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Consciousness Rises so All is Amplified

This creates imbalances for what may have previously been teeny or tiny qualities which were OK in small doses.

As the consciousness rises the effects and consequences of amplifying these small qualities of you can have devastating effects unless very careful attention is given to them and appropriate action taken to balance and stabilize self now and ongoing.

It is akin to mixing paint. If a strong colour like black is added to a light shaded mixture, the colour of the overall mixture tips immediately to that of the strongest colour which will be dark and black and there are no shades of greys as it were.

These personality traits or inclinations may previously have been held in check and balanced. Currently consciousness is rising quickly and any small inclination arising unchecked can change the entire flavour and outcome of human parameter affecting physical health, emotions, mind and actions substantially.

Previously these characteristics may have allowed for a level spectrum well balanced.

As consciousness rises the attributes not in alignment with high self-cause, huge peaks and or troughs or ups and downs, highs and lows  as it were, requiring immediate attention for concomitant manifestation occurs very rapidly and to ensure manifestation takes place on a positive and not negative note, attention is needed to focus carefully on what is being thought, done, felt, and believed so all levels of energy are balanced and in alignment  .

Man is master of his energies and along with this a sense of responsibility for what is created or being created – for what is, was and will be created – is actualized.

Aspects of ego will rise up to be acknowledged and handled appropriately and along with this it is recommended that a man is kind and loving to self as well as with others.

Emotions are our genetic memory of the past.  When strong heavy emotions arise it is recommended that they are not harmfully expressed creating karma. Strong heavy e-motion is best let go and not held onto. Exploration and engaging in meditative exercises and or practice to release and let go e-motion in productive ways is beneficial. Engaging positive karma be a priority. New ways of healing are arising. An understanding of what is occurring on the planet is of much value part of which encompasses the transition of planet earth to a balanced energy requiring all to balance male and female – logic and intuition – within so to speak.

Please note the smallest heavy emotion, thought, action, belief can rise up and change the charting of the course of many round about you for what each of us does has a ripple effect on all that there is.

Centring on peace, harmony, love in a balanced manner. I and my guides wish everyone a Happy Peaceful Year 2019.

We recommend that Love is given to how you feel, your beliefs, actions and thoughts to ensure creating which arise from there be desirably good and ensure successful outcome for the highest and greatest good.

There are changes occurring on planet earth and we bring to your attention that ways of being and behaving require careful attention to new ways of handling to ensure good successful outcome.

The reason is that consciousness on the planet is raising.

We are all Greatly Loved
We have all we require
To be Magnificent
Lights of G-d

Shining Brightly for Self
And for Others
This being Our Natural Divine
State of Being


Yvonne Cohen is a Transformational Healer and Teacher.

I worked 5 years at Madame Zingara reading Tarot. I give Readings , Healing , Aura Cleanse , Chakra Balancing , Smudging Cleansing and Blessings for People as well as Dwelling Spaces, Meditation, Tarot, Vision Boar , Reik , Kabbalistic Healing and Sefirot Balancing .

I sketch Intuitive Healing Drawings  ~ I give Healing as given to Me by My Guides and ~ I give a Unique Neck Touch which awakens True Essence ~I give Talks as channelled to me by my Guides followed by Healing Meditations. I Teach Classes and Workshops in the following Topics :- Healing, Aura Clease  , Chakra Balancing , Smudging Cleansing and Blessing for People as well as Dwelling Places , Reiki , Tarot ,  Manifestation, Vision Boards , Meditation , Connecting to Guides and Helpers , Tree of Life Sefirot Balancing , Kabbalah , History of the Planet and Shamanism. Classes and Workshops are Fun Filled and Creative.They vary and are tailor made to suit the Needs and Requirements of Participants who are attending.

Contact Yvonne Cellphone Number  0822955812 My Facebook Page can be located at https://www.facebook.com/yvonnecohenhealing/

Or @yvonnecohenhealing

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