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The energies are shifting

The Energies are Shifting

On the 22nd February there was much hype and chat around the significance of the day.  And it truly has been if for no other reason, than to bring to our attention how the energy is shifting around us and giving us a wonderful opportunity to focus on shutting down the old and bringing in the new.

Now I know that this something that a lot of us lightworkers talk about.  It almost always feels like the time is just right for us to make changes in our lives.  But if you think about it, it’s true – the time is always right for us to make changes.  And of course change is the absolute only constant in our lives – at least it should be.

With this powerful shift in the energies that has been brought to light by the significance of the 22nd February 2022, we need to all be taking absolute advantage of the positivity in the ethers around us.  Making the conscious choice to link into the Universal Consciousness and calling upon the Angels and Lords of Karma, to help us to release everything that no longer serves us.  All our old thoughts and ideas, our belief systems that we know don’t work for us anymore.  Releasing all the negative and toxic relationships that we’ve been holding onto – that’s a difficult one!  And releasing all the negative energy that we carry with us, that holds us back from creating a wonderful and exciting life.  And then embracing what is new to come to us – you know you have to make the effort!

Change the way you see yourself.  Change the way you think.  Change what you believe you deserve – really put that thought under the microscope and see if it benefits you in any way, the way you currently believe.  See yourself as the perfect pure soul that you are.  You are not here to be punished for anything that you have done in a past life or even in this one.  We are here to learn.  And we learn through the difficult encounters that we have.  Never see yourself as the victim.  Always see yourself as someone who is here on this earth at this time, come to experience life with others who have also chosen to do so.  And live your life in deep and absolute gratitude for everything that you have – the challenges as well as the achievements.  One cannot climb a mountain and reach the summit without having put effort and training into it.  And that goes for your life too.  Know that initially everything that you experience in your early life, is your school and where you are afforded the opportunity to learn.  And if you see your life as a privilege that has been given to you and more importantly one that you have chosen to live, you see yourself in such a different light.

You see yourself as being deserving of every beauty that this amazing mother earth has to offer.  You see yourself as being deserving of every beauty that your life has to offer you as well.  Remember that perception creates reality.  Watch your words.  Be careful and cautious of how you describe your life. Be very careful and cautious of the conversations that you have with yourself.  You are so powerful, you have no idea!  What you believe is what you are going to get – that’s how it works!  And make sure that you are so acutely aware at all times of this natural law of the universe.

Want only what is best for yourself and expect that everyone around you wants the same.  And then live your life like that – be that person.  Don’t be the person that people try to avoid because you suck the energy out of them – rather be the person that everyone, including you, wants to be around.  Ask yourself this question :  how much fun am I to be around?  If you can’t answer the question with a resounding ‘I am great fun to be around’, then you need to go back to the drawing board!  Living life is all about inventing and reinventing yourself.  It’s about evolving, adapting and recalibrating.  And of course that can be daunting and challenging.  We all want to stay the same, we want everything to be ‘normal’.  But what is normal?  Normal is that the world changes around us every day.  Things happen and sometimes terrible things happen to amazing people and sometimes amazing things happen to amazing people!  And that’s just how we as humans roll – accept it and jump on board for this exciting and immensely privileged ride that we’ve been given at this time.

The energies are shifting and if we’re not going to take advantage of them, we’re going to be left behind.  And by that I mean, we’re going to reach a point where we have to play huge catch up and we don’t want to add that kind of stress to our lives.  Living in harmony in an harmonious environment is what you want to achieve – you know how to.  Just allow yourself to be.  Connect to the powerful creative energy of the Great White Spirit – our creator – and then just breathe and relax into it.  You will be taken care of.  It’s about trust.  It’s about believing in yourself and the undeniable connection to this ever-evolving life of your spirit that you’re experiencing right here, right now, on this beautiful planet called mother earth.

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