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There is not a single teaching anywhere that does not include inspiring people to do good.  To be good and live a good life.  When put on paper, it looks so simple and straight-forward.  But when put into practise, it can become a challenge.

At this time more than at any time, we need to get ourselves into a mindset of doing infinite good.  And by that I mean, do as much good as you can, as often as you can, and make it a practise to do even when you feel it isn’t needed.

So many people across the globe have been subject to the repercussions of Covid.  It may be that they have had to overcome the challenge of becoming extremely ill from the virus.  It may be that they have lost their livelihood as a result of not being able to work during this time.  It is no secret that there are people who are in a position to ward off, fight off and survive the virus and there are those who just didn’t stand a chance, right from the very onset.

I get the sense that people have totally changed their attitudes because of what the virus has done to us all.  There is a definite sense of us all being in the same boat, or very similar boats, to say the least.  Some industries have been so hard-hit and some businesses have already had to permanently close their doors.  Some have been put on shorter shifts or working in rotation to ensure that everyone is still employed, but at a reduced salary.

There is a definite sense that everyone needs to be rallying together and supporting each other, however it is that we can, to ensure that we make it to the other side of this very difficult time in our lives.  And so it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re in a financial position to assist, money is not entirely the issue.  It’s about doing good at any turn, any opportunity that you can get.  It’s about being an honourable citizen of the earth.  It’s about recognizing that someone’s need is greater than yours and doing something about it.

The official description of the word ‘infinite’ in the dictionary is this : subject to no limitation or external determination.  Extending beyond, lying beyond, or being greater than any preassigned finite value however large.

Doing infinite good then has to mean that you go beyond, that you be greater than any preassigned finite value you have ever given to yourself.  That you extend yourself with no limitation or external determination.  It sounds really elaborate, out of reach and difficult to achieve.  But given your own current limitations, ask yourself, what can I do for someone else, that would stretch me beyond what I currently believe I am capable of?  What can I do for someone to help them along this difficult journey that we have all chosen to experience at this time, during our earthly existence?

Then when you figure that out and you start to act on it, you will know that you are doing infinite good and isn’t that just the most amazing thing to expect of yourself?

Yours as always

In Love and Light


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