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Be kind be calm be safe

Be Kind – Be Calm – Be Safe #spreadjoy

The third wave has hit us with a vengeance!  For those who follow Spirit Connection regularly, you would have read the message from my guide about the third wave.  For those of you who didn’t, this is just a quick catch-up for you :  In a nutshell what she said was, there will be a third wave, but by the time it hits globally, we will already be in a much stronger position to fight it.  We will have a vaccine ready and whilst it will feel scary as ever, to please know that we are all in good hands.  The Guides, the Angels and the Lords of Karma, are working together with those who have the knowledge and the power on the earthplane, to get to a position, where the fear of the virus will be overcome, where we will find ourselves once again, in control.

And so it has come about.  For the next two weeks in South Africa, we have been requested to be exceptionally vigilant – to take extra precautions in terms of how we inter-mingle with others, where we go and how we can contribute to making the jobs of our front-line workers, the doctors and nurses, just a little easier.  We have been requested to limit the functions that we host or attend, and even to the point, where we need to limit the amount of people attending such sad events like funerals.

What we need to remember more than anything, is that this is temporary!  It will pass!  It has been exceptionally difficult for many.  We know this, those in power know this, the Guides know this.  But it is temporary.  We have been asked to give two weeks – two weeks in the greater scheme of things, is very little to ask.

During these trying difficult times, it’s so important that we show kindness, that we remain calm and most importantly that we remain safe.  And when you consider that we’ve been doing this since March of last year, it should already be a way of life for most of us.  In connecting with my guide today, she has this to say :

Your patience has been tested in a way that you have never experienced before.  Your attention to your health and the health of others, has been heightened in a way that you have never experienced before.  The need for kindness, tolerance and understanding has never been as important as it is right now.  Know that everyone around the globe is struggling to get through this period of existence and know too that you have chosen to be here on the earth at this time.  Please use it for the betterment of your spiritual growth as well as for the spiritual growth of everyone else around you.  Know that together you walk this path and as you get to conquer this challenge, together you will be stronger.  You are requested to send out a prayer every day for everyone currently walking the globe.  Pray for those in need whatever that need is.  See the world being made whole.  See the healing taking place and know that those in Spirit are sending healing light every moment of every day.  Whatever you do, remain calm in all your thoughts and deeds and be conscious of where you place your energy.  Please do not allow yourself to become entrenched and caught up in those who spread false information.  There will always be those who will try to lead your thoughts and thinking in another direction.  Please be discerning in who you choose to pay attention to in terms of keeping yourself informed as to what is currently taking place on the earth.  This is a global experience, therefore globally it will be attended to and globally it will be overcome.

This is just a short message for today – please be kind, please be calm and please, stay safe.

I leave you as always

In love and light

Glynis – #spreadjoy

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