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Firstly, let me explain that we are all energy beings living within an energy universe. We have a central core that connects us with our soul in another dimension and another universe. That core turns us into conduits for universal energy to get into not only our bodies but also into the earth itself.

Think of your core as a huge fibre optic cable. It has thousands of filaments each capable of conducting energy through them, either directly into our own self-healing mechanisms or into the earth. Far out in space, which by the way is a huge super conductive plasma, are millions of different energies all waiting for us to search them out and connect with them, so that we can bring them through our core and use them for the benefit of others and ourselves.

Remember that our Sun is actually a star in another galaxy, and have you ever felt the energy of the Sun flow through you warming you, making you feel stronger? Well now look at the night sky and see how many other stars there are out there and understand that as distant Suns they too can give us energy, but we are far away so need to use our core to connect to them to bring that energy directly to us.

Now as an energy healer I am able to use this core to search for any energies that we humans may find beneficial. I have a spiritual or off world team of guides that decide when and where my core connects to an energy. These advanced Stellar Beings are vastly more experienced than I in the quantum realms, so I trust in them completely to only provide connections to energies that will have a positive effect on both myself and for whoever I am serving.

Every person on this planet is capable of energy healing and you may ask how I know this? Because I do not heal the person that I am connected to, they do that themselves by using the energies that my team are sending through me into their self-healing systems. That is why most healers will tell you, that although some benefits are felt immediately, most will continue for days after we have disconnected our links, that is the persons own self-healing still using the energies given.

Most of mankind’s dis-ease is caused by either outside interference from viruses, accidents where infections can get into the body or from mutations derived from thousands of generations of interbreeding.

Take the ancient civilisations as an example, the Pharaohs, Chinese Dynasties, Romans, Myans and Aztecs to name but a few, once a ruler had established their blood-line they would move mountains to make sure it stayed pure. They believed that Incestuous coupling was the way to maintain a pure line, father/daughter mother/son brother/sister etc, when we now understand that it actually causes mutations some visible others not, hidden deep within the genetic codes of our DNA.

There are many forms of energy therapies out there today, Reiki, Crystal, Sound, Light, Vedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine, but they all have one thing in common.  They utilise a form of energy to correct an imbalance within the energy system of someone who is ill (unbalanced). We have all heard of the Chakra system – these energy centres or vortexes within the body, most commonly known are the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base.

But there are many more minor chakras all linked via meridians or energy channels. The most important to a healer are the palm chakras and foot chakras (sole of the foot or instep). These are where we direct energy into the persons own energy system or draw up from the Earth Reiki energy or Kundalini energy. Yes, this is the Earths own energy field, one which every person whose core is active is feeding universal energy into the Earth. Why you may ask is this service needed? Because the upper layers of the Ozone layer that protects us from the harshest of the Suns radiation, stops a lot of the universes other energy reaching the surface of the planet.

During the past 10 years my team have taught me how to see a person’s, animal or even a trees aura, how to simply dowse with a crystal pendulum what is going on within the persons energy system.  They have taught me how to use energy to create a shell around cancerous cells to kill them off. We have worked on healing trauma brought through or connected to a past incarnation. We have even done inter-dimensional separations of humans from hybrids or aliens, that have stepped forward to help or protect a human brother or sister – this has been mainly in the fields of child abuse at a young age. This team guided me to write a book about how I became a healer and the first few years of my journey. It is called From a Builder to a Healer by John Povey and can be found on Amazon. They have told me that this was only the first book that I would write with them and other guides seem to be queuing up for me to write for them too about their stories.

As a child I hated school and truanted often.  I left at 14 years old with no formal qualifications at all.  How strange then that this team guided me into the education sector at the age of 56, to learn how to teach children that I saw were just like me when I was their age.  Now I know why they did that – it was to show me how to simply teach others about energy healing. I now have several workshops that the team and I have co-created to pass on valuable knowledge to others so that they too can carry on the work that I started so late in life.

In love and light always. John Povey.

Bio: Both my wife and I are healers here in the United Kingdom, and together we run a healing sanctuary called Reaching Out Therapy, during this pandemic all of my healing work has been done remotely this is about the only good thing to come out of this pandemic for me. I will connect my energy to that of the person in need of healing, we then use a media platform like facebook, whattsapp or skype to send written information regarding what we have found and worked on, we do charge for our healing services and payments can be sent directly to my bank or via paypal.

For more information our website is  www.reachingouttherapy.co.uk

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