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Life is a Journey of Love

Life is a journey, but we were never meant to swim upstream. Go with the flow rather than kicking against it. And that doesn’t mean, just accepting everything around you. However, it is possible to go with the flow, and still be in total control of your own life and destiny all at the same time. Make this journey of yours fun, exciting and filled with passion. Keep top of mind that your perception creates your reality through what you pay attention to. Make sure that what you pay attention to is worthy of your becoming conscious of. Make sure that the reality that you create for yourself is one that is worthy of your effort and your energy. And just as importantly, make sure that the reality that you create for yourself is beneficial to both yourself and the people around you. Keep that positive circle of life moving and flowing with kindness, love, acceptance, joy, happiness and passion – heaven only knows how much we need it!

In the end it all comes down to you! What is this thing that we call life? Is it a gift? Is it a privilege? Is it something that we regard as a punishment for previous lifetimes? Whatever you perceive life to be, it probably isn’t! Life as we know it is an absolute manifestation of the Great I Am, the Creator of everything that lives, moves, breathes, loves and feels emotion. Should it not therefore stand to reason, that life is precious, pure, beautiful and something to be honoured? And if this is the case, then we should all be asking ourselves, why we do not see life as this and in so doing, we do not honour it?

The awful things happening in the world around us; the awful things that people do to each other and the absolute blatant disrespect that we show each other, clearly confirms for us all that we do not get it. We don’t get that we are a manifestation of the Great I Am and we do not see ourselves as worthy and that our lives are pure, beautiful and precious.

What a sad and desolate world have we created? This is not what God intended when he set out to create a place for us to learn, to grow ourselves on a spiritual level and to walk a path of spiritual development back to His Holy Space. Back to where we can be complete and totally at peace and at one with one another.

Consider what your contribution to society has been and what you can do to improve on it. Make that conscious choice to change who you are. For in working on yourself and consciously trying to make an effort to making a positive contribution to yourself and the people with whom you come into contact every day, will have a positive effect on everything in your life. And just that small positive contribution, when added to everyone else’s small contribution, makes a huge difference.

Work with your guides and the Angels daily to better your space. Make yourself consciously aware of your thoughts, your actions and what you say. Remember that if you speak before you think, you can never take back what you have said. And the same goes for your thoughts, for they are energy as well.

Make sure that your only aim in life is to be happy and to have a positive effect on the people around you. Take the judgement and ego out of everything that you say and do. In the end it is only up to you – it is only you who can make a difference in your own life – it is only you.

Love is a powerful emotion and sadly, very misunderstood and misinterpreted by so many people. Love is what the great Master Jesus came to this earth to teach us. It is unconditional, pure and sacred.

Because of the all-encompassing message and at the risk of being repetitive, I just have to use this amazing piece from 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 which tells us : Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

What a beautiful description of a truly powerful emotion and one that we should in fact, all print out and keep in a place where we can see it at least ten times a day! Because – how many of us attach conditions to our love? How many of us want something in return? How many of us keep record of wrongs, are easily angered and dishonour ourselves and others? How many of us are self-seeking, never trust, never have hope, never persevere and always fail? And even if it is only some of the time that we fail to achieve love in its purest form, as per this scripture, we are doing ourselves and our loved-ones, families and friends, a complete disservice.

To truly love is an expression of the Great I Am, the Creator of all that is. It is in the absolute perfection of everything that is, that the love of the Creator becomes known to us all. Take time out to look at the beauty around you, the flowers, trees, birds, animals, children and the entire universe. Breathe in that beauty and take it into yourself so that you can feel it in your very core and in doing so, you will become one with that beauty and one with that love expression.

Look around you and see people for who they are – once again, a perfect expression of the Great I Am. And in that moment, when you look deeper and see more than just another person standing in front of you, you will see the beauty and know that there can be only love. Love is what binds us together and ensures that we accept each other for who we are. Love is what makes us understand that it is only the path that we have chosen for this life-time, that separates us from each other. Love is what spurs us on and motivates us to uplift ourselves and those around us. Love is what ensures that we treat each other with respect and dignity, without judgement and without prejudice.

It is time for us all to embrace love in its absolute purest form. To practise loving and being loved – expressing it with every action and every reaction. It is only love that will bring us all back together again and clear our paths to enlightenment, joy and peace.

It is interesting to see how the world is changing. And yes, there is always constant talk about change happening or being imminent. Linked to this is always either a message of doom and gloom or a message of hope of better things to come. If you think about it, both messages also usually go hand in hand.

And so as a world-wide nation, we live our lives in hope. We spend a huge amount of time, effort and energy focusing on better things to come and pray every day for a better world for us all to share. Whilst praying for a better world is a good thing and certainly does go far towards uplifting the vibrations of the world as a whole, we cannot leave all the work to Spirit. We have to do something this side as well – kind of like a team effort!

Hope is a good thing because it makes us yearn for something better, but we need to delve deeper into ourselves, our abilities and even more importantly, our faith in our abilities. Because part of each and every one of our contracts with Spirit, in terms of us coming into this incarnation, is to work towards bettering the earthly existence. It is to work towards making the earth an ever-evolving energy and steering it towards greater and more wonderful vibrations and experiences. And so in us all connecting with the energies of the earth, we obviously are able to partake of those ever-evolving energies, and use to them to our benefit.

As a society, or the human race, we are all finding common ground. This has taken us a very long time, but you only need to go back in history and examine what has passed before us, to see that we are slowly getting it right. It has been a long process and will continue to be so, but, if we are able to recognise that we are on the right path, that recognition creates our reality and that’s what we want. We want our hopes and our dreams to become our reality because that’s the reality in which we want to exist.

So focus only on the positive aspects of your life and even when it seems that life has given you lemons, look on the bright side, question why they have been dealt to you and ask what it is that you should be doing with them. Don’t ever see anything happening to you in your life as a punishment. For God is a god of love. You will never be disappointed if you allow yourself to be guided by His great wisdom and love. And understanding that His great love will always allow you the opportunity to learn and to grow, makes it just that much easier to know that whatever happens to you, it is for your greater good and for that reason, you need to be working even harder to find the opportunity and the lesson!

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