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The words of a beautiful Beatles song come to mind as I start to write this post and it goes like this “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, let it be.”

Whether it was Paul McCarnety or John Lennon who wrote those words, I’m sure they were inspired when they wrote them and the message for me here is that when you find yourself in times of trouble, remember your connection to the Universal Consciousness and know that through asking for help and more importantly listening to hear the answer, you’ll find that you are never alone.

I’m fascinated when I scroll through facebook and see the shock and horror that everyone feels at what is going on around them especially in South Africa at this present time.  And I’m not saying that we don’t have problems, but for goodness sake, please stop sensationalising all the negativity.  Please remember that what we pay attention to, we become conscious of.  And this means that what you pay attention to you give power to and the more we pay attention and give power to all the nonsense going on in our beautiful country, the more it’s going to perpetuate.

This is more of a plea to everyone to stop seeing their life as an uphill climb.  For when climbing up the hill, everyone is so focused on the hill that they don’t see the beauty around them. There’s never been a time as much as now, that we all need to focus on our spirituality and focus on prayer and asking for help.  Because never before have we been shown how much we can’t do this life on our own.  And when we come to this realisation, we will find that the uphill climb was all just an illusion in the first place!

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