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We must do Maintenance Work

I “see” a rusty baby beach chair. The metal rusts if it stands outdoors in the rain. (Water – Emotion). “It’s not guessing “. There are very specific things that need to be done on an ongoing basis with regularity. The Soul too needs and requires attention upkeep, if you will, to be in good order.

Basic wellbeing is important. To feel safe, to take good care of self in many aspects – work, play, health, rest, food that is nourishing and letting go of what is no longer required allows for general wellbeing. Attitude is important on all its aspects as it were. Events occur – sift and see what you feel, believe or learn as new things occur and perspective shifts. It is a growing, ongoing, experiential developing spectra of what new shades, hues, and dimensions can or may and DO! Come in and go out.

A person develops muchly on many parameters as deeper levels and specific things are brought out into the Light, and others, which used to appear or be ‘seen,’ get gently tucked away, being accomplished, if you will, no longer needing focus. When new items come into awareness “Aha! “moments be fathomed and continue to do so, as the wisdom hence unfurls and furls itself forth, being revealed, which before, was not available or accessible. It is this process we call awareness. A coming of new insight or insights which were previously not forthcoming, yet now are shown directly to you being clearly undeniably there. A new world of knowing and space of being emerges or births if you will – and changes the course or path of direction in huge ways, forever.

Mankind and the planet is moving swiftly in new direction and this new course and path of awareness requires many adjustments to be made by each and every individual planetarily. these adjustments are across the board and will arise and be seen, acknowledged and integrated. it’s a process of planetary development affecting all life forms here now.

Nothing is the same as it was and it is changing all the time. How things are understood is shifting and shift is necessary. This impacts arenas of attitude, belief, thought, feeling, movement, speech … “I hate them “. Things will come up which irritate to be released and cleansed, purified and resolution effected successfully.

It’s like a turning of the soil utilizing a spade or garden fork and “seeing“ what lies below the layer of sand visible from the top. or using a sieve in sea water and the becoming aware of all creatures, flotsam, and living situations beneath the surface as is if you will. Like taking an item and putting it below a magnifying glass to see all the fine detail within thus revealing whole new stories to unfold, resolve, work and go from as starting point arenas not previously experienced at this level.

And so a Person says

“Aha I see It! “
And is more fully themselves.
Presence, recievings and reactings altering. all never the same as growth is the name of the game of life.

Your Growth
That of everything and everyone
Around about You

The Divine in Me Sees the Divine in You

As this Process unfolds unfurls occurs much is shaken loose to not happen anymore. We ask you to not focus on what falls away or things falling apart BUT to know it’s a coming together of items in a beautiful and wonderful way. It is important during this process of growth to focus and see the positive things coming to light and to feel peace and harmony within feeling safe, secure. Know all is well.

A new reality is birthed and all are getting with the new program at different stages as well as times. Others may not be on or at your level and you may not be at theirs. It’s important to be kind to self and others understanding and to respond differently to how you did before as things are in fact different & old ways of

& Understanding
Are in fact no more or no longer effective.

It’s a good idea and technique to see the silver lining in all situations. People have got to be very careful not to slip into old paradigms.

Not to react in old ways.
But to respond with consciousness.
Moving forward, in love and in light.

Step forward with surety.
Knowing this path is good.
Yields joy and is right.
Guidance being always within and easier to access when a being is of light disposition and not feeling heavy and burdened for awareness is about vibration and it’s rising individually and planetarily simultaneously.

Many helpers are facilitating the consciousness growth process. To access clearly, it is advisable to seek green, still, pastures in nature. Gentle peaceful places alone, where soul feels restful.  Connection to the earth barefoot is of great benefit. You can put your feet in water to still and let go. Sunset and sunrise colours may cleanse the aura. Birdsong and the calls of nature are soul balms. Flowers uplift the soul.

I see a profile or facial features and hear the words ‘Still Silence Speaks‘. In this loving outdoor space there are many energies beneficial to soul.

And !!!
Last but not least.
Love heals all.
Love. It is all there Is.
Feel and connect in loving way.
To soul and to self.

Ground yourself.
Be still.
Feel the love you be.
Which is in ALL THAT IS.
Allow love to flow into you.
Filling up all the space.
And flowing out.
All aspects of your life.
And that of others.

Healing blessing connecting.
All that is.
In beauteous.
Amazing way.




At onement and so it is.

In the midst of change turbulence,
Is the eye of the storm.
That place is peace and stillness.

Let Us Meditate


Close Your eyes.

Breathe 3 times deeply in and out.

Let and see the tension leave your body now.

Please take a situation or world spectra

You have been experiencing as




Focus on IT with your heart.

Choose a Colour or maybe one or another will come to you to surround your object of focus or arena of vision.

Take a moment to see how this affects your focus.

choose a shape symbolizing positivity, harmony and successful resolution.

Please take this shape which may have colour over the arena of your focus.

Take time to see how you experience this change of focus.

Feel the love of the universe come from the ground and simultaneously love enters the crown of your head flowing all through you into your heart joining here with the love you be.

Feeling love in the centre of your being.

Love nourishes cleanses.

Fills flows.

Share it now with people you’d like to share it with – think their name or names. animals perhaps.

Situations in the world.

Places on the planet.

Issues in your life to you.

Aspects of your life you’d like nourished.

Spaces of worry, doubt, pain, fear, loss, grief, anger trust. let love flow.


Be peaceful.

At onement.

You may do this anywhere anytime you wish.

When ready you may open your eyes.

It’s a meditation you can do anytime you wish acquiring peace therein nourishing self and others

and all that is.


Yvonne Cohen is a Transformational Healer and Teacher.

I worked 5 years at Madame Zingara reading Tarot. I give Readings, Healing, Aura Cleans , Chakra Balancin , Smudging Cleansing and Blessings for People as well as Dwelling Space , Meditation, Tarot, Vision Board, Reiki, Kabbalistic Healing and Sefirot Balancing .

I sketch Intuitive Healing Drawings  ~ I give Healing as given to Me by My Guides and ~ I give a Unique Neck Touch which awakens True Essence ~I give Talks as channelled to me by my Guides followed by Healing Meditations. I Teach Classes and Workshops in the following Topics :- Healing, Aura Clease, Chakra Balancing, Smudging Cleansing and Blessing for People as well as Dwelling Places, Reiki, Tarot,  Manifestation  Vision Boards , Meditation, Connecting to Guides and Helpers, Tree of Life Sefirot Balancing, Kabbalah, History of the Planet and Shamanism .

Classes and Workshops are Fun Filled and Creative.They vary and are tailor made to suit the Needs and Requirements of Participants who are attending.

Contact Yvonne Cellphone Number  0822955812

My Facebook Page can be located at https://www.facebook.com/yvonnecohenhealing/

Yvonne Cohen – Transformational Healer and Teacher .

Or @yvonnecohenhealing .




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