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Rose Quartz as an Emotional Amplifier

This past weekend I facilitated my Colour Therapy and Crystals Workshop, during the course of the day, Rose Quartz became the topic for much discussion. Some of the attendees had been given information about these stones by the crystal shop where she purchased them, that was not strictly in line with the true use of the stones and this has led to some drama in this person’s life…

In this time of spiritual awakening, there is a renewed interest in crystals as tools for healing and spiritual growth. As a result, there is much available on the internet and many books on crystals, however there are also many myths that are perpetuated by some authors that have now found their way across the web and into the everyday understanding of crystals.

Some of the things that I have found in reference to Rose Quartz include:

  • Rose Quartz dispels negativity and protects against environmental pollution, replacing it with loving vibes.
  • Bringing love in to life and daily situations…lowers stress and soothes those around it
  • Rose quartz is a very happy and loving stone.
  • It is the stone of gentle love.
  • One currently very popular personality that sells internet crystal courses says “its energy is very calming, gentle & compassionate…a stone of love; love of all sorts. Whenever you feel the need to feel loved or you need or want to offer compassion, grab your rose quartz.”

I have found rose quartz has a tendency to amplify emotion. If you are sad, you will find yourself crying uncontrollably. If you are angry you will fly into a rage. This amplification of emotions starts subtly, in an almost imperceptible manner and builds from there. Because the build-up is so subtle, Rose Quartz is rarely recognized as the source of this over-emotional behaviour.

The fact that rose quartz is most often marketed as a gentle love stone, keeps people from realising just how powerful a crystal this is. Rose Quartz is readily available and at an affordable price and because of it being advertised as the ultimate love stone, many healers have an abundance of these stones in their homes and treatment rooms. In fact, rose quartz is one of the “starter crystals” most recommended by healers and light-workers to their clients, to the extent that it is not uncommon for large pieces to be found in each room of their homes and sometimes multiple large crystals. This over-abundance of crystals has the tendency to exaggerate its effects on the homes’ inhabitants. Added to this, I have found many of the clients who come to me, were never told about cleansing their crystals, so this over-abundance of crystals tends to be filled with stagnant and negative energy in desperate need of clearing.

As an example, I have one client who works in a day spa. There are multiple rose quartz crystals in the main room, as the owner has a love of them, but recently they have found that they have had a huge increase in arguments with client’s and the owner who was known for her calm demeanour, has become quite critical of her staff, often losing her temper. The following happened to a friend of mine, to protect her privacy, I will call her Lucy.

Lucy was at work one day when she found a friend in thorough distress. We will refer to her friend as Jane for ease of reference… After asking what the issue was, Lucy was told that Jane was having problems with her kids. At this point Jane was crying uncontrollably. Lucy being well versed in crystals herself, noticed that Jane was wearing rose quartz.  Upon further investigation she discovered that Jane’s desk as well as under her chair was littered with rose quartz. Lucy asked Jane to remove the rose quartz jewellery and took away the rose quartz from around the office. Within a short time, Jane was able to calm herself down. Although she was still upset, she was able to better deal with the situation…

Rose quartz is an important crystal removing blocked emotional stress. It is generally considered to encourage love and harmony. It is true that the vibration of pink does reduce aggression and promote understanding and empathy, but it is a mistake to think that because of this, wearing rose quartz will make you happier.

Rose quartz opens and heals the heart chakra to make you ready to receive love, however it is not a gentle stone. It facilitates emotional release acting like a safety valve, it allows for a sudden release of emotional pressure. Whether or not you are aware of the need to release the pressure, it will be facilitated by rose quartz. In the long-term you will feel better for having released all the pent up emotion, but whilst it is happening it is an incredibly uncomfortable experience without understanding and guidance, and a little self-defeating if all it does is cause more anxiety…. Rhodonite should be used in conjunction with Rose quartz, as it complements and stabilizes the release initiated by rose quartz. Rhodonite will restore a sense of equilibrium without stifling the release processes underway.

The guideline with rose quartz, as with all crystals, is to explore the stone carefully, and if discomfort arises, change the approach. Maybe a gentler crystal energy is called for, maybe combining rose quartz with rhodonite is a better choice…

As we evolve into a new paradigm, our energetic centre is moving from the hara point below the navel to the heart chakra. As this shift takes place, it is highly important to clear and strengthen this chakra. The heart centre is the strongest generator of Light energy in the body – even stronger than the brain. The energy of Rose quartz helps the bud of the heart unfold into a thousand-petalled lotus of Light. Rose quartz can vibrationally support the energetic stabilization of the physical heart as it shifts to match the increasing frequency of the planet. It can aid those experiencing palpitations or skipped beats, irregular heart rhythm or emotional distress due to these energetic changes.

I think it may be time that rose quartz is given a new label instead of the stone of gentle love, it really should be the heart healer and emotional amplifier.

I will take this a step further, in that although pink stones are most often the one’s put forward as love stones, we shouldn’t forget some of our green allies who are strong love stones too, given their direct association with the green of the heart chakra. Here I refer to Chrysophase specifically.

Chrysophase helps one remain centred in the heart at all times, providing the courage to face difficult or threatening situations with steadfast resolve and truth-centred compassion. Its energy expands the heart chakra and allows one to receive the infinite Love and Abundance of the Universe. Chrysophase is an excellent prosperity stone and a powerful Love attractor. It helps one prepare the heart for a new relationship.  It allows one to overcome bitterness and past disappointment and to approach new relationships with the curious heart of youth.

Originally published – 17 October 2016 on: https://violetsunblog.wordpress.com/2016/10/19/rose-quartz-as-an-emotional-amplifier/


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