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Letting go is probably the most difficult thing that anyone can be asked to do. Many of us claim to be control freaks, but in essence we all are. It’s just the level of ‘need’ to control that varies. When we feel that we’re not in control, everything goes out of balance, but why do we allow this?

We know that we have our guides to help us in everything that we do. We all know the expression ‘Let go and let God.’ Yet none of us are actually capable of letting anything go. We hold on to hurt, anger, pain, disappointment, rejection and every other negative emotion in the book, as if our lives depended on them. If we don’t have something to make reference to in order to explain away why it is that we feel a certain way, or why it is that we do the things we do, or act a certain way or are unable to ‘get over’ a certain thing, what will we have, I hear you screaming out?!

What we will have, is peace of mind, is an openness to receiving of new things and a feeling of complete acceptance for everything and everyone around us.   Laying blame at someone else’s door, makes it that much easier for us to not take responsibility for our own feelings and our own actions and leaves us with a false perception that ‘it is so’ because of something outside of us. It helps us to sleep at night and it deceives us and robs us of our self-esteem and confidence.

That little voice inside of us, known all too well to us all as the ego, has the ability to make us who we aren’t. It has the ability to keep us in a world filled with self-gratification, self-absorption and absolute disrespect of ourselves and the people around us. It holds us in the game of the need to be right and plays tricks with our mind in order to keep us believing that we are without fault, absolutely perfect in everything that we do and certainly never to blame.

It is so important for us to be continuously looking within, working non-stop to connect with who we truly are and never forgetting that we are all a part of the Great I Am, the All Creative Spirit who lives, moves and breathes within each one of us. It is important to continuously question ourselves, our motives, our actions, our thoughts. In doing so, we will begin to become aware of ourselves, our motives, our actions and our thoughts and in becoming aware, we arm ourselves with the necessary strength and wherewithal to alter ourselves, to make ourselves better people and more importantly, to take absolute responsibility and accountability for ourselves.

When we do this, we will be able to let go of so many things, because the need to pass judgement, to pass on responsibility and to abdicate from our own lives, becomes less and less. And when we have finally achieved this, happiness and contentment will be ours.

Becoming consciously aware is a gift that we all need to give to ourselves. Not being consciously aware is a disservice, firstly to ourselves and then, to everyone around us, whether they are those that we love or just those with whom we have occasional contact or our work colleagues and acquaintances.

To be consciously aware affords us the opportunity to know, at all times, what is going on around us. It affords us the opportunity to actually connect with ourselves and to connect with the people in our space. It allows us to see, feel and know our most innermost self and it allows us to see, feel and know those around us. It gives us insight into how we portray ourselves to the world and it ensures that we make the necessary changes or adjustments to ourselves in order for us to interact with love and non-judgement.

The secret to attaining conscious awareness is to prepare yourself, on a daily basis, for each day. Connect with your guides and your spirit-helpers and take their inspiration seriously. It’s not to say that you no longer allow yourself freedom of choice. It just means that you allow yourself more time to question, and more time for the inspiration to continuously flow. This doesn’t mean that you will become completely dependent on your guides to the point that you can no longer make a decision for yourself. What it does mean, however, is that each and every one of us are privileged to have spirit guides who love and care for us and we should be including them in our daily lives much more than we do.

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