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What does your Body say about You

Since early childhood I’ve had a keen interest in diversity, both on a cultural level as well as a metaphysical. As an empath and intuitive healer, I often sense before things happen or are said.

In childhood I began studying hands and other aspects or people. During the recruiting career, I learned some interesting techniques for assessing people on first sight, together with unrelated courses, I have developed the concept of reading people.

Facial structures develop for a number of reasons, and a few examples are;   Environmental evolution and adaptation, for example, island nations or archipelagos such as Japan, cause the angle of eyes together with enhanced cheeks, to protect them from the reflection from the water. Innuits, otherwise known as Eskimos, have similar developments, yet at different angles. People from warmer climes are slighter in build, so as to absorb less heat.

Genetic features overlap with geological morphing. Some of the features are local adaptations and others are simply passed down through the ages.

The third aspect is feature shape, which alludes to an individual’s personality.   There are 3 basic feature shapes –

  • Straight or linear is analytical and logical
  • Round is creative, intuitive and adaptive
  • Less is known about an angular feature, and can portray difficult subjects

As children, many of us were told not to trust people with eyes close together.   Like many stories our parents and grandparents told, this is a myth. The distance between the eyes clearly shows the person’s focus. Eyes close together would be a person gifted numerically, often with a career path in finance, such as an actuary. Wide spaced eyes are bigger picture people, such as project managers, advertising and planners. The ancient Chinese would look to recruit warriors or soldiers where the whites of their eyes showed beneath the iris. These individuals were believed to have a rare insight or 6th sense.

Brows are an open display of personality. Many statesmen or leaders have a Neanderthal type ridge horizontally over the brow. These are systematic people and adept at getting their troops or flock in line. In the case where someone has intentionally removed their natural eyebrows and replaced them with an artificial new shape, they have chosen a new angle or approach to life. The higher the arch, the more distant or formal they have chosen to be.

To assess whether a person is a good starter or someone who will hang in there till the bitter end, pay attention to the beginning (above the bridge of the nose) and the end of the brow. Although fashionable in the 21st century, brows have been plucked or tailored to have a heavier start, whether natural or “tamed”, these are choices and character traits. An equidistant brow denotes continuity and uniformity. A good soldier or dependable team member could have little brow near the nose, thickening toward the end, or outer edge. These individuals will require a lot of persuasion, but once they start, they are loyal and focused to the end.

In the case where the brows slope down at a 45 degree angle, in a straight line, use caution. These are control-freaks and seem to take great delight on pointing out the faults of others. When the lid hangs loosely from the brow, as if an extra layer exists, the subject carries the world upon their shoulders. Bear in mind that someone may not appear to others, however it is very real to the person experiencing the situation. This person may attempt to carry the burdens of others or feel duty bound.

Ears are obviously about listening skills.

  • Small neat ears set far back. Listening is not their primary skill, so show or use other aspects to impart knowledge or you will be disappointed
  • Large fleshy lobes denote generosity
  • No ear lobes are cautious creatures and require that everything should be earned, including their time, trust or any other reason for their interaction.   This is not someone you would go to for a loan either.

Mouths are much about the senses

  • No top lip is rather akin to the missing ear lobe syndrome, yet these folks are often squanderous with their own desires, while those around them starve, rather like Josephine saying that the starving peasants should eat cake. What comes across as malice or meanness seems to be a total inability to perceive the plight of others
  • A large fleshy lower lip could be sensual, adoration of sensory aspects such as food or other pleasures of mortality. In cases where the bottom lip is huge and disproportionate to its upper twin, indications would be rather hedonistic; all about sensation in whatever or as many aspects as appeal to the person

Hands are life instruments and always visible. Fingers that bend are creative and intuitive. The fleshier the hand, the more generous the person. Deep moons also show the depth of the persons generosity.   With the absence of moons on both fingers and thumb, the individual has neither compassion nor empathy. Where the moon occupies half of the thumb, the person is too pliable and could easily be taken for a ride.

The colour of nails says much; the pinker in tone, the warmer the person and aware of their surroundings. The whiter the entire nail, the more self-centred they are.   Fashions come and go as do the seasons. Whether buffing, painting or other adjustments are made, these are choices, whether conscious or not.

The first knuckle next to the thumb joint will show the speed of someone’s temper or patience. The more pronounced, the quicker the temper will flare. Where the second knuckle adjoining the hand is the prominent feature, tempers are slower and would ordinarily require a severe trigger. Should this person have been under an unusual degree of pressure or stress, the situation then alters, as the last straw will be as simple as removing a pin from a grenade.

All for now and I hope you enjoy the new insight.

Sharon Flax Waddington was born in a Catholic mission in an Indian district in the Kingdom of KwaZulu Natal, to a Jewish mother and adopted by a Scottish family. She grew up mainly in the coastal province and attended 12 schools. She has made her home in Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro, Australia, Zimbabwe and returned to Johannesburg, the city of Gold and home to chaos. With many years in change management, after she obtained a marketing qualification, moved to IT recruitment for a decade. Now selling crystals from the Southern African countries and hosting holistic and craft markets.

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