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Understand Your Higher Self

As the end of the year approaches, we turn once again to our pursuit of understanding and reuniting with our higher self and the Great I Am.

Knowing that what we are today at this very moment, is more than the sum total of what we have stored in our mind throughout this physical life, we begin to understand that we began as intelligence in a continuum with no beginning or ending. In being universal, we came from nowhere and everywhere at once, to manifest pure essence through our awareness of the Absolute. We are a self-organising energy field with a meaningful purpose for living.

Most people have adopted and adapted the thoughts and beliefs of other people they may or may not have met. These people are actually living their lives through recycled beliefs from previous generations. They may not have given these adopted beliefs a second thought or even checked to see if there is any real substance behind any of them. The results of not having personally experienced these beliefs before deciding to adopt them, has caused their minds to remain frozen in someone else’s belief system.

The difference between human beings is that what we are today is not what we were yesterday and not what we will be tomorrow. All of us are in a process of learning and realising what is true for ourselves as individuals. By following or applying our own truth to our own well being, we are slowly transforming our physical consciousness back into metaphysical consciousness. Free will is a major component in this process with free will being a responsibility that most of us take lightly without ever considering the ramifications of our own thoughts and actions. We must first have a basic knowledge about the mind and how it operates if we are to learn how to leave our physical body and experience absolute reality.

By accepting the fact that we are actually metaphysical beings, we start to develop a metaphysical consciousness. As the old physical consciousness in our mind wanes, the new self grows stronger. As we progress along this metaphysical path of understanding, wisdom begins to accelerate at a never before experienced level. The sooner we start to apply this knowledge to our self and our life, the sooner we begin to see how our mind operates. The more time and effort we put into applying this knowledge to our everyday life, the sooner the understanding begins to set in. Once the understanding or realisation begins to expand our metaphysical consciousness, the wisdom of how to apply this knowledge in all areas of our life starts to become clear. Given enough time and effort, we can master our mind and become who we have always truly been…awareness from intelligence – the Great I Am, the pure White Light – encased inside a physical organic form.

May this year be your best and may I continue to encourage, inspire and excite you along this most personal but wondrous path!

Yours in love and light


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