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We are part of a conscious universe

We are Part of a Conscious Universe

We have come to realise that the manifestation of our mind and its ability to mirror or internally reflect external information as a guiding force, is beyond mere tentative assumptions and thought. As human beings, we have come to understand ourselves as the centre of perspective and at the same time the centre of the making of the universe.

We are living within the present moment of a single consciousness that is the living universe. However immense the universe may appear to us, it only exists, as we perceive it, even if this is beyond our current understanding of space-time and infinity. Better still, the larger we perceive the universe, the deeper and more fulfilling our consciousness will become because the mind is essentially the full compliment of the conscious whole through understanding its complexity and expanding relationships. From this point of view, the universe can be more personal without being subject to any exaggeration.

By crossing the threshold of reflection into absolute basic awareness, we are able to deepen our consciousness. Then piece by piece, minute fragments of awareness can transform into consciousness to form and expand our thought patterns from the original organised centre of our unique being.

We are a part of the conscious universe even though we keep ourselves imprisoned in human consciousness. All of our experiences are a result of our own choices, both conscious and subconscious. Nothing happens to us without the collaboration and approval of our metaphysical being. Although there is no such thing as a disconnected or isolated choice, all of our choices, however independent they may appear to us, spring out of a context of pre-existing elements. Not only do our choices take place within the context of a variety of pre-existing elements, many of these elements can be easily identified as a result of our previous choices. Choices of every type conceivable will have gone before each additional choice we make in life even if we are inclined to forget our earlier choices when they have lead us to unfavourable circumstances in the present. Every current choice we actually make is only the most recent choice in an uninterrupted series of choices.

When we expect our free will to be able to get rid of the reality that we have already established through our choices, we are actually engaging in the same kind of irrational thinking that might expect an outside force to change what already is, in answer to our personal wishes. All of the current things we have to work with whether good or bad, are conditions that represent the blending of our past choices. To expect undesirable situations to change magically does not provide us free choice. Free choice or the creative use of our free will, always leaves us free to choose in any given moment, the direction in which our unbroken series of choices will next take us.

If we consider where we are at this point in time and more particularly where we are as a country, our logical minds have to tell us that we have come a very long way – as the human race as well as South Africans.  Why is it then, that suddenly there seems to be so much negativity being circulated at every turn? Our brain is set up to deliver the visual presentation of the world we are experiencing right now bearing in mind that our visual presentation is based on our perception.

Being human means asking the questions of our own being and accepting the impact of the answers given to these questions. Conversely, being human means receiving answers to the questions of our own being and asking questions under the power of the answers. We have the power to define our experiences of this world through our own ideas. We know that we do not have to believe that a certain level of evidence is required to look into any possibility as long as we keep an open mind.

Most of us start searching for answers as curious and naive thinkers struggling to navigate in a world that appears to be other than what it is, as compared to what we ourselves are as human beings.  Fortunately, we all finally arrive at some level of understanding of what the world is all about, albeit that that level of understanding transforms and evolves as we ourselves transform and evolve. And as we transform and evolve, we understand that we are the sum total of every thought and every action and transaction that we have ever undertaken, thus we are ever in control even when we believe that we aren’t.

Each one of us has our own set of beliefs when it comes to letting others control us. But when we become aware that someone is controlling us without our consent, are we willing to put it all on the line and walk away from any existing control structures or relationships that have separated us from our true identity?

Strive to understand what is true for you alone. Gain a proper understanding of what you want out of life. Know that anyone who desires to know truth can always find truth within their self. Become the master of your own mind and the creator of your own existence through your own personal experience, because it is only when you do this, that you will find peace, courage and the strength to move forward.

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