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We Become What We Think About

How does it work? Why do we become what we think about? Well, I’ll tell you how it works, as far as we know. To do this, I want to tell you about a situation that parallels the human mind.

Suppose a farmer has some land, and it’s good, fertile land. The land gives the farmer a choice; he may plant in that land whatever he chooses. The land doesn’t care. It’s up to the farmer to make the decision.

We’re comparing the human mind with the land because the mind, like the land, doesn’t care what you plant in it. It will return what you plant, but it doesn’t care what you plant.

Now, let’s say that the farmer has two seeds in his hand—one is a seed of corn, the other is nightshade, a deadly poison. He digs two little holes in the earth and he plants both seeds—one corn, the other nightshade. He covers up the holes, waters and takes care of the land…and what will happen? Invariably, the land will return what was planted.

As it’s written in the Bible, “As ye sow, so shall ye reap.”

Remember the land doesn’t care. It will return poison in just as wonderful abundance as it will corn. So up come the two plants—one corn, one poison.

The human mind is far more fertile, far more incredible and mysterious than the land, but it works the same way. It doesn’t care what we plant…success…or failure. A concrete, worthwhile goal…or confusion, misunderstanding, fear, anxiety and so on. But what we plant must return to us.

You see, the human mind is the last great unexplored continent on earth. It contains riches beyond our wildest dreams. It will return anything we want to plant.

The essence here is; Be aware of your thoughts as they will become your reality.

The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) principles can create insightful and lasting changes in behaviour swiftly and easily. I particularly favour the use of NLP Time Based Techniques which can produce profound results and can alleviate/remove phobias; is helpful in eliminating a particular false, limiting or negative perception, such as fear, anger, hurt, sadness, guilt, or “I am not good enough …” with positive, life affirming belief’; allowing one to be more flexible; both in their conscious and unconscious mind. It is a matter of becoming self-aware of ones thoughts and actions. Remarkable results have been achieved for physical pain too.

NLP is a powerful system of thinking that can accelerate the achievement of one’s personal and professional goals by unlocking an individual’s potential and assisting one in getting on track to ones desired outcome.

I wonder if you realize all the benefits you’ll get when you make this change.

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