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John Freewill

Do We Really Have Free Will When We Collaborate With Spirit?

I am changing my perspective regarding the amount of Free Will we actually have when it comes to Lightwork. I am personally always open and available to collaborate with spirit at whatever time of day or night they call on me to do so. In the past many mediums have told me that you must close down after a circle, a healing or a reading, to indicate to spirit that it is time for them to step back and allow you to rest.

Now logic tells me that time within the spiritual realms does not exist certainly not as we perceive it in our earthly realm. To spirit or our guides they are always ready to intercede and help someone in a crisis, they are much more knowledgeable than we are and have access to energies and tools not yet given to the masses of lightworkers. Why then should I say to them “sorry I cannot work with you today I’m busy doing other things for myself”.

Now logic also tells me that if you had a good friend whom you would drop everything for at a moment’s notice and go to their aid, that when you asked them for a little help down the line somewhere, and they said sorry I’m going out with my friends today can I get back to you later after the weekend? How would you feel? Would that make you angry? After all you dropped everything to rush to help them when they asked for help.

If your answer was yes, I would be angry or at the least a bit put out and wary of helping them again, you would be perfectly entitled to feel that way wouldn’t you? – that is our human nature after all. So how do you think our guides feel if we shut the door to them when they seek our cooperation to collaborate with them?

I never say no unless I have been drinking or am unwell myself. Firstly I would not work under the influence of drink or drugs as that will affect my judgement and possibly my Intuition and abilities, or affect my personal vibrations so that dark entities could slip in and confuse me and make me do things that normally I would question immediately and not do.

Likewise, if I am ill then I am not a clear enough channel to be of use for them to send energy through to help another person, or in fact just trying to help them I may pass on whatever ails me thus spreading infections or only plain old bad energy to others.

I want to give you a simple recent experience that might explain this easier for you to understand why I question “do we really have free will”? Many years ago, when I and my wife awakened and were drawn to the lightworker pathways, we both embraced the healing route and also the path of mediumship.

Over the years we attended different development circles together. Some were of the open type where anyone can turn up and others would be by invitation only. In many we went to I would be the only male in attendance and trust me the differences in what the female meditations and mine revealed were like chalk and cheese.

I was making my decision to pursue the healing pathway more than the mediums pathway. I didn’t find it easy to give a message then but my wife did.  Well she had been doing it longer than me too so she studied more of the mediums arts including trance readings etc. Our pathways diverged so much that I quit my job as a builder and started working as a full time healer.

As the years passed new guides stepped in and taught me many healing techniques that I could not find elsewhere, and also took me into a direct conflict with the dark and those that work for it. They taught me how to communicate with the persons Soul and during each healing session they would use me to convey a message from the persons soul to them in person as they lay on the couch.

This soon became a full-time connection. As soon as the person lay down, I would have this internal conversation and then explain in terms that often I did not understand but the client always did whatever needed saying. They then got me to do evenings of these healing demonstrations in a few spiritual churches, all the while building up both a client base and a teaching platform.

They started to get me writing books – only short ones that I published on Amazon. There are two now and they say there will be more to come. As my wife and I sat in meditation, at times they would place us both in trance so that the guides could tell both of us what we needed to do or why we were asked to do something.

So, having said all those years ago no thanks this giving of messages from the platform isn’t for me thank you very much, I was slowly engineered into a situation where one Sunday a few weeks ago, the medium who was going to serve our little church, was taken unwell and lost her voice so could not give out the messages. She was actually a good friend of mine and we do a lot of light against dark work together. We often sit as a trilogy – this lady, my wife and I and do whatever our guides direct us to do. She lost her platform partner a few years ago before Covid was around, and he too joins us from spirit side.

I was going to chair the service for her that day, so when she messaged that she had lost her voice my normal reaction would have been to contact the booking secretary and tell him to phone around to get another medium to step in. But our friend in spirit stepped forwards and told me to step up and do the service myself. I asked another member of the church to chair the service and prepared myself to do as he asked.

There were not very many people in the congregation that I did not know so I thought those I do know will help me out. As it turned out I need not have worried at all – the service flowed. The prayers that came to me, the philosophy and finally the messages to all the congregation, one after the other.

I explained that I had never done this before so to bear with me I would give it a shot lol. After the service many said you would never have known that was your first time – you came across as a seasoned medium. Well, I have to say that was encouraging but as always, I have to defer to the spirit realms – they were the directors of my journey onto the platform.

So, the reason for this article is simply that whatever we mortals may think in the short span of our lives regarding our free will, if spirit have other ideas, then they will bring them to fruition for they are always in it for the long game.

Yours in love and light always John and the Team.

Bio: Both my wife and I are healers here in the United Kingdom, and together we run a healing sanctuary called Reaching Out Therapy, during this pandemic all of my healing work has been done remotely this is about the only good thing to come out of this pandemic for me. I will connect my energy to that of the person in need of healing, we then use a media platform like facebook, whattsapp or skype to send written information regarding what we have found and worked on, we do charge for our healing services and payments can be sent directly to my bank or via paypal.

For more information our website is  www.reachingouttherapy.co.uk

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