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A Message from my Guide Oshvaria

I’m being pressed to bring you a message from my guides today and Oshavaria had this to say :

We greet you all today in love and light and thank you for the opportunity to communicate through our loved-one.  We wish to highlight that which is going on in your world at this present time.  It is so unfortunate that there is so much negativity in your world and from our perspective, we see much darkness over all humanity.

But do not be discouraged for indeed every cloud does have a silver lining.  And everyone needs to walk through darkness to see the light.  There is much benefit in your technology available to everyone for it ensures that you get to see so much more of what is happening around you.  No longer are you only confined to what is happening in your own space.  The unfortunate aspect is that when you are exposed to so much negativity it makes it even more difficult to see anything positive.

So we urge you all to lift your eyes to the light and know that our Father God watches over every single one of you every single moment of every single day.  There is nothing that goes un-noticed!  We from the Spirit World require that those on the earth who are sensitive to the needs of others and who so desire a better world in which to live, make it their duty to work towards creating just that.  We ask that you spread only good words and deeds and whilst we do not expect you to ignore the intense suffering of humanity at this present time, we ask that you focus your energies on creating a better world.  This my friends, is done through prayer for healing, through being kind to one another and through making a conscious choice to see the good in each other.  For each and every one of you are an absolute extension of the Great I Am and we urge you to remember that at all times and to look for that spark of the Father God in everyone, how very small it shines, it is most certainly there!

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