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I read this quote the other day and thought wow! “Here’s to the people who inspire us and don’t even know it!”  I know some people like that.  I’ve known quite a few people like that in my lifetime and certainly hope that at least at some point in someone else’s life, they’ve thought that I was one of those people who inspire.

In my spiritual work that I do, I am always so humbled by the positive feedback that I receive.  It’s really nice to hear someone say that what transpired during their reading, has benefited them, has made them feel more connected, or made them feel more like they can do it. 

People are really struggling with life at the moment, especially here in South Africa.  It’s rated as one of the most dangerous countries to be living in.  Wow, what courageous beings are we, those of us who chose to come to the earth at this time! 

So thinking about the people who inspire us and don’t even know it, I feel like we should all aspire to be that person.  You know that there’s always ‘that person’, no matter where you are.  In our families, there’s always that one person who shouts the loudest, makes the most noise to be noticed, drains the most energy from us.  But then there’s also ‘that person’ who through his or her actions, inspires us to want more, inspires us to expect more of ourselves and just is always there, always willing to lend a helping hand, always giving of themselves, whether it be time or energy.  And which one are you?

I think essentially from time to time, we swing between the two.  There are times when we are inspiring for others, and then there are times when we aren’t.  And that’s okay.  It’s all around asking yourself the question : “how much fun am I to live with?”  And I don’t mean are you always up for a good time.  I mean, seriously asking how easy is it for others to get along with me?  Do other people often feel like they’re walking on egg-shells around me or do I give off the kind of energy where I am an approachable person who my family and friends feel they can be open with, who they can open up to in their time of need.  And again, the need doesn’t have to be material, it could be that just on a bad day, am I there for them?  Do I listen to hear what they are saying, or do I listen to answer?

It’s actually not that difficult to inspire others.  It’s about being positive in your own life and seeing things from the perspective of the glass always being full or refillable.  It’s about understanding that bad things happen and that’s also okay.  It’s about understanding that together we are walking through this wonderful interesting journey that we call life.  And it’s about being compassionate, empathetic, and making yourself see things from the other person’s perspective.  It’s about knowing that there will be days when you mess up.  And it’s also about knowing that how you choose to react to the mess that will make you and inspiration or make people want to run a mile away from you.

Live your life every day, knowing that you are a child of God and that you’re here to learn.  And how we learn is through being the example or the lesson for others and acknowledging that others are there to be the example or the lesson for you. 

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