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For anyone new to meditation, it is important to know, firstly, why it is that you wish to meditate, what is it that you want to get out of meditation and then of course, how to actually achieve a state of meditation.  There are many guided meditations available to us to be used for many different purposes.  When practising a guided meditation on your own, it’s a good idea to first record it onto a tape and then play the tape back to allow you to focus solely on the meditation.

Before you begin to meditate, find a place where you will be comfortable, sitting in a comfortable position, preferably with no tight clothing or shoes that will distract you in any way.  You can choose to sit on a comfortable chair or on the floor or a prayer stool.  The position in which you choose to sit must allow you to be fully relaxed and open to the idea and the energy of this guided meditation.

Once you have settled down, take a couple of long, deep breaths to calm and clear yourself.  Concentrate on your body from your toes up through your legs and torso, arms, neck and face, and ensure that your entire body is relaxed.  Don’t worry about how long it takes, it’s more important to ensure that you are relaxed.

The purpose of this meditation is to focus your attention on an area of manifestation ie something that may wish to come about in your life as a result of the meditation.

The Meditation

I pay attention to my breathing. My breath is always with me.  As I breathe in, I breathe in the light, I breathe in illumination.  As I breathe out, I breathe out anything that I do not desire or need.  I let each breath take me deeper and deeper within.  I let my breath take me to the silent place within, to the depth, to the core of my being.

As I move to the silent place within, I easily let go of distractions from the outer world, from today’s experiences.  As thoughts float through my head, I acknowledge and release them.  As noises in my environment remind me of the outside world, I acknowledge them with an instant’s attention and then return to the inner, silent place.  As feelings come up, I notice and acknowledge them and turn again to that inner place.

I open ‘at the top.’  I open at the crown centre just above the top of my head.  I see or imagine that I see a ball of energy sitting above my head.  I welcome this vibrant, healing, beautiful energy as it flows in and flows downward.  It helps me to feel lighter and freer.  As this energy moves into all the layers and levels of my being, I find it easier to give up dark density, to give up anything that is unkind or heavy or uncomfortable.  I let go easily with each out-breath.

As I continue to bring this energy from the higher planes into my awareness, I bring it right down through my physical body; down to my heart space; down to my waist; down to my ankles; down to the bottoms of my feet, and down to the centre of the earth.  This establishes a flow of energy, a path, so that blockages are easily and effortlessly removed, dissolved, dissipated.

As energy from above is anchored down deep into the centre of the earth, I open ‘at the bottom.’  At the bottoms of my feet and the base of my spine.  Earth energy flows upward.  This rich, dense earth energy replaces and even displaces dark density that is released because of the light from above – I feel (sense, see, intuit, hear, imagine) this energy flowing through me.

Now, in the middle of this centred, clear space, I give my focused attention to the purpose of this guided meditation.  (Say the word or phrase you have identified to describe your desired manifestation).  I see, feel, sense, hear, intuit, this word or phrase, as I call it forth as the focus of my attention right now.  Nothing else matters.  All that matters right now in this moment is the idea, which is the focus of my attention.  I feel it; I look at it; I turn it upside down and inside out.  I dance with it and play with it.  I let it move through my fingers and toes.  I know it is a word that represents and re-presents a deeper idea.

I turn my attention again to my breath.  I breathe deeply.  I breathe the idea into my cellular structure.  I allow the idea to transform itself into a seed which I can hold in my hand,  As I gently hold this precious seed in my hand, I till the soil, rake away debris, remove stones and rocks and blocks which might interfere with the growth of this seed.  Some of these fragments can be used to feed the soil or protect the seed.  My consciousness creates life.  This seed is ready for planting.

In my mind’s eye, I see the perfect place to plant the seed – a garden, my heart, a forest, my mind, my hand, an apple orchard; this seed germinates according to my consciousness.  I let it grow instantly or over time, at exactly the perfect rate of speed and depth and height.  My love fertilizes the seed; I am creating my idea that I wish manifested.

Again, I turn my attention to breathing deeply, moving myself to a deeper state of consciousness.  Deeper within; deeper into the silence; deep into the core of my being.  I see, feel, hear, sense, smell, intuit, the seed at a deeper level now, moving into its essence.  I merge with its vibration, its radiance.

I present to my seed the universe so that it can become a seedling that grows into my idea that I wish manifested.  I send my seed through the ethers so that it may be returned to me manifested as my idea.  I let it go; I let go of control; I let go of trying to make this seed grow and, instead, allow it to grow by nourishing the soil, listening to my soul, and honouring the purity of my heart.  It is planted.

I begin to turn my attention to my next activity.  I turn my attention there effortlessly, trusting my seed to the Universe.  I take three deep breaths.  Each in-breath breathes in the light and each out-breath breathes out anything I do not need or want.  On the third exhalation, I return my consciousness to the outer world and bring myself back.

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