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Are We Raising Good Human Beings?

I have no doubt that as parents we have all asked ourselves this question before – are we raising good human beings?  We all like to think that we have given it our absolute best shot and when our children finally leave our homes, we hope that we have given them all the tools that they need to live a full life and make a positive contribution to society.

But before we can know for sure that we have done a good job of raising our children, we do need to look inside ourselves and understand that essentially we are flawed in some or other way.  None of us are perfect, so perfection is not what we should be seeking from our children.  Every decision that we make with regard to raising our children is made from our own personal point of reference.  They are made from our own personal experiences and learned behaviours and values that were taught to us by our parents.  I think in some instances that this could be quite a scary thought, especially knowing that our parents also weren’t perfect and probably were even more flawed than us!

Understanding that we as parents have a huge impact on our children from every aspect of their lives, allows us to at least become aware of how we handle this very important job that we have taken on.  As I have grown older and my children now have children of their own, it’s really quite gratifying to see that for the most part, I have raised well-adjusted, really good human beings, who are now raising their own well-adjusted and really good human beings.  Every one of us leaves some kind of legacy to our family and it’s our moral duty to ensure that the legacy that we leave is one that we can be proud of and one that affects our families in a beautiful and positive way.

If we fail to do this, we have not only failed our families, but we have failed ourselves and society as a whole.  And I think that’s a lot to go back and answer for when we return to spirit!  The responsibility that rests on our shoulders in taking on our contracts with our children is immense.  And so while we need to be responsible for our own deeds and actions, we need to fully comprehend to what extent, our deeds and actions have an affect down the line.  One thing that springs to mind is how we find families that experience abuse, whatever form it may take, seem to be locked into relationships that are fraught with abuse.  And yes, we know that our contracts that we take on together are pre-destined for us to be in these particular types of relationships in order for us to learn certain lessons.  However, looking at it from a different perspective, the lesson isn’t just understanding abuse, but getting a clearer all-round understanding of everything associated with abusive relationships.  So we would then be choosing to understand and overcome things like self-worth, self-confidence, independence, survival, love, compassion, empathy – not only the physical aspects but the psychological aspects of abusive relationships.  I believe that when we, as souls, get to understand every aspect of abuse and overcome everything related to abuse, is only when we come into a human existence, armed with the strength to break that cycle so to speak.

As many of my readers know, I am a firm believer in past lives, not only from a re-incarnation aspect, but from the perspective of getting to know what our past lives have been, so that we can know and have a deeper understanding of what it is that we have come to learn in this lifetime, bringing with us the strength, experience and understanding of past lives, in order to facilitate this lifetime being a great one.  And when we get all this, we have set ourselves up to facilitate a lifetime for our children that will make them better as spiritual beings through them experiencing a better existence as human beings.

So for me it’s really important that we ask ourselves, are we raising good human beings.  It’s really important that this be an aspect of our existences – that it becomes important enough to us to know how much we influence the existence of our children.  And I truly believe that when we do, we will most certainly be raising good human beings.

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