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You are Creative Power in Action

Words spoken from the heart – spoken with genuine sincerity, kindness and loving acceptance, are what gets us through the day. Treating each other with understanding and respect automatically uplifts us and raises our consciousness to another level. Raising our consciousness strengthens our connection to the greater good, to the all-encompassing collective consciousness which is God, the Great White Spirit, the mighty I Am.

And when that connection is strengthened and steadfast, there is nothing that we undertake that we cannot accomplish. There is nothing that we cannot do, because we have a guiding hand holding ours, always at our back, and spurring us on. Whilst we all acknowledge that this guiding hand is always with us, somehow we fail to know it on a conscious level and we fail to allow the I Am to take the lead in our lives.

Because of this, we constantly trip up and we constantly fall down. And it’s not for lack of love and guidance from our Creator, it’s because we believe that we need to do everything on our own. So, we don’t allow our lives to flow as they should and we constantly need to be totally in control. And it’s that need to control that sends us spiralling off into chaos. Chaos brings a cloud of negative energy around us that blocks us off from our connection. This then results in us having to work even harder to lift ourselves up again and so we find ourselves on a constant roller coaster, up and down, longing to get off but at the same time not knowing what to do should we ever get the opportunity to get off.

As humans we are constantly drawn to the negative. Whilst we know that it’s not in our best interest and we understand that it can only take us one way, somehow there’s a need for us to swim upstream and to complicate our lives at any given turn. We believe that we thrive on chaos and constantly having too much to do. We believe that to be in a state of calm relaxation is an indulgence that we cannot allow ourselves to feel. Whatever for? The ripple effect of all negativity seems only logical and yet is it? Do we fully understand that from being in a constant state of turmoil, eventually there is going to be a physical effect? Through these states of negativity, we bring about disease and discomfort to our bodies that if not treated on all levels ie body, mind and soul, will result in us never finding that calm relaxed state of being.

Be still and know that I Am God. This is a statement that we have all heard a million times over, but what does it mean? Simply put, it means that through being still, you are able to quieten your mind, you are able to bring your body into complete balance with your etheric self and you are able to feel the connection to God. And more importantly, through that balance and feeling of connectedness, you are able to acknowledge and know that you are God. Know that you are all perfect with every bit of creative power of the mighty I Am and that everything that you do or say or think, is creative power in action. You are creative power in action! Be respectful of that power and become consciously aware of it every moment of every day. And know that you are only where you are, because of your own use of that power, whether it be positively or negatively.

Therefore, you need to be very aware of what you send out into the Universe. The creative power of the Universe does not distinguish between positive and negative. There is no-one there to say to you, “Stop, think about what you’re doing. This is a negative thought. Is this what you want?”. Essentially we need to be our own guiding voice of direction. We need to be taking a deep breath before we think anything or say anything, give it time to sink in in terms of what it is that we’re putting out into the Universe. This enables us to give ourselves time to change what we’re putting out there, it give us the opportunity to reconsider our thoughts, our actions and our words. And this is a good thing for us all to try – to work on every moment of every day. At the risk of sounding repetitive, we need to make ourselves consciously aware of every moment of every day of our lives. This way, we’re able to control our thoughts and we’re able to control what we say and how we act and react.

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