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All vibrational energy within the Universal Consciousness is colour.  We have Seven Rays that dominate all energy in cycles of roughly 2000 years.  We have Seven main Chakras, all the exact same colours as the Seven Rays, all vibrating out from the physical body as well as vibrating inwards to the physical body drawing in energy from the Universe.  We know that all electro-magnetic wavelengths have different colours, again all the same colours of the Seven Rays.  Rainbows have seven colours, once again, all the same as the Seven Rays.

When doing healing, be it Reiki, Colour Therapy or any other form of healing, Colour is used.  Colour is so powerful, that we even have Spirit Workers who work with designated colours to filter energy into and onto the Earth.

The following is an excerpt from the Book :Colour Meditations by S.G.J. Ouseley

Just as the invisible radiations of the sun and the Cosmic Rays surround us on all sides, so also the very air we breathe is permeated with the forces of light and colour.  This vital energy, or prana, as the Hindus call it, is the living force that imparts and sustains life. We extract it from the food we eat, from the water we drink and most of all from the air we breathe.  When we absorb large quantities of prana we enjoy good health and vitality.

What we call ‘fresh air’ consists of much more than just oxygen and other chemical ingredients.  It contains radiations from the sun, from the far-off stars and planets and other forces.  The Colour Healer therefore practises deep rhythmic breathing with visualization of the rays absorbing them into his body and inner principles. He also teaches his patients to practise deep breathing, and to make simple mental affirmations expressive of the Ray being drawn upon.

The Colour Healer is always a deep breather.  He is always conscious of the Universal Life-Spirit that is about him to strengthen him and with each deep inbreathing he draws into himself a portion of this power.  He does this consciously feeling the grandeur of being in harmony with the Infinite.  When he eats it is with the feeling that he is taking sustenance into his body which is adding to his reserve force.  When he sleeps it is with the knowledge that he entrusts himself to the beneficent action of Divine Energy in rebuilding the exhausted cells of the body and inspiring him for the tasks of the next day.

The following exercise will be found most useful and beneficial.  Sit comfortably in a chair before an open window : close your eyes and when you have contemplated in the mind for three minutes on the desired colour, bend forward and expel all the air from your lungs and stomach, making the body as limp as possible.  All the muscles must be relaxed so that each limb is perfectly limp and as far as possible forgotten.  Then take one deep inbreathing beginning with the expansion of the abdomen and carrying the breath up by one continued inspiration inhalation to the ribs and chest.  As you breathe in count up to eight : then hold the breath for another eight seconds and lastly exhale during eight more seconds.

The best time to practise is immediately following or preceding breakfast and supper.  The exercise should not be practised last thing at night during the first month as it is definitely stimulating and the increase of vital force may take some time to get accustomed to.  It is important to feel conscious during this exercise of the inflow of the Rays re-vitalising the whole system and replenishing the finer vehicles with cosmic energy.  Controlled breathing not only raises the bodily vibrations but unites us subjectively with the Universal Consciousness.

Each of the seven rays may be breathed in according to the specific need.  It is well to remember that the first three Colour Rays ie Red, Orange, Yellow, are magnetic and should be visualized as flowing up from the earth towards the solar plexus.  The last three – Blue, Indigo, Violet – are electrical and are breathed in from the ether downwards.  The Green Ray – the balancing of the spectrum – flows into the system horizontally.

Should you wish to know more about colour healing and meditation, don’t hesitate to contact me using the contacts page of Spirit Connection website.

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