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I’ve done more private readings this year than ever before and there certainly is a trend that has come out of them. And that is that most of us have the same question going round in our heads at the moment.

So if you think about where we are in terms of having come out of the age of Pisces which was the age of love and service and now into the age of Aquarius which firstly is governed by a water sign – water bringing lots of emotions and secondly, by the 7th Ray. The 7th Ray’s function during this New Aquarian Age is to bring forth the Spirit in all matter … that humanity awakens to the fact that Spirit dwells in all of creation … to work with all things in recognition that we are working with Spirit. So, we function on the 7th Ray as we seek to re-unite our personality with our Soul and fulfill the life mission of the Soul. The 7th Ray works to change those forms, both mental and physical, that no longer serve the Divine Plan for Earth’s evolution. The Soul level response to the 7th Ray is to work to transform our earthly society—to create heaven on Earth. Jesus taught us to pray saying “Thy Will be done on Earth as It is in heaven.” In this New Aquarian Age, we are to work on the Soul level with the purpose of bringing all things on Earth into alignment with the Divine Will and Plan.

What the energy of this ray is doing is forcing us all who have chosen to be on the earth at this time, to stand up and take responsibility and accountability for ourselves. Naturally this is pushing us in a direction where we will be questioning ourselves. Who are we actually – why are we here – what is our purpose. Is it to just get up in the morning and go to work, earn a living, deal with people who give us a hard time every day, come home, eat, sleep and get up the next day to repeat the whole cycle again and again until it becomes like watching the same movie over and over again! Or is there more?

And most certainly there is – we all know that before we come to the earth, we choose a particular path for ourselves with certain parents, siblings etc who will set us up in particular circumstances so that we can accomplish what we set out to do. So it is all about emotions and relationships and understanding ourselves and our reason for being. Now of course with the forceful energy of the 7th Ray, we’re standing up for ourselves much more than ever before because we know on a soul level that we have come to the earth for a very specific reason and that is to be part of this awakening of humanity. If we are the kind of person who has always had difficulty with putting ourselves first, then we’re now going to find ourselves in huge conflict with ourselves. The guides are not going to let up – I promise you. There is a very specific mandate that the Great Lords who govern the Universe have given to everyone and that is really to shape up and align ourselves properly with the Divine Plan. This is part of each of our contracts! There is still so much for us to do in order to get ourselves up to the level that is expected of us by our Father God. But we can’t if we fill ourselves with self-doubt and constantly see ourselves as not worthy – because we wouldn’t be here if we weren’t.

So – are we on the right path? My answer is yes – each and every one of us is. We are exactly where we are intended to be at this time in order to play our part in the greater scheme of things. We may not believe it and sometimes it really doesn’t feel like it. But why is this? My opinion is that we are still so focused on allowing our ego’s to rule our lives that we don’t pay enough attention to our spiritual development. We are way too focused on material things that we falsely believe makes us better than the next – really? Each and every one of us is equal and not one is better than the next – not one has more of the creative energy within them than the next. So honestly, time to get that notion out of our heads!

Jesus said : Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all it’s glory and all things will be added unto you. What does that mean? It means that if you place your focus on developing yourself and growing as a spiritual being for that is what we are, then everything that you require as a human being will just automatically fall into place.

We use the creative energy of the Father every day whether we know it or not. There is absolutely nothing that comes into our space or comes about without us having used creative energy. And of course, we place so much focus on all the negatives and that which we don’t have that this is exactly what we create for ourselves – negativity and not having what we desire.

Since I’ve been working from home, I have finally gotten it right and that is to say thank you for that which I have and know that I deserve – even if I didn’t have it yet – and slowly I’ve been shown that by properly using the creative energy which is given to us all every day on a silver platter – for my own benefit – those things that I thought or believed I didn’t have or couldn’t accomplish have come about and so now I finally am getting what I want from my life – isn’t that amazing!

And we’re all looking for that lightbulb moment and believe me, we all deserve it so much. I can honestly tell you that I feel like there has been a weight lifted off my shoulders that I’ve carried around for a very long time. I feel so confident that my life is working out as it should and I really want everyone else to experience the same feeling.

My good friend and now late, Harry Knowles always quoted Jesus saying : consider the birds of the air, they do not worry about where their next meal comes from – how much more will our Father do for us. That’s not the exact verbatim quote from the Bible, but I think its pretty close. And really, if we just put our trust and our faith in our guides and the angels and all those in Spirit who work with us through instruction from our Father, then surely our lives will be better. We really do not need to worry about the silly things that we do.

One of the greatest teachings of the Tibetans is to live your life in preparation of your death. This is a really profound way of looking at your life and how you spend your energy. If you were to be told today, that tomorrow would be your last day on this earth, how would you spend that last day? Would you go to work? Would you lie in late tomorrow morning and get your extra beauty sleep? I’m sure you wouldn’t. I’m sure you would gather all those around you whom you love and soak up every minute of those last few hours together – even knowing that you’re still be able to see them and contact them from the planes of spirit.

So, think about it – consider the way you live your life now and remember that you are exactly where you should be and never question it, never question it.

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