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Wisdom of waiting

Why the Wisdom of Waiting is Wonderful

Have you ever tried to complete a puzzle without realising there were pieces missing? How long did it take you to realise this, without going over and over the same combinations and strategies, thinking you were going mad? Or perhaps you relate if you are a gamer who just can’t reach the next level of candy crush or whatever your guilty pleasure is. What about the would-be baker who forgets the sugar or skips out the self-raising part?

Going through solstice season again this week, I find myself contemplating the timing and cycles of things. Cycles and seasons seem to be a big theme being played out individually and collectively at this time.

There is a very well-known biblical passage in the Old Testament said to have been written by King Solomon – the wisest of men. As a leader he is said to have asked God for a “an understanding mind to govern your people, able to discern between good and evil” (I Kings 3:9). Now this is certainly no Bible lesson, but rather an exploration into what it is that causes us to think we have complete control over our lives.

The famous scripture is from Ecclesiastes – also said to be one of few Shamanic passages to be found in the Bible. More about this another time. This too is a controversial statement, but on very close reading and contemplation we find the thread of ancient wisdom which runs through a multitude of our cultures and traditions today.

These established words “To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” are one of the most deceptively simple pieces of prose ever written.

From a Buddhist perspective it is referred to as ‘the causes and conditions’ of life. Again, I reference the baker trying to bake a cake and not having all the ingredients. No matter if we put our best efforts in, if something vital is missing the cake will just not taste or look the same. We could spend all that kitchen time only to produce a runny chocolatey mess in a pan as a result. Or planting a seed and expecting it to grow and flourish without sunlight or water or the correct soil – if just one of these key components is missing then the seedling won’t make it very far, if at all.

To be honest, it is a beautiful and frustrating process happening simultaneously. It shows that intention alone is not enough to support the manifestation of a creation. Without the proper ingredients, without all the puzzle pieces we will be stumped or stopped time and time again.

It’s like planning a holiday and driving to a place you’ve never been to and not having a part of the map. Or worse yet – not realising that part of the map is missing and pushing on.

The daily struggle, stress and endless effort can be to our detriment, physically, psychologically and emotionally when we don’t stop and take stock of our lives. This is part of the gift of the solstice energy – stopping, resetting and rebalancing. We must do a check of our emotions and well-being, making sure we adjust accordingly to get back on track and find the missing pieces!

Otherwise, we start to beat and bully ourselves with all sorts of negative self-talk about how we can’t make things happen, how useless we are, how we are not enough! We compare ourselves to others and basically do a pretty good job of stripping our own self-esteem to bare threads.

If only we could stop in those moments, and ask – do I have everything I need that will get me to where I want to go. Do I have all the resources to make this dream happen? Do I have all the information I need to make an informed decision?

You see King Solomon was onto something huge when he asked for an understanding and discerning mind. That is possibly THE most powerful asset of all – the state of our mind. We can only know through the intellect, that if we pick and eat a fruit before it is ripe it can make us very ill.

Timing is everything, if the fruit is too ripe then that too can make us ill. Only discernment – and a fair amount of experience – will allow us to know the right time to act. We need to understand who people are before we go into battle with them, or ask favours of them. We need to discern if some are worth our time and hearts. Mostly we also need to know and understand ourselves if we are to then handle the disappointments and hurts that come with not acting consciously and with all the pieces in place.

I understand that the ‘waiting’ for the right causes and conditions can be a frustrating process. And by waiting I am not suggesting passive, inactive complacency.  Waiting is not bad in and of itself, however it is the attitude we take when waiting that can make all the difference.

While waiting we should keep our mind active and set on our purpose, goal or result. We should use the time to do the research, make sure we have all our pieces and ingredients together and ready for the right moment to arrive.

Just a side dish of reality is that we should also not be foolish about our dreams and desires. If we are a 5-foot middle aged woman, we probably will not be striding down international catwalks in our future. If we are just sitting in our bedrooms everyday dreaming that Mr Right will automatically know our address and show up at our doorstep, then we need to think again. Some things are just not meant to be and will not happen no matter how much waiting, pursuing or pouting we do. We cannot waste the time we have with the pursuit of unrealistic and unattainable desires.

As for the secret to getting through these periods of waiting, and saving yourself the stress and struggle of pushing for things to happen, I find myself going back to the words of the wise sage Solomon. Just as there will always be seasons of emptiness, challenge, contemplation and lessons. There too will always be seasons for your success, desires, hopes and dreams to manifest.

So my friends, check your map, count the puzzle pieces and gather all your ingredients – there truly is a season for everything under the sun!


Nadine is a down to earth writer, speaker, spiritual mentor and advisor & entrepreneur.  She is a compassionate claircognizant and part of her purpose is to shift patterns and awaken consciousness by fusing Eastern and Western ancient wisdom teachings from across the globe. She also integrates a diverse range of healing modalities in her sessions, workshops and retreats. Nadine believes just like the seasons we are not static creatures and the very nature of our beings is to continue evolving.

Connect with her at nadine19rosin@gmail.com or Facebook Page Global Gypsey Events

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