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The Space Between the Ego and the Higher Self

I was introduced to my guide Oshvaria at a time in my life when I needed someone like her most – after all, she is an African traditional healer and who better to have in your space when you’re going through a hard time! Over the years she has taught me a great deal and I have come to enjoy her special way of communicating with me. What she will do is pop a topic into my head and leave it like that for a few days. What I’ll do then is walk around for a few days wondering why I have such a strong urge to explore whatever the topic is that she has put into my mind, and when she thinks I’ve mulled over it enough she will start to bombard me with information, to the point that I have to sit down and write it all down so that I don’t forget!

So for this article, she has encouraged me to write you about the space between the ego and the higher self. When I first started thinking about this space, I had no idea where to begin or how to describe it. But, eventually this is how it came to me.

If we were to stand in front of a mirror and see ourselves as we are seen by our guides, we would be able to see that we are not just a human body with all the elements that go into the make up of our human body. We would be able to see our auras or our etheric body which can extend up to two kilometres out from our bodies! Rather mindboggling to say the least.

Within our auras we would be able to see our chakras spinning around taking in energy from our surroundings. As most of us know, there are seven main chakras each under a particular colour ray. The chakras form a system of colour in the physical and etheric bodies – so we have

Chakra 1 – Red : Situated at the base of the spine
Chakra 2 – Orange : In the region of the spleen and reproductive organs
Chakra 3 – Yellow : Situated in the solar plexus
Chakra 4 – Green : Found in the region of the heart
Chakra 5 – Blue : The throat centre – at the thyroid gland
Chakra 6 – Indigo : Situated at the Pineal gland (between the eyes on the forehead)
Chakra 7 – Violet : Situated at the Pituitary gland (at the top/centre of the head)

To help us understand what we need to work on, we must explore the needs on each level of our auric or energy field.

First level (Red) is simple physical comfort, pleasure and health. We need to have many wonderful physical sensations. We need to feel physically strong enough to meet any situation head on. We need to feel the loving touch of someone dear. Laughter is right at the top of all physical sensations, yet how many of us go through an entire day, sometimes weeks, without laughing!

Second level (Orange) is self-acceptance and self-love. We need to relate to ourselves in a loving positive way. This is probably one of the most difficult aspects of our lives that we need to overcome. Haven’t we all been taught from childhood that to feel love for yourself is to show selfishness! Embracing yourself for who you are, with all your flaws both physical and emotional, will afford you the opportunity to start to accept yourself for who you are.

Third level (Yellow) affords us the ability to understand any given situation in a clear, linear and rational way. We need rational clarity that functions in harmony with our intuitive mind. Understanding that anything that happens in our lives is a lesson in some form or another, will enable us to see a situation in a much clearer and rational way.

Fourth level (Green) is loving interaction with friends and family. We need to give and receive love in many types of relationships, with our spouse, family, children, friends and colleagues. This has got to be one of the most important things that we all need and that is to feel loved and to love.

Fifth level (Blue) aligns us with the Divine will within, to make the commitment to speak and follow the truth. We need our own personal truth. In finding your own spirituality you will come to understand what your own personal truth is.

Sixth level (Indigo) is divine love and spiritual ecstasy. We need our own personal experience of spirituality and unconditional love. This is very much linked to the fifth level and I believe that in attaining the fifth level, you will already have grown into the sixth level and fulfilled these needs as well.

Seventh level (Violet) connects to Divine mind and helps us understand the greater universal pattern. We need to experience serenity and our perfection within our imperfection. This will be achieved through overcoming all the other needs within the seven levels. If you can wholly achieve each level of needs, you will have found that Divine connection and you will be in a position to understand the bigger picture and accept that we are all connected to the Divine or Creator of all life from which flows only universal perfection and unconditional love.

So if we then look at all the chakras bearing in mind which levels of understanding they represent in our lives, we can see that anything from the fourth level down is our ego. If we operate from a purely emotional level, we are allowing our ego’s to dominate. The ego is that part of the self that is driven by fear – fear of not fitting in, fear of not having a big enough house, fear of not having enough money, food, clothing, rejection etc. And of course, all these aspects of fear are emotions on a base level. They are usually very materialistic and based on socially accepted or expected norms. The ego operates purely from a point of survival and from the viewpoint of separation, not understanding the fact that we are all part of the creative force, the Great I Am, referred to by many of us as God. The ego sees itself as having to do anything to ensure that it gets by on a daily basis and also fears death and dying because anything on the higher planes of understanding are beyond it’s reach of comprehension and something that it cannot relate to.

Then we look at ourselves from the fourth level up and we can see clearly that this is a representation of our higher self. These levels are love, divine will, spiritual ecstasy and connection to the Divine mind. The higher self is who you truly are! It understands and knows instinctively what your soul purpose is, why you chose this life and what it is that you need to overcome in this lifetime for your spiritual advancement. After all, the sole purpose of everyone living an incarnate life, is to advance on a spiritual level and this is achieved through experiencing every aspect of an incarnate existence. Our higher self is that part of us that we connect to when we sit in meditation. It is that part of us that we connect to in sleep state and it is our guiding inner light or the small voice within that we know that we can always turn to in times of need. However, when we make a conscious decision to live our lives in such a way as to remain as much as possible, connected to our higher selves, we will begin to see that we can call on our higher self for absolutely every bit of guidance that we need every day. Remember that it is the higher self that knows the purpose of your very being.

So in exploring all these aspects of myself, understanding the need to overcome the various levels of existence within my being, I finally got it – the space between the ego and higher self, can only be love! There is absolutely nothing else that exists in that space – after all, it is the fourth chakra that divides the ego and the higher self. Love is the absolute message of the Divine Will – when we learn to love ourselves, our fellowmen whether they be friends, colleagues and even enemies, we will have overcome the ego and overcoming the ego is exactly what we are working towards in our spiritual advancement.

If you take anything with you from this article, let it be a conscious decision to be more tolerant and accepting of others, recognising that every one of us is working to overcome the various levels and aspects of our lives that have been spoken about here. Remember, more than anything else that we are all part of the Great White Spirit. The Hindu people greet each other like this, both to say hello and to say goodbye – ‘Namaste’ – meaning “I honour the Spirit in you which is also in me.” or “The God in me, greets the God in you” or “I salute the God within you.” – either way in which we find the interpretation, what a wonderful way to be constantly reminded of the connectedness.

Namaste – I thank you for your time.

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