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Scientifically speaking, colour is the result of etheric vibrations of different wave-lengths.  Colour is not something merely statis or ornamental but is active, vital radiation  Our very thoughts and feelings vibrate to colour and our auras are throwing out bright or dull colour-tones continuously.  The power of colour is so important a fact in our lives that modern medical science is showing an increasing interest in colour-therapy – a subject, by the way, which the ancient Egyptians studied and practised!

The true significance of colours and their influence on the health and personality is important to every mand and woman.

Colour is a definite guide to temperament.  When people state their favourite colours it is not the result of mere fancy or caprice, but a deep subconscious instinct that motivates them.  This statement does not of course take into account the adoption of colours through external influences such as prevailing fashions, hair-dyeing and so on, but anyone taken unawares and questioned as to their colour preferences will give an answer illuminating to the expert.  Not only will it throw a light on their phsycological make-up but it will also indicate their probably talents – and their weaknesses.  Some people respond far more deeply to colour-influence than others.

Let us commence with the three so-called primary colours Red, Yellow and Blue.  These colours symbolize the body, soul (mind) and spirit respectively.

Red is essentially the physical colours : it is connected with the element of fire, the essence of energy.  The Red Ray controls the glandular centre in the body connected with the life-force and the vital functions.  Red symbolizes all the deepest of human passions – love, hatred, courage, revenge etc.  It is the colour of blood and has always stood as the symbol of warfare and naturally of brave deeds.

The varying shades of Red denote different qualities.  Very dark, rich tones are often favoured by people of a somewhat close, selfish nature.  The heavy shades usually appeal to the domineering, arrogant type of person as well as to those inclined to sensuality.

According to Colour-Phsychology, the bright, clear reds are preferable to murky tones : scarlet, for example, denoting generosity and ambition.  We invariably find all shades of Red associated with people who have strong forceful natures, people who will assert themselves and who abound in buoyant spirits and self-confidence.  It is the colour of the extravert, the self-propagandist.  Red denotes practicality and realism.  Lovers of this colour are very often genial, active and vigorous people, but they are also capable of unkindness, obstinacy and lack of consideration.

People who are partial to Red usually have strong love-natures but more especially on the plane of the senses.  Red vibrates in harmony with the senses and emotions and does not respond to the mind or reasoning faculties.  Those for whom Red has a strong appeal will generally get on best with people who prefer violet, purple and golden shades.

Yellow denotes intellect, a love of mental employments and pleasures as opposed to the physical.  It is an entirely different vibration from red.  It usually appeals to people of intelligence and discernment.  It has a stimulating effect in illness especially on the nerves : yellow controls the great glandular centre at the Solar Plexus.  It is the colour of the Sun and is of high vibrational rate : hence yellow-subjects are rapid thinkers and show great activity of mind.

Discrimination, tactfulness and cheerfulness vibrate to yellow.  It is a good colour for writers, artists and all creators, the paler shades are especially inspirational.  Not all shades of yellow are good : certain shades, such as the dark mustard colours, stand for rather unpractical natures – people who dream the idle hours away and are lacking in character.  Dark yellow is also associated with deceit and treachery.

The Orange Ray is one of the best of the yellow group.  It is the colour of vitality, mental force and also of wisdom.  This colour, however, has to be carefully used as few people can harmonise with its vibrations.  Nervy people should never wear it.

Blue, both symbolically and medically, is the exact opposite of red.  It symbolizes harmony, calmness, courtesy and happiness.  Blue is the colour from which the highest inspiration is born.  Blue is not for the coarse, the sensual or the material-minded.  It belongs to the ethereal, spiritual natures, the darker shades especially denoting refinement and ‘higher thought’.  Among the ancient Arabians saxe blue was considered efficacious in reviving lost love : whilst pale blue signifies simplicity, innocence and candour, electric blue great personal magnetism, deep blue, spirituality and indigo is the colour of intuition and spiritual perception.

To despise the influence of colour in our lives is to show ignorance of the human temperament, so no intelligent person can afford to ignore individual preferences.

Take without permission from the book Colour Meditations – With Guide to Colour-Healing, author S.G. Ouseley 1949.

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