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The Benefits of Group Meditation

Sitting in a group meditation development circle is the best way for you to learn how to connect to your guides, the angels, loved ones who have passed, and the universal consciousness, because :

  1. It forces you to set aside time once a week to work on your skills
  2. It allows you to see that what you get is not your imagination
  3. It allows you to make contact with your guides
  4. It allows you to feel different energies on different energy levels
  5. It lets you see how easy it is to set aside distractions
  6. It allows you to quieten your mind
  7. It allows you to experience what it feels like when you just let the energies flow
  8. It gives you confidence to know that what you are being shown is coming to you from the guides or the angels or our loved ones in Spirit
  9. It gives you confidence to be able to interpret those images that you get and communicate with your guides for that interpretation
  10. It allows you to see where your strengths lie ie do you work best by just communicating with the guides, or using the Tarot, Angel Cards, Crystals, Pendulum etc.

Starting off with guided visualisation type meditation is a great way to train your brain to focus on just one thing. However, if you want to connect with Spirit, guided meditations will not get you there.   In the beginning, you may find that you only see colours, sense an emotion or perhaps hear a voice in your head.   You may see just one or two images that flash by. It is most common when your guides are first wanting to make themselves known, for you to see just one eye, or one side of a face or even just the outline of a face with no features.

Relaxing is key. Putting away the fear of the unknown and the need to be in control, is absolutely essential. Don’t have any set idea in your head of what it is going to feel like when you make the connection.   Expecting to see anything with your physical eyes or actually hearing as you do in the physical world will only set you up for disappointment and will block you raising your vibrations to the point where you actually do make the connection.

Never think that anything that you get is weird! The guides have so many different ways in which they can show you what they are communicating. They do it through images, impressions, feelings and thoughts that are placed in your head. Some people see images like a movie playing in their heads. Some people only see colour. You can only get to know how your guides intend working with you, when you are consistent in your commitment, you meditate in circle once a week and you do your own meditation at home for at least 10 minutes a day. And finally, you must write down everything that you get during each meditation. Recording what you get, helps you to see, when you go back and read through your experiences, the pattern that is developing in terms of what you get the most.   It also helps you to start formulating questions in your mind as to what you want to chat to your guides about.   And when you finally understand that your guides are your best friends, that they are never angry or disappointed in you; they never refuse to speak to you and they are totally unjudgemental, you will feel the bond that you have developed and will be able to speak to them daily and get their inspiration and help daily in your life. And then with practise, practise, practise, you will be able to start doing readings for other people.

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