So, what would it take for you to believe and love yourself?… so you can face your fears and overcome them; let go of the past and start life anew!

“Don’t let your past blackmail your Present to ruin a beautiful future” Unknown

This year, 2018 is a powerful year. 2018 in numerology, adds up to 11. The number 11 is a Master Number – meaning it is of intense/high vibrational frequency. Master numbers possess great potential for learning, growth and can bring major transformations in your life. The number 1 itself represents, power, self and strength. So, with two 1’s, in essence the power is doubled. The number 11 is of spiritual truth and also the most intuitive number.

In 2018, be patiently open to receive. This year supports us in working with our passions – what intrigues us? What brings joy and happiness to our body, mind and soul…How we create or manifest our desires…

The way in which we channel our energy will show itself this year. Open your heart, your mind to practice and participate in the activity of receiving, with integrity and sincerity. When we live with integrity, we appreciate more; we learn to forgive and forget; we understand that things change, people change and we all deserve second chances so we can let go of grudges.

The energy for this year also connects deeply to the ability to accept. As we learn and apply qualities of acceptance and ‘let all things be exactly as they are’, our hearts will open, and with patience, life’s fascinating natural process unfolds. Stop bartering and negotiating with life…“When xxx happens, then I will feel happy, fulfilled, relaxed, peaceful”. What if you could live with accepting the past as the past, experiencing the present for the present and being open to unimaginable possibilities and change that can transform your life for the better.

Start with taking ‘baby steps’ and before you know it you will see how far you have come and realise what a giant leap you have taken. Challenges and obstacles are part of life but it’s how we react to it that shapes our experiences. Obstacles are often representations of fear. Sometimes obstacles are necessary as they allow us to weigh up what we really want and what we are willing to do to make it happen. So obstacles also help to direct us on our path. Practice affirming to yourself ‘This too shall pass’.

2018 is a ‘Being’ year. BE your dream… Slow down and relax more; Take time-outs; Be in more awareness of the ‘little things’; Really be in the moment – be happy in the moment and ‘Breathe’ and let it be!

In 2018 we will continue to learn much about the need to balance the forces of light and dark especially within ourselves. Remember to let your light shine!

Invest in yourself this year. If you have the feeling or knowing to do or try something… go for it! Have the courage to trust your intuition and your abilities. Create your new reality through self-discovery, living in awareness, releasing and overcoming fears and breaking out of your comfort zone.

Are you brave and ready to explore more of who you are… Be open to new possibilities… And be happy?

Experience 2018 in a magical way!

An “experience” is something that cannot be filed away in a notebook, captured on film or pasted into an album. ‘Experiencing’ is the feeling of wonder itself, the thrill of communion, the gentle touch of our connectedness with all that surrounds us.

Gratitude & Divine Blessings,



Living her passion, Chetna Madoo finds joy in self-empowering people, giving them the guidance and healing to re-connect to their true authentic self where they can tap into their light and power within, aligning with their intuition and letting life live them in happiness and abundance.
Qualified in the following healing therapies: Life energy, Usui & Karuna Reiki, Crystal Healing, Access Bars and Theta Healing, she also allows herself to be divinely guided whilst integrating these healing therapies.  In additional to healing therapies, Chetna also facilitates meditation circles, spiritual workshops and retreats.

Her vibration creates a safe space for people to tap into their feelings or lack thereof, shift limiting beliefs and clear blockages. She has a natural enthusiasm for all she does and her life experiences have and continue to play a significant role in her ability to “practice what she preaches”. She is dedicated to helping and sharing with all, her experiences, wisdom and learning’s.

Chetna practices as a universal healer, working for the highest good of her clients’ needs. Experiences with her have been reported as gentle, nurturing, motivating, purposeful and loving.

“Be True to the light within YOU, let it shine brightly and let your love flow unconditionally” Chetna

“All power is within, all answers are within, and what we seek is within.”




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