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Your Guidance May Save Someone’s Life

How do you know when you get an idea or some form of inspiration that what you have received is from a higher source and not your mind?  Speaking from my experience, the messages and downloads that come through me are in no way something that would have crossed my brain on their own.

When I moved away from my husband to my own space, I enjoyed the time apart and the complete control of my environment. When I received a message that I needed to tell my husband we had to go on a backpacking trip – that message did not come from me. I love day hikes, but overnights with everything you need on your back, not my idea of fun. Getting a message that I needed to buy paint and canvas; in no way did that come from me. It was literally out of thin air, and like most of my messages, it didn’t make any sense. You can tell it was not a thought that you would have thought. In no way could I have imagined I needed to stock up on things to do because a pandemic was around the corner. Guidance from the other side often doesn’t make sense.

Topi, a dear friend, recently went to a spiritual vortex site, Sedona, AZ. Topi is wide open and always allowing for any guidance to come through to her. She is constantly in receiving mode. Put her in Sedona; she exploded!

On their first hike in Sedona, they walked in a few miles and rested at the foot of a mountain. Topi saw a man high up on the hill, wearing a red shirt, and carrying a guitar. When Leesa said it was time to go, Topi said she couldn’t as she had to wait for the guy with the guitar. She couldn’t explain it; it was what she had to do. When he came down, she walked with him, and he asked if she’d been to the arch nearby. She was excited to see it, so they followed as he played guitar and sang songs to Mother Earth.

As they walked, others fell in behind this man as if he was the Pied Piper. My friends both noticed that no one in the group felt tired, exhausted, or even winded as they hiked up this steep climb. It was as if they were floating, and the energy was bringing them to the top. Once they made it to the top, they were blown away by the beauty of where they were. This beautiful stranger took them to one of the most magical places they had ever seen.

The next day, they went to another site, Airport Mesa. When they made it to the top, Topi had a sudden urge to sit next to a man sitting alone near the edge – and to hold his hand. If you think about this, I would say most humans would never listen to such an idea without blowing it off entirely. How could they go up to a stranger and grab their hand? Most of us are so worried about what people think, they dismiss any idea and move on. Topi is not one of those people.

She walked over and sat down and said, “I’m gonna hold your hand,” as she grabbed it and sat with him. Leesa had no idea what was going on, so she sat on the other side of the man and watched what unfolded.

When Topi knew it was time to leave, she let go of his hand, stood up, and moved away. Topi didn’t understand why she was there; she just did as she was guided without question. She had no idea that as soon as she grabbed his hand, the man started bawling. She was merely following through on guidance. Leesa was on his other side and saw his deep grief, so she hugged him and stayed with him after Topi walked away.

Just a few hours before Topi shared this story with me, I read the chapter in Laura Lynne Jackson’s latest book about signs and heard this same story! Someone in the book received guidance to sit next to a man and, for no reason, hug him, and she did. She stayed with the man, and when he stopped crying, he told her he was planning on ending his life that day. He had asked for a sign, and then some random woman comes up out of nowhere and gives him a strong, loving embrace. Talk about someone from the other side sending you a signal.

Topi had no idea how her simple action must’ve impacted this man. I told her, “I think you answered his prayers and probably saved his life.”

We are constantly receiving guidance from the other side. It comes in every possible form, from nudges, messages, downloads, a knowing, even in the first line of an email you just opened.

Sadly, most of us are wrapped up so tight in the noise of the world; we will never feel it. If you give yourself time in silence, you will begin to create this space, and it will start to flow. Turn off the noise of the world and put the device away.

My friend is wide open to receive inner guidance. Her being at the right place at the right time made her a vehicle to help someone else along the way.

Hearing and acting on what the other side is trying to tell us will always help us on our journey. But now we know that it isn’t always about us. Sometimes we might be the angel someone else has asked for, the answer to their prayer. You can be that angel.


Cari Pic Canva copyIf I hadn’t lived the many phases of my life, I wouldn’t believe it could all happen in one lifetime. All I imagined after giving up my victim card was being a writer/speaker for Hay House. I was the queen of self-help and I was ready to change lives. Fast forward a decade or two and now, after re-membering who we are and why we are here, self-help was a lifetime ago.

Following my guidance has brought me to a place I couldn’t ever imagine! I have mastered living in the present moment. I have become a Zen-like creature. Once you feel this good in every moment, you can never go back. When you realize we create our own reality, why would we make any part of this thing we call life miserable?

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